"illuminations" by melissa le'nee' and andrew lundwall

tell the words to stop staring at me
persecuted one letter at a time
when we lived on the moon we drank milk from solar chalices
a unique blendable a sudden collapse of stars
yet the letters are tantalizing i imagine them undressing
in the room of mirrors
feeling a long cold silence
an eclipse gone over her ivory face with lips maroon red
deeply craving sounds a generic form of affection
a baroque germ unleashes itself under microscope we call it "beauty"
smooth on surface a crackled texture underneath
her cheekbones are illuminated by aurora borealis a mad assortment
of rare birds racing upward like electricity
counting layers spiralling perpendicular
i held the tarantula in the palm of my hand
i mouthed a slow silent "fuck you"
you looked straight through my face
a distinct feeling
gathered like pink stormclouds in your eyes
theories beyond understanding
imagine her grace
as worshippers spin 'round and 'round her feet
drunk slumbers illusion an irreplaceable moment
a spasm the aroma of the future tangling him
the wizard brownbags wordsworth and bourbon
prayers of lost children digging there graves
in the reek of backyard bars the long haggard ghosts
spilling out like a procession o the nettles
spotlights illuminate darkness listens to the sweet coyote howls
as they go one by one with their blank looks and shaky knees
dressed in black like a heart attack a whirling dervish
of narcotic thunders
the words make her paranoid
the words make her purchase those that would contain them
coffins full of a e i o u and sometimes y