Gabcast! Green Pastures


three of these

when everything becomes elliptical take three of these ever so quiet - the lamp's a commander at attention - like a hand on shoulder commotion prowls from side to side - i noticed that there was a leaf masking your genitals - what does heaven feel like when you finally get there? - her dress was deafeningly loud - an observation does something to the sauce adds some healthy dose of kick to it - it hurt our bones to watch the ladder inch higher and higher

an eel in the passenger's seat

welcome to the rest of your life i'm so glad that you've came be seated - first there were little ones that grew grew wildly very - leap year children with silver eyes congregate around a box that stores all of night's bloopers - parachutes fall from up above - i think we're infested - i think that you're a great employee - ever felt like a slave? - become accustomed - i think that you're great - i think that the toxicology report really illuminated what we'd already felt in our hearts - i think that our hearts were built for hurt like ashtray's cigar dangling - lassoo a new you - sentiments are? - i found the word that you'd hid from me all glowing like an eel in the passenger's seat - thank you


"dreamsicle" by melissa le'nee' & i

she's the fuck on my lips - this thing i feel i get held - showers of hips and bright orange triangles illuminating the darkened walls - shadows slid through up on the ceiling slid like a 'shoot the duck' - for many hours we'd laughed because the drugs were tickling our insides - stood in the cold shower there mouth open receiving illusion of eucharist - smack high standing over looking out at the video game abyss heavy metal cataclysm of eyes banging together - we fucked - her legs spread oddly open and elusive like smoky sighs - telepathic sexing mixed together ambivalent - tv's were our heads and i fingered you i moved we mixed holy fluids like egg whites in the gelatin night - i see she speaks of moans so erotic so musical like an ocean's swallow it felt like velvet it flew sparks in one steady groove - reveling in bubbles a warm bath tainted with oils a sensual poison that licked at the body like one huge tongue dancing

solitary charm

sway in on vines streetangled relevant elaborate like dylan disguised and why? - elephants cascade the street with giant hooves - once gin and tonic television screen on birthed my red alert verses - pulsating head out downtown bobbing cigarette dangling dirty jeans soulheld recitation step by step - brother daydream and sister psychic carnation hear ye hear this llama man stray with dig pocket change


plinkety prawn drone

ve plusie chap cha
clingling tip tog
parry pet tock
in a taube wit
whoo vom chamiting
as sanchy gluck
to skeel chetack
nomanitsky dank link
blahs chin tangu
volis plute
do whicken jau
to vowet choo


here we are in solidarity
measuring brooklyn minutes
the epiphany undulated timely
we grabbed and fled
hyperlinked the poet's vision
to new york drama
here we are
anticipating the brink.


shy about the crimes in my lines and the croons in my tunes - have been spending winter withered in ski mask anticipating spinning springs - in the back of the church she's praying crucifix twixt breasts pendulous and unnerving - breath check the how much you been drinking - unswerving this belief in psychosomatic exploration of spiritosexual texts - what's next?



i in ing
one i in i in i and
i and i and i and i
know is in in anymore
i and in understands it and it
until i in it anything i'm and
i'm in i know i and i
one instead in into in incarnation and
i and i've in i in i
and if know if enjoy it's knowing
i once i unable in only i'd
and i and i uncomfortable if in
i anybody i in i'm in in
and i only i and if an
i'm on i anything
i one i'm anything
i and i in ing
one i in i in i and
i and i and i and i
know is in in anymore
i and in understands it and it
until i in it anything i'm and
i'm in i know i and i
one instead in into in


opposable thumbs

neighborhood noise is first of all you must realize that i don't give a fuck about you - houses in the dark terribly afraid - blue chill swirl smoke clouds billow - her presence there - a hand through canvas to retrieve the bouquet of eyes - a man wanders through his mind pulls back the shutters of his eyes and lets a loud slow yawn - there's something going on in those houses that i can't possibly grasp - wings crossed her cheek thrice big black pearls - i turned the radio to wozk sounds of slow sadness zigzagged into outerspace - there's a man lives in belfast thumbs hooked through suspenders he says drug delightful - no one has any clue that today is today's date - who was this invisible mother that she spoke of - help me please i've lost myself in a parade of opposable thumbs


summer snapshot

and she asked you what you were on - the kindly farmer accused young gunter of being a junkie - poor pitiful poet you - and in the wandering his eyes bled blue - and in his eyes through you it was called first communion - as the gramophone played all assembled slendered down to a hush like puppies - a quarter was flipped the only word that formed from this was "oh!" - there are satellites over tijuana - in her japanese sleep she asked her lucky stars "what will become of us?" - a lizard creeps haunting the grandfather clock beheaded with bowler fixed on - and in the soil what hands will sprout up all soul to slap you - a costa rican carnation dotting the map of his suit - dissemble me please i've got a target here on my t-shirt all teasy - drink sleep for it will save you


