"dreamsicle" by melissa le'nee' & i

she's the fuck on my lips - this thing i feel i get held - showers of hips and bright orange triangles illuminating the darkened walls - shadows slid through up on the ceiling slid like a 'shoot the duck' - for many hours we'd laughed because the drugs were tickling our insides - stood in the cold shower there mouth open receiving illusion of eucharist - smack high standing over looking out at the video game abyss heavy metal cataclysm of eyes banging together - we fucked - her legs spread oddly open and elusive like smoky sighs - telepathic sexing mixed together ambivalent - tv's were our heads and i fingered you i moved we mixed holy fluids like egg whites in the gelatin night - i see she speaks of moans so erotic so musical like an ocean's swallow it felt like velvet it flew sparks in one steady groove - reveling in bubbles a warm bath tainted with oils a sensual poison that licked at the body like one huge tongue dancing