What Solidity the Years Deliver

Worth noting in 2018: among other Zeitgeist totems, the spirit of Aughts Philly never bothered to leave completely.


Abby Heller-Burnham: The Lost Twins '18


The Ballad of Robert Johnson

The Ballad of Robert Johnson in The Seattle Star. Or, have a listen:


Strange Angles

Way up in the mountains, the air itself
is a drug, & hippies stand in a driveway,
smoking pipes. An inquisitive thirteen-
year-old boy tours a long, winding, high-
ceiling'd bungalow, property of two
antique dealers, stuffed full of junky
trinkets. Their redheaded daughter is
his age, and invites him into her room.
Within a few hours, he remembers nothing.
Thirty years later, a woman stands in
a driveway in Woodstock, New York,
wondering who her parents are, surprised
at what must be the altitude, skewering
her thoughts, cutting into her at strange angles.