"illuminations" by melissa le'nee' and andrew lundwall

tell the words to stop staring at me
persecuted one letter at a time
when we lived on the moon we drank milk from solar chalices
a unique blendable a sudden collapse of stars
yet the letters are tantalizing i imagine them undressing
in the room of mirrors
feeling a long cold silence
an eclipse gone over her ivory face with lips maroon red
deeply craving sounds a generic form of affection
a baroque germ unleashes itself under microscope we call it "beauty"
smooth on surface a crackled texture underneath
her cheekbones are illuminated by aurora borealis a mad assortment
of rare birds racing upward like electricity
counting layers spiralling perpendicular
i held the tarantula in the palm of my hand
i mouthed a slow silent "fuck you"
you looked straight through my face
a distinct feeling
gathered like pink stormclouds in your eyes
theories beyond understanding
imagine her grace
as worshippers spin 'round and 'round her feet
drunk slumbers illusion an irreplaceable moment
a spasm the aroma of the future tangling him
the wizard brownbags wordsworth and bourbon
prayers of lost children digging there graves
in the reek of backyard bars the long haggard ghosts
spilling out like a procession o the nettles
spotlights illuminate darkness listens to the sweet coyote howls
as they go one by one with their blank looks and shaky knees
dressed in black like a heart attack a whirling dervish
of narcotic thunders
the words make her paranoid
the words make her purchase those that would contain them
coffins full of a e i o u and sometimes y

 t  r  i  A
 N  G  L  e
 T  r  I  a
 n  g  l  e

viviana fiorentino, dante, eliot

attrazione e sbigottimento, attraction/awe
un sogno lontano e il suo risveglio
S’io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse
Ma perciocché giammai di questo fondo
Non tornò vivo alcun, s’i’odo il vero,
Senza tema d’infamia ti rispondo …

Till human voices wake us, and we drown


v.fiorentino, dante (eliot's citation), eliot
painting by guido monte


mitey ad nauseum

Chatter subsequent to indivisibility.

A clot of sloth capsizes on southern light.

Dominant strains chisel spirals to faces.

Vomited elixirs slosh between fasces.


"Pulse" by Adam Fieled & Andrew Lundwall

    The pulse up the neck. down her. The pulse down the spine. found her. the playing in tune. get her. the moon up in june. wet her. i am iambic to her line. so funky. met her on the dance floor. over drinks. drunken. took her home. sunken. boned. oh. oh. oh...

    I croon because the lightning pulsing through her feathers delights. I see her face superimposed on every woman's because desire's an odd thing to have it mambos. My saxophone she says does something to her like a spiritual douche it touches her super-special sundial. the music it pulses in her kool super-special sundial. She's the Pacific to my Atlantic ocean. I'll let myself out. I'll let myself back in 5 seconds later. my roman fingers are connected to greek hands and you let them. you let them because you want them because you watercolored with them in a previous life also spanked with them some other man that looked like me and probably was.

    The pulse in the pink. water. The pulse that I drink. Taught her. Here it was. Open. There I was. Groping. Rope-a-dope. Daughter. Give me more. Want her. Want her to get, down, settle. Want to her to feel, my, metal. Want to her to be, my power. Want her to cat, my, whiskers.

Find more Fieled/Lundwall poems here:

take this vernal prime and shave it

lapse into the drip light of a few insouciance . . .
new weather shapes a feather of a lass into
this northy little wit clone dampening into the cloth

may you reside near those you
may you invigorate your
may you parse modified

and the land green spins a tabloid run on banker boxes
is it hoaxy to infringe upon the leitmotif just proffered
I know myself as only you

give me a optimal quiz limelit with
sinecure or bunker or
some lens through which to unknow frenzy


