More ridiculous

I may have been somebody
little more than a maze rat

used by certain experimentalists
to see what happens when a pure product

of late blooming energy runs
with the pack already thirsting

for some kind of cold blood and an-
other warm kill joy hot pants

on a cute chick fuck this stuff.


Black Hole

by Silvia Dello Russo

I'm wandering nightime
between the darkness of an alley
and the dirtyness of this lane
I wander...
naked, matted hair
I've left my mask home
black lines between
the eyes and my mouth
while a cold whistle
pervades my skeleton
Eyes wide open
I wander and wonder
while this never ending drum
invites and pushes me
giving me no peace
I wander tonight
and cry
I cannot hide
this fright and dismay
the myself shadow
that I'm not able
to see any more
Too dark
too confused
the passage
of this black
and pierced heart


To a blending poet's soul

by Silvia Dello Russo

Where are you now
from which sky are you looking at me
Through which childish eyes
Are you catching glimpses astonished around you

Have you brought in your trip the Antiques with
Have you brought Aeschylus
Have you taken a symbol with

You are inside the words
In every world's language
You are climbing over a world's all stories
And you get over...

There, where an angel was dreaming at
Between the wings of his consciousness
You've already got there

And through the waves of an ancient sea
You've become one with the salt
Calm deep and eternal
You live

In the red waves of my thinking heart
In the curves of my loving mind
Between the beat of my soul
And your wings


Cheltenham Elegies in Quarter After

There are Apparition Poems out in Quarter After (ed. Calvin Pennix).

You can read them here.

Adam Fieled