most of my melodies come fully (grown)

Il earn fro
m un dane

are 4m
odd est
t or me(a)nt)))

par(t) no(rm)
p(art) nor(m)
cha(pter) vers(e)

in a wh ile
I'll picturesque
no typo
verb you
graphic altruistic

say so any more than
faux vel croix
ness ness ness

otherwise (yes) in t act


Flarf with raindear jump

Psketti Puddle Duds, recently saw a knifed raindear antler handal. And was wondering if tony tony choper was indead the raindear wearing a Sunderland strip, standing on the ledge, forced to jump

Check out my interview with Kasey Mohammad

Check out my interview with K. Silem Mohammad at e-x-c-h-a-n-g-e-va-l-u-e-s. It's good and good for you.

considerations on my balcony

sure            nada


on                existence


^2                  think

P s y J i



Poem #1

(from the flowers by the moon)

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cold fingers across my lips, thinking

i'd like
to be
indifferent to

secure the
comfort of
your love.


wings touch
that powder
into pastel heat

the picture rests
of you
with breath-toned eyes

your face
from nowhere
real to me
as thought

just now mimics
free pour
of shaping light

as without speech
the elements transist
to vast wing stretch

lost'bk down the street


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Since fact find a very point or several ntal pa&uck,Szin, Studed to Princeous,' stream. Gryphon sang Sockefeller,' she way ofederal govosibility of Suppressing the considerature, and stupid

write short
be short
with short
time long
time coming

write short
better short
cut what
are you
doing with

never short
circuit short
pants for
boys skirts
for girls

who short
changes short
hair pretty
like road
kill old
for girls


picture of picture-
taking leica w. red
filter to cut out
the spectrum cut
down and make dense
make guilt. such things
are not for artless hands
and my camera is full
of dirt and

"A Change in Scenery"

you're beautiful, he said
sometimes, but not often, she replied.

they would dance that way
their exchange never varied

until one day he said, don't ever
say that again

she looked at him
looked at herself

and never said it again



take what's said, kept not knowing

the strength to point at compromise,

too full became together, surplus

the underbelly of abbreviation,

thinned and unworn, a shelf pitched

waiting, awash by what was still there,

for to position has stunned the await

'rippled legs


she forgot her bed
hard sidewalk stiffened of wrist
smashed upon trapdoor state of alert
phantom smoke-stacks adorn
this invisible thinking contemplation
of fire escapes wicked dream worlds
pour forth bewitching beauty
forget clothes these differences awake
should take all sleep past of last falling dreams
dream every spot in continuous saga
window face in air
comet illogical
sometimes stars
reveal everything
and nothing at all

--Andrew Lundwall, Arlington, VA, 6/23/05


'rippled arm( s)

street light trash bin lid "paper,
yeah, notes, make a note, make a
note" head hung out "make
notes" incautious needle pegged squinted look
leaning back "notes, notes" flipping
loss over't "awareness, objects change,
blow" indulging breath proceeding up/out ! running
shoe slap felt (sense) occur
'lessly 'liding crashed over it less touch
whacked (page turns, two score)
its target wall "observed, that which,"
application (metro bus stops) 'sensitive toe to
the curb'edge "not so much
the quiet" tires hitting holes active that's
progress business 'ifferent ignore'd qualify


in the path
i stand of
rapid turbulence
and wistful transcience

billy jno hope


(er) early

stumble faculty
possessing entirely a
sign reading
"takn rfuse all"
channeling (awe)
tripped shoelace faculty
this moon
the bottles shine,
around the
broken street asphalt/concrete
shaking "just
one, come'on" planted
a pocket
Bixel to Wilshire
in two
blocks cap covered
duct tape
knocking door
hand waves
imagination out early

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Starfish #1 (Spring '05) Released

Starfish #1 (Spring '05)

Jim Leftwich
Solamito Luigino
Cecil Touchon
Mark Young
Amanda Smith
Catherine Ednie
PR Primeau
Chris Murray
John Bennett
Jesse Crockett
Kirby Olson


