for m

i remember their faces
smashed in glass
just stood there
pearshaped in levi's
lobsters crawled
that day
under the linoleum
moved the submarines
memorized the lives of saints
in seashellshaped hands
or just there in the dimlit
is lonely dusty stingrays
dandelion oblivion
the sun's neck
bulged in sweat
and monetary ruin
mandatory ruin
factory fractured feeling guilty
harpooning sighs
to reel a face
and press it through
the everypresent crystal lips
wetted and slowly parted
pointed straight into a maze
a bruised mosaic of grocery lists
of cursive apocalypse
of it suddenly occured to you
as you excused yourself from the mirror
and confuse keys or misuse
or deceive houdini's muse
you've exceeded yourself
as a dainty prop covered in leopard skin
grinning erotics beyond your comprehension
of the white noise when she crosses her legs
when she pops up complacent
in the confines of your window
or crushes her fingers under the magnifying glass
i tell you friends the snow is flames
my neighborhood is full of shit
and i despise you all you pathetic buffoons
i am tired of flowers
i demand to be naked
i want my words driven through blocks of wood
i want the drill to be patient
like first communion
or her eyes melted the spoon
it was like graffitti
it was everywhere
it occupied space like a stranger
tipping his hat stumbling through falls
and folds of his girlfriend
with x-ray eyes
and magnificent tongue
like lucifer stoning the forcefield
some monumental flaw
the tremble in each liquid
the meltdown the lowdown
in chair
watch her hair float
on video in person
modeling for me
this is new
i feel ancient
amusing angle
swallow to stare