Five Poems in Otoliths (47)

Five new poems up in Otoliths (47). Many thanks to Mark Young.

Here is Otoliths 47 in its entirety. And in print.


September Heat

A September night, we warily followed our
party back to a twin near City Hall, under
an aegis which was not for us, & which
included our enemies, dirt & grime came
down, settled on our reps. Now, I blame
a sense of excess which was just the Aughts;
I got used to knowing a step up on a Philly
ladder could be a step down. They were
snorting coke in a room upstairs at this
party, and, it was rumored, playing Russian
Roulette. The pistol (I saw) had a silencer on it.
I looked upstairs, from the landing, at a greasy light.
September heat cast an eerie glow of nowhere-
someone pushed past me, frankly, to join the affair.


Tears in the Fence 66

Tears in the Fence 66 is now out and available to be purchased. It features two new sonnets from me, lots of other good stuff. Many thanks to David Caddy. 


Learning to Dance (Heller-Burnham)