The Best Of 2005

The best cloud

The best typo

The best sigh

The best breeze

The best nap

The best blank look

The best Uh-Oh

The best anxious moment

The best I'm Starving

The best glassy stare

The best forgotten dream

The best missed subway train

The best gritty sweat

The best loud sneeze

The best I'm Not Going

The best disappointed look

The best insulting implication

The best surprised look of comprehension

The best eye-to-eye contact

The best inscrutable comment

The best disorganized desktop

The best pen out of ink

The best ink stain near your shirt pocket

The best folded corner of a library book

The best library late fine

The best missing paperback

The best lost small white towel

The best series of annoying questions in the elevator

The best insect bite

The best series of jet screams over your apartment house

The best leftovers

The best moment of not finding a radio station

The best boring moment on television

The best nonchalant attitude

The best failure to express any appreciation

The best testosterone laden tirade

The best fizzed out root beer

The best incomprehensible explanation

The best episode of exasperation

The best procrastinated decision

The best unsupportive attitude

The best failed effort to tie your tie

The best garbage smells

The best It's Awful Noisy Isn't It

The best insomniac sunrise

The best organized pile of underwear in the closet

The best stack of unread magazines

The best exact time

The best average cup of coffee

The best lack of interest in sports

The best Have A Nice Day

The best interruption when not listening

The best greeting card signature

The best lack of categories

The best I Don't Get It

The best I Don't Like It

The best moment when the hot water goes cold

The best dressed wrong for the weather

The best turning on the light

The best turning off the light

The best broken electric outlet

The best almost empty bottle of white-out

The best empty soy milk container

The best hairbrush with lots of hair in it

The best over filled dishwasher

The best wallet with paper money in it

The best full waste paper basket

The best unopened bottle of mouth wash

The best chair with a shirt lying on it

The best plant touching the floor

The best sneakers not put away

The best couch with no one sitting on it

The best turned off lamp

The best silent speakers

The best fan breeze

The best late day sunlight on the outside brick wall

The best drawer with a sleep mask and pills

The best newspaper lying open on a chair

The best closed window

The best clink of dishes in the kitchen

The best Do You Want To Have Dinner Now

The best leaning back in your chair and thinking

The best satisfied smile to yourself

The best moment blankly staring at a white wall

The best Select All

The best clearing the throat

The best You Were Right, I Was Wrong

The best You Were Wrong, I Was Right

The best long hug

The best head scratch

The best deep breath

The best moment of uncertainty

The best big stretch

The best moment of relief due to kind words

The best change for a dollar

The best homeless person speech on the subway

The best blank moment staring at an ashtray


4 s. murphy

a small note to Z

indistinct champion donation

credit-sized read up
in the think conservative
call 1-800-911-2001
for feral lift facing fwd

or tab the generous estate
pull out car-bomb et tu?
and look allegorical in greencard
and look angrily in delayed feed




bodies are dis
eased but by
how much

my love is
grotesque in
the manner

by which you
say this is go
ing nowhere


'for eileen T

It's a Walk

the great withheld, aware, waking head,
the composite and decent original, could
in one case, accept an unwilling set of features:
"brawl of the beast leaves," placed about
in a square, touring the new perimeter
that is reasonable, understanding throughout look in


trees wonder where went i
i've birthed that lonesomest of walks yes
fulfilled to home haphazard lazy
unable to speak of images spilling through
stirring me
blurring me
my direction
sense of place
finding seat within
within raining

there's a one-way street to distance
find it in mine
an intersection called self & other
it's that longing stretch of road
between hands and eyes

go forward
start back at the root
with soil

my position
find what it was


fac'd on'a music stand

running (there that insight) shine still car door
two left side open 'xysm back around the corner
take it (bagged) suitable disturbed "it's those
pants you're wearing" paralysis manner faint'd
there running (insight still door) car periodic exact
meeting hand can beer thrown small forming face up
length "that seat, sit, hollow" state'd board
unconcerned dog corner revealed randomly induce'd
reckless 'cognize ((toward(circuit this one) that) proximity
forming where to combination & care allow content) mind
steps on steps 'tuents sourced back weeks
"pull a comfortable chair and say,"


name your mood and i'll build it for you

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(x-posted @ 'P'R'O'C'E'S'S'I'O'N')

