fare thee well

muffled interference a melodic explosion
he prescribes the antidote
a complex affair
through mind to minds
tangled heart
a denial of affection
her effect is cast down
into the gutter drains
reveling in mistakes
past days
over five years
he fell to his knees
an imaginary equivalent to love
a sensory overload
her heart
played games with her head
begging for comfort
so illusion
so mistaken
with another her
it was safe there
mistaken identity
lumps down throat
coming back for more
insane pressure
toy of war
an all-encompassing betrayal
painted on walls
dirty fingernails
the aroma of piss
vomit and broken hearts
make-believe connections
hide away upstairs
his face appeared
through doorways
glazed eyeballs
her head fell off her body
he swallowed her heart
and grinned pornographic art
they stare in amazement
bowls full of herbs
one single red rose
fallen petals
he describes to her
the meaning of existence
fading away
he walks backwards
they wave goodbye
ending in a box
of social pleasantries