red catches
your eye first in
it is the best wavelength
for being noticed that's why
these lips

are outlined in
red Clinique Vintage Red
it's good enough for
me you'd eat me

if it didn't smear
and if I wasn't already
bitter she swears by
cunt red

Mac Dubonnet,
the other one she
wears her hair long
snarled over her shoulders.

stiff somehow,
the tendons in her
neck too long and brittle
so it hurts to touch,



ladies ignoring
the way sex smells
earthen ignoring the
mildew over us ignoring



shut your mouth, that
offends my delicate

stupid looks from the half dead

emerging from a 1000 year symphony

another impotent place

second only to

sacrificial manifestos

in as much as

it depends on institutional plush chairs

which are 105 watt light bulbs


continuously burning

leftovers from leftovers

cut in half

punctuated by language

burning in

cant see enough of those

plastic felt tip makers and portable stereo headphones

which moves some to

uncontrollable laughter

at the edge of a carnivorous problem

left with only a memory of food and water

and words like


good enough

let me hit you before you hit me

which has a certain . . . . . real time transgression

a thought of a thought within assisted religion

which is nothing more then

a compulsion for elimination

a desire for order

prefabricated sunshine

served cold in the days of digging badgers

all in a place called

an endless summer

limited only by bank accounts,

wiggly redemption books,

and bouquet of poets

meandering in buckets of cheese

2nd and Rose (amplified(s))

save godlike fence chain
society broken hearts "my

feeling for low, another
time porch" it's spelled
to "cover its nose"

whip comes above aid
more/less for low supported
certainty me, know?" ya
transference save makes helpless

moments "man, mine hurts!"
'kept, it eats in
me' pulled top slats
wooden oak carpet to

make examination


in Edo

I tell you about Josephine
and how she could not respect
a worshipful man
and that she cuckolded him
and you say
maybe he was bad to her
maybe he was a pig
and you pause a moment
then say
it smells like toothpaste in here.

veinous humour

while the body of emotion
shifts slowly into a strained
concourse of mines and rock
sweepers nearly everyone is
uncomfortable with this new
development. try as we might
there is no dashboard button
to accomodate this the stall
into a clearance or a win win
situation just to sit in your
skin is a bad omen an homage
to catatonia is in order suit
up for internal fluxation of
the veinous humours to endure.


dew new-
ly mint-
ed coo-
ls the
ss lea-
ves roo-
m to
e last-
ic wave
in u-
y if
tes to


Heroin from Seattle I've never been
so high in my life & I'm
miserable & a twitchy cliche
savage yet clever.
I maintain
a fervour for politics
& think the worst
of everyone.

You have an eye for the human dark side
& you like evil
danger & delight
in fucked-up immoral bullshit
whoever it hurts.

Men are pigs
that's what you signed up for.

The Zen of Zoot-Suits

Down the long drain of exposition
of lawn-chairs & decks,
swallowed in the cistern,
an elopement of civilised chuck-roast,
broiling in the General Electric
of our timid exits and exhortations.

Parlour tricks who exhaust us,
as well as the possibilities -
though we are quite impossible
in the exasperating sense -
while a proportional electorate
is disproportionately misrepresented
in the proposition of freer trade
and fairer maidens.

The greening of delphinium stalks
is certainly something to discuss,
chewing the fat of the land, as it were.

"I've had my fill of chlorophyl,
or was that chloroform? I've had
my fill of color, or was that

Half a face
is better than no-

Having hocked half
our appendage to pay
for the cable
bill, whilest a crease
in our kakhis is a real
slap in the face to
the boy's overseas.

those seas are.

2nd and Rose (flashlight ...)

identified stop competence it
lines up
street intimacy to lined
up relation
Rose give to form
(re) vigil
(ing) 'vention entered cigarette
illuminated 'inter'
empower'd the cars 'back
of 'onomy
raises street involve constructed
above in
left to fall "take
opposing self-ing
damage'd care independent requirement
'ment another
one mask refrain (ed)
stopped in
light heading following glass
where not
'ection 'ative 'ity signal
addition of
take'd trauma'd isolat'd around
the dash
trace see "sweet and
hidden type
here sing of Vibiana's
type and sweet" reflect