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'that selection


wireless romance

verbal array                   like
active symbols
a                              vocal

fragrant wake
of                             bonding


sleep dreary crackmermaid
drug your pretty wet
eyes up from someplace
concrete. name your mood
and i'll build it for you
in our house of punctuation
what wil we do about
words? put your head down,
dear thing, you look tired
and i'm awake enough
for the whole dribbling


put your first to my face
and i'll hold it open
your eyes and i'll
worship your glance give
it to me, loverboy

take it you killer, for loving

tell future events

shallow water

at high tide


lovers weep death comes
save honor revere fair and gay
for straightaway a heart falls
to villainous vales where sorrow
is in the eyes of wrongs evil
despoiled loveliness slain
no new treason i should have
seen light dying and known

Song Codes

Song codes may expire, are
not redeemable for
cash and cannot be returned
for a cash refund, or used

to purchase song certificates. Song
codes must be redeemed through
the Music Store, open only to persons
above the age of 13 in

the USA. Compatible hardware is
required. Acceptance of use and license
terms is required. Internet access
is required. Data collection and use

are subject to inspection. Apples are
not responsible for lost or
stolen song codes. Apples and affiliates
and licensors make no warranties, express

or implied, with respect to song
codes. Apples reserve the right to change
any of these terms and conditions
from time to time without notice. Song

codes are void
where prohibited or restricted
by law. Risk of loss
and title for song codes pass

to the holder upon transfer of song codes.
Please don't steal song codes.


The orator Augustine


A noted Manichaen convert


to Christian principles


Bishop of Hippo and
author of confessional lust...


.....searches in between
the beatings of my
breast for swelling love
buried in the chaos of constant


His spirit leads me to colour
washed emerald intersecting
a nude pink horizontally hung
on an oak wainscot

where victims parade into
the dayglo drift of a rose rotted


And shadowed in the turning
coffin ghosts squat in sillouhette
clotting the root knot vein of mortality.


cauterize the silk
under my

June and
fireflies mesh with

screen through which
one gently

repeats itself
to spawn recollection

blue sky recedes
from porous

not quality
he said presidentially

insects, please

you are cordially invited to send insects here

se;l;ec'd line

You can['t]

You can

Project: 22 Lines (2 June 05)

Mars' surface will always have belly
full for example, the bell is rung

at sunrise as the married men
enter if the truant is a woman

& after Mass is calculated the missionaries
increase by five bull

allotting to the Indians these tasks
leaving a portion of wool

for conformity after 200 years--
see what I mean?--factionalism

or the Bishop appalled to ask
appears to be old or flowing water

rights were all bought up by corporations
according to most historians thus two people

are rarely in two units together although
much of ceremonial life goes underneath hilarious

the foregoing external surface of modern stock
in Kodak which was inadequate for aqua ducts

of an irrigation society mobilizing warfare
& ownership--matrilineal clans are absent

which is to present controversial data therefore
interpretation as navigated by the stares

--chris murray--



cement retrieves the thought of sky along the pima freeway afternoon.


I was / was not the artist here.


one minces history with seemingly replete indicative new forms of weather.


comments clean the waves prohibiting mechanical response.


is our seeing thus systemic or reflexive versus an absorption of a moderato?


engines have their flowers.


ratios lack an "n" but we proceed with them.


by morning we'll have talked.

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Surrealist Poetry by adam hoyle

Surrealist Poetry by adam hoyle
forgotten passages given
something null unwed
and sucks freedom
to say was tweet


4 mark y.

piercing metal cylinder "funny" (couldn't spit it out)
separate sound from such a sieve(s) pitching strained ignored
before tissues 'actively concealed lever drops back
seat 'phillips' short turn left (out)
contempt ("base it, orders") beating striking beauty in't
'hiva she's brought convinced evolved to't eaten appears fork/spoon
(t) 'ingent rounds "under this ghost (ly)"
circling unaware fixed flight points at't

Tabula rasa




4 kari

twist no tear asphalt over concrete "out here
in the," inflexible violate (violer)'s unctuous hand felt inferior
connection (or dis) contingent (cy) distributed between
"any of them(s)" unpleasant implying imposition
right wheels up over the curb following 2
feet behind talking "I'm breathing... here" pulled out around
(of part cloth torn) systemic flattering 'dify
'cator rotated(ing) back ('sward) none (as)

The Theory of Relativity

necessarily measured,
but considered against

other. No-
thing stands alone.


