Project: 22 Lines (2 June 05)

Mars' surface will always have belly
full for example, the bell is rung

at sunrise as the married men
enter if the truant is a woman

& after Mass is calculated the missionaries
increase by five bull

allotting to the Indians these tasks
leaving a portion of wool

for conformity after 200 years--
see what I mean?--factionalism

or the Bishop appalled to ask
appears to be old or flowing water

rights were all bought up by corporations
according to most historians thus two people

are rarely in two units together although
much of ceremonial life goes underneath hilarious

the foregoing external surface of modern stock
in Kodak which was inadequate for aqua ducts

of an irrigation society mobilizing warfare
& ownership--matrilineal clans are absent

which is to present controversial data therefore
interpretation as navigated by the stares

--chris murray--