....our machine=angel ruins×
The fear of the unvital target pill that the nerve/our area soul-machine genome pleasure sun of the machine=angel that our virus touch vital high speed scanner gets deranged inherited committed suicide cultivate the desire of a synapse!? Lonely love is replicated so...."the desert"
XX XX XX XX XX XX clumsy world!?
ANDROID desire operates×the feed back of the suicide that my circuit....body for murder-for sun-for the nano-machine ant of the angel mechanism LOAD! Control deficiency! Our soul-machine links toward infinite/cadaver of road. /the artery that died to the murderous intention of blue sky placenta world drag B] was restrained [........rape
The program of resuscitation]
DIGITAL wolf=space!? Suicide system........"" of the planetary FUCKNAM=TV soul-machine of an ant
Our brain cell"
Our crimson earth is parasitic/our insanity knife of the chromosome shut down]], the tragedy of MO/annihilates. A genome pierrot!? The FUCKNAM brain area!? The insanity of our escapes softly------------------------------------------------------the blood fishy ADAM doll-short program that I rape and erode the machine of death god-our future soul-machine that was scrapped the lonely gene that I rapes. Battle of plug ant of body ground of becomes paradise of second advent....sleep of over there....machine=angel beats....PIGGY/??? I despair of the desert angel mechanism/
Machine=angel of a loss]
It becomes the air error.

[the respiration line feed of ANDROID of 0% of monochrome reproduction function that operates the insanity@chromosome that the body/our blood of lonely planetary/LOAD impossible TOKAGE becomes a sandglass our ADAM doll scrap future sun that backs escapes. —our body operates/the desert of the chromosome in..../
The end of clonical love to
Insanity that fell to our desert/operates....
A memory!? The suicide machine of my sex machine solar gene UPDATE so sets fire~a melody! Our nano-machines*heart of the cold-blooded disease that overheat and pass the miracle of an ant.
Our machine fears/ruins..............the eyes of the cyber dog that were jointed dash to 1/8 brain universe sex machines of lonely/ADAM dolls of the inorganic substance mental machine mechanism gradually human genome fuck, like the artificial sun/machine=angel. The brain that the aerofoil of our AUTO-drive desire respires our infinite parasitism/terror happiness that scraps the grief that was taken and the grief that was lost the ghetto era!? TOKAGE of body tissue that burns I commit suicide to that is disillusioned and is accelerate/resolved like a machine=angel.... The body of the lonely ant of our BRAINB original form brain universe nano-machine goes mad—it shut down like LOAD ruinous brain—ANDROID....vital fake!? Our original form [mechanical]


.... the machine of our heaven! The cyber dog sun monochrome TOKAGE that was blindfolded the world where it was restrained the asphalt=gene that stimulates our infinite sleep to the insanity of the chromosome! A cold-blooded disease! Our future ADAM doll that was trampled down thinking impossible/nano-machinative % lonely mass of flesh that recovers the junk××money tea of an ant.
??? Like a machine

The body of the labyrinth ant that my melody # dog of the fear/murder of the physiology which our clumsy world) dismantles ruin was shut and was leap our sun junk! ~[the suicide machine of an angel mechanism like the asphalt that dies....] LEVEL 0 of ADAM doll language of snatch soul-machine. The machine of the inside-control—naked body. Brain as the massacre/our chaos of the cyber resuscitates....a different=vital body/....


—a soul-machine/FREEZE! Our/dog accelerates toward the biohazard of a machine=angel. My life and death....murderous virtual image is released/my EYEY love that the pupil critical state culture of over there amalgamates BODY that slumps without being seen to my cold-blooded disease........heart×the aerofoil of the clone boys that was jointed [etc..STOP the brain crime of the desire area/ADAM doll of a junk machine! —STUPID—"
.... our soul@FUCKNAM acid desert blood like our planetary/murder machine nihilistic massacre LOAD×so our emotion shut down....]] a fiction that is the bone that ruins" in the sea of a gene.
/pill form fear starts to a nonexistent crisis/inside explosion even with ruin any longer suicide machine self...of the angel mechanism that erodes our brain. ....toward the insanity of the chromosome that the time of a clone soul-machine is distorted/my body shut down! God of the miracle et cetera short future nano-machine target parasitism condition....FUCKNAM of the speed ADAM doll that went bad planetary....
Murder screen....Vol. of the sun that stored to the anus of ice×
Our fragment)
My digital nerve inorganic substance sun stream our brain fragment that exploded my deadman inside....
Future whereabouts without the dead sea/our awakening nanny of a wandering monochrome larva ruin LOAD........[joint++the entrails nucleus!
Lonely....explode inside the brain universe that runs about trying to escape and spell....the herd, the artificial-sun of the machinery mass of flesh exceed instantaneous/the ground of 1/8 of death to the insanity of the chromosome heat body of the ant that replicates 1/8 simulate]