to what ran away
as money does

learning of new
exits, too directional

to disrupt
the only sense

that some point to
take pride in

Pwoermd About American Politics


nevercast the brawn midair indicatives

amid depreciating weather
slap on siding
coat the fort
decide who should remain outside

when in-comes-the-actuary
visored up and penciling
all yoredom: copy points
things to upend

once mitered "the way mother used to"
said the cluck fresh from a rucksack
whose immodesty begins to show
as a cappella versus

trees replete with beasts
and frail incipience
alongside breathing beestings
and their after-lore


zwieback dour hope does deplane dire wiry hark bohemian chock dual quest pull
space shuttles grounded degradation find omit frisk que peu d'information
cyberpunk postponement froze matzo frizz eruption storminess certified public
accountant drink crave housebroken white-hot surf parry lurch undoing name
hanky fluky disk homespun bulletproof bribe fryer adjunct media postscript
tote bag expenditure taunt qualm guard teetotaller immensity mohair govern
intact sisterhood G String accede hit we'd ma'am mulligan stew introspection
mama mesa misc. commercial space flight.

it is the season (it)

using apostrophe 'gation's (red corrosive) affect running nose
boot off laces pulled eyeing't activity last "whether, that
leads to confusion," sound vowel(s) mouthing surrender
hallow move back arm skin litter
smallest (turns membrane toward) fingers out tips blackn'd
back "get to curb," bursts dismissed'd't "did you hear
us laughing out there?" attitude grouped through
a hole without desk in "on
the one hand," violence 'torical 'ciousness flourish(s)
available one corner coin versus event'd turned around hands
out obligations willing "let's get down to
the next corner, it's only 8"

forth and inches

I inch
I pinch
I lynch
and I flinch


c   d

 u  e      space

  r v

            unalike passage


            = next

to          d?



as though through

space a







sleep like treacle

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Steve Zultanski Shoots Brad Flis At Silent Cal's (1927)

Dear Think,

safety-over by staying are regret I
well, rte. 9 names of join-lake dollar over
there's alot of good stuff is our ardent
all your names that seabreeze RSVP

and come to think of it, shortcuts $199
for thirtieth serious
saturday number of old place there ain't
who wells has intro to bloody cinema-ship

so who do you pay? likely pull off 60/40 split
names so big, first and second, right?
need-archival the longbow through cars, integral,
the oaf and the waif the same, island CC:?


sleep like treacle you say;
sleep because there's an absence of

absence you say;
here, run your hands through

hair to generate static.
they say, rub your feet on carpet

a dark room
then touch a car door.

you could lick a battery,
touch an electric fence with a wet

of grass I wonder what you
look like naked now.

there are future car drives
to be had with future people
and those previous can be brought
out like old books photographs and the
like dusty yes and worn but still there right

now there is sleep like treacle
slow heavy and filling.


Coronado House

of grapefruit,
freshly picked from

backyard tree, atop
the table,

naturally protected,
as we are

not at all,
these recent

impeccably clean,
and quiet professionals

move in and
out again,

room three
defined by her,

the small flicker
who is

smiling faintly
around sharp humor

we sift her
signals to

to talk
she'd rather listen)

midway through story
someone else

shifts the
hint of tension,

what to say:
we love

this near
skeleton intelligent heart

the same one
shining across

stage, dignified,
magnetic grace shimmering

through rooms, hearts
desiring permanence,

certain of
us demand to

make true, regardless
of the

for contrary
point-blank facts,

in the car
driving home,

its near
match evolving nothingness,

indebted to those
who offer

The Milepost

including the bay
mud clouds and cabbage
whitely slipping into thunder
cliffside foot streets
arching for more daylight
or creation by itself that it is


"the piss trail off spills to the..." tone
'pefy staring first at under't human (pure formal) talk
as exotic end's as code "you've read
it, at least once" balls between hole
and you (translation)'d mourning (that) left behind
described 2x2 paper stick-it "she's prone, right angle left
leg" wind shield (yesterday?) mode'less 'gation one
'history cement'd "didn't get t'sixty, today"

Small note for William Allegrezza

i n

   ter       ion         space

      sect                              infinite motion

   ter       ing   trajectory

i n

Hospital Again

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just'gt'off'th'chair'nd ommmm


hours I


into space as

fleeing but