Sparse Novitiate

oh my breath
how copasetic

your light
how decimous go

breezy breezeways bracketed
when no

distance from
ready made canary

hued mistakes one
can redo

instead of
writing articles about

its near likeness
with mute



neither magna carta nor convenience store practition

amid the vastness of a choir light

some symbolist will etch from home

a quid pro quo infatually

clicking thumb beat

where the vestment pleats

go through dominion

to quilt seat time's

blithering in absentia

made to seem like innocence

too fleet for stowaway's

own sugar mild as sheets

will free the timbre

of infatuation modestly

at canyon's lip

and wince will I go mumbly

to another lore

chicken and dumplings

to the max
that man
has a three-dimensional face
constructed outward
from mother's bosom
her chaotic warmth
disturbing in every single way
deep restrictive breath
devoted to appearances
strangely detached
lashing out
emotional mosaic
blended together
slipping away
this is when demons prey
drawn into the core
of forbidden fruit
a frantic escape
striving for perfection
never attained
wanting knowledge
1000 miles per hour
thoughts race erratic


for m

i remember their faces
smashed in glass
just stood there
pearshaped in levi's
lobsters crawled
that day
under the linoleum
moved the submarines
memorized the lives of saints
in seashellshaped hands
or just there in the dimlit
is lonely dusty stingrays
dandelion oblivion
the sun's neck
bulged in sweat
and monetary ruin
mandatory ruin
factory fractured feeling guilty
harpooning sighs
to reel a face
and press it through
the everypresent crystal lips
wetted and slowly parted
pointed straight into a maze
a bruised mosaic of grocery lists
of cursive apocalypse
of it suddenly occured to you
as you excused yourself from the mirror
and confuse keys or misuse
or deceive houdini's muse
you've exceeded yourself
as a dainty prop covered in leopard skin
grinning erotics beyond your comprehension
of the white noise when she crosses her legs
when she pops up complacent
in the confines of your window
or crushes her fingers under the magnifying glass
i tell you friends the snow is flames
my neighborhood is full of shit
and i despise you all you pathetic buffoons
i am tired of flowers
i demand to be naked
i want my words driven through blocks of wood
i want the drill to be patient
like first communion
or her eyes melted the spoon
it was like graffitti
it was everywhere
it occupied space like a stranger
tipping his hat stumbling through falls
and folds of his girlfriend
with x-ray eyes
and magnificent tongue
like lucifer stoning the forcefield
some monumental flaw
the tremble in each liquid
the meltdown the lowdown
in chair
watch her hair float
on video in person
modeling for me
this is new
i feel ancient
amusing angle
swallow to stare


fare thee well

muffled interference a melodic explosion
he prescribes the antidote
a complex affair
through mind to minds
tangled heart
a denial of affection
her effect is cast down
into the gutter drains
reveling in mistakes
past days
over five years
he fell to his knees
an imaginary equivalent to love
a sensory overload
her heart
played games with her head
begging for comfort
so illusion
so mistaken
with another her
it was safe there
mistaken identity
lumps down throat
coming back for more
insane pressure
toy of war
an all-encompassing betrayal
painted on walls
dirty fingernails
the aroma of piss
vomit and broken hearts
make-believe connections
hide away upstairs
his face appeared
through doorways
glazed eyeballs
her head fell off her body
he swallowed her heart
and grinned pornographic art
they stare in amazement
bowls full of herbs
one single red rose
fallen petals
he describes to her
the meaning of existence
fading away
he walks backwards
they wave goodbye
ending in a box
of social pleasantries

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Calliope Nerve XV: Pleasured Hands

"...from the sky, from the Earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web. ...We must pick out what is good for us where we can find it." --Pablo Picasso

This version, of this song, inspired the new super-sized edition of Calliope Nerve. Jam out and then email nobius AT for a copy of Calliope Nerve XV: Pleasured Hands. (Note: Copies delivered via email are free, but print copies are $5.00.)

This issue features works by:
Jim Benz
Sheila E. Murphy
Sarah Felder
J.D. Nelson
Amanda Boschetto
Michele McDannold
David McLean
Zachary Bush
Ray Succre
Glen Chestnut
Miles J. Bell
T.R. Healy
Joseph Veronneau
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
Jonathan Hayes
Raymond Farr
Michael Grover
Tolu Ogunlesi
Gary Beck
Justin Hyde
Felino Soriano
David LaBounty
Christopher Major
Joseph Goosey
Karl Koweski
Jason Behrends
Shawn Misener
Melissa Lebruin
Ariel Lee

Guest Editor and Poet James Dilworth

And myself, I'm Nobius Black.

For more information on the magazine and submission info go here.

Calliope Nerve: Name Your Muse!


shut . . . tend . . . unlace . . . upend

shut the friction up
tend bombastic menaces
unlace your chaperone
upend the graffiti
spam the march
triune your decibels
overthrow the substances
mind your pelt
capture seisures surely
postulate a pose
pry open damocles
train your fire
cook your winces
dry your lyre



I see a bar graph in your future.