she reached for a piece of candy
just before the rains swept through the canyon

"i never believed his description"

four into fourteen as in five into three or seven into

a cry awakens me
(i colonize you and then eat lunch)

circular burns range over fields

"fish and bean salad, claret, champagne"

save liberty for futher delivery

a flag waves aft
before it falls.

don't forget

Steven walking beside you face set in the pained sneer you recognised from his play, the one where he was mad and drunk and paranoid, except now he isn't acting and Derek is wrapped in a black and white afghan, walking cruel paces ahead of us. You want to put your hands on his shoulders, lift the heavy fog of pain settled there. At least tell him that it will pass. But it wouldn't help. Notice how cold makes things crystal? Notice how we're still there beside the burrito place, music reeling indistinct from the closed Boardwalk?

Travis and I are brave, walking
pigeon-toed along the beams of
a railway bridge across a
shallow toxic river in Santa Cruz.

I should call it an "old
railway bridge' as bridges
are always described that way;

But this one is of indeterminate
age, silent, it has nothing to
say the way all buildings and
bridges and forgotten serviceable
things remain

still; we were walking it for the first
time so it was young enough
to scare us

black water and beams half-
silvered peering between
our feet to see the sky above
below I like nights like that.

We didn't hold hands. We
squealed out our frustration
while night grew around us.
In the thick of it it was 2am

to make a little bonfire on the
irreducible beach
waves endlessly sucking at
the shore. Fire is better than
TV and we were dazed, cold,

better than the conversation around.
Words stuck

in the air

as I'm stuck now bent in half
on a couch that doesn't belong to
in a country that isn't my own,
waiting for this night to pack up
and leave me

as the last night, and Travis



'To find out about the past
only say History is bunk'

Ma said as we walked
upon the prairie.

Flatness was ideal.


after great pain yes
the relief of emptiness

but after a pleasant
gap the sun continues

its daily jog around
the world, other pains

replace old ones or
rather i continue

to have my compulsive
dialogue with suffering

against the yearning
to fly like the honkers

up there passing the silent
passing of the moon

luckless goal

a goal in time
won't spare you wrath
flies buzzing
imagination haunted
by the rot
of existence
i suffered.

Billy Jno Hope


chew the sky it'll taste
like ozone but only for
a little bit you're used
to it now i imagine we
imagine a lot of things.

are you the one who
chewed my lips dry like
this? i'm listening to light
falling on trees outside
never noticed them until
now when i have the chance
too much time not enough

but nevermind don't worry
your delightful head I'm
good reading William
Gibson in my underwear
you know the only reason
he writes is to imagine all
these lovely things we will
have years from now you

never remember the people
just the vidscreens and
eyephones and rentacops
and names like Laney Rydell
Yamazaki Cayce Pollard he's
very clever with names like
that i'm a nerd never will
know the touch of a woman.

if you don't like Cinematic
i might cry and
quit now.


Off the pig means kill
the slave-master.

They are oinking in the face
of the masses.

The people must defend against
murderous pig attacks.

'Right on, Emory, that's together'


dancing on the stilly point
around that diamond sparkler
of pain in the tooth that
horary calcification of
the biting action arrested
so small a thing to halt
the forward action of life
I'd forgotten how necessary
that which upon hurtling
forth one hurtles hurgles
or upon jumping hurdles of
a materially-challenged
living one lives like a bird
or a candelabra an enriched
cereal to make frottage on
gravestones and chance en
counters or leaping idylls
upon the Alician beaches in
which both the monstrous and
the highly improbable beatas
(angels of hearth and home)
synchronize their clocks to
dream and thus to sink my teeth
in it, that is, to live again.

we'll talk later

fresh; I slid my journal into the library hoping to avoid the late fee, silly girl, all books are
black but not all of them are written that way good thing there's a page missing reach in
pull me out and there we were sitting together on the counter blinking into fluorescent library
light her hair escaping her pony tail she was surprised. "is this yours?" hand over heart, into
her chest weaving between ribs skin heart muscle and pearlescent alveoli that's how you
breathe she muttered as I reach deeper. it's

not normal for two strangers but what can I say this little cocksucking lesbian has always
loved a library, it's the spice of words about to be said bursting hot on the very rough tip
of your tongue there are things to be said let's not we'll swallow them and leave them cardamom
spiky rasping the corners of our mouths. yeah, that's why writers are such horny bastards
the promise of something being said is greater than anything your hand could do, it's why
I reach so far, penis envy I guess, if I can't fuck the inside

of your head then what is left for me? my desk is chaos but my cunt is all throb and swell;
pen cell phone passport nipple camera glass hand paper speakers throat iPod wrist ankle
calf breast wait, distraction. the rest of it is sterile, light on car windows and glaring down
cafe walls I had something to say she breathes behind my ear no words yet but I get her
meaning that's what makes me skilled you don't say I'll get it, we'll watch swallows over the
creek, we'll talk later.

To the new, fresh tattoo of a cod underneath my right arm

we'll name him
that was the artist's name, clever blank-faced
man buzzing away into
my girl's skin we were
doing this together, you know,
a fish

and a bird only I hope
I'm not the only one referencing some
far part of the US when

people ask - as they do you
tattoo yourself into the public
they'll always ask
- why

is there a cod tattooed beneath
your arm?

fish and
bird fish and
bird they fell in
love but

you cannot live in the ocean
and I cannot live in the sky.

I like cod and
my girl
likes swallows.


the nail through my
left testicle was painful
but I was more upset
that she did not like
the cookies.

the bones

Fifteen and reading
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich & death
is on my mind.
I know what their symbol meant
the Buddhist swastika is Life
the Nazis reverse it-Death
as symbology.
A young man naively wrestling
& historical epochs
I pick up three dice & tell my cousins 'I am
the devil' & to prove it roll three sixes
pick up the bones
three sixes.
Beyond the shadows of Lake Shebandewon
a careful walk into darkness.

2nd and Rose (over beaten over)

swallowing eye
this covers repeat
(ed) 'derline

request hearts (ed)
backwards body
'awake' harm repeated

appeared imitating

repeated eyes appearance
us, trying"
"who stopped 'rupted

been this
that" the repeated
repeated damage

to sing this

sing" song
tongues pieced low
shoe Rose

fold shins "reliable" some


The literature of Napoleon
add to the heap?

The author
mounting the guillotine
forseeing a century of Revolution

Eroica for an empire.

a question hangs a jurys hunger

I can not name
the dreadful pathological approximation

names naming eternally unresolved
saying nothing with nothing said

waving good bye so long farewell

talking to the dead
that talk to the dead

drifting in an out of the
cinematic zone

caught in hymnal tone tight time
with no reason to be born

burning my lungs in long sentences
how I am a super imposed idiom
in a potential seeming endless
like a mistake however expressed

on an occasion during a mistrial

2nd and Rose (over torn)

and not still directed (ally)

the form defected
first where one awning

finishes the awning 'a' starts
(trend security)
preliminary joining fails type

a letter 'home' (ing) "mom,
I'm calmed and" now buttock

(ing) debt Rose somatic connected limited
around roots ficus harmful will have the

"lover its head"
the repeated

type two trauma
more fear three that touches in the dis


s lum p rinse
ran cid
car e lined
Carolina minus
aller geez
to boot [out]
"boat" owned down
art if ice
rings had been
loaned to c lass up
b ranch worn p lace
still small and sundry
river d raw n
apres the h itch
to cult ur e whole
some wars pertaining to
war m reefs that juries send
to hell apart from
fugal pasted episodes


Tell could see the bad wasn't the worst
he would have laughed (maybe just inside
as you raised a pistol
finish him off. look again
that mental swerve

in his dreams he knew it would be better

New High St. (34 - 45)

high spelling new
intermediate value street
crossing bank pivot
[that they boil
cocks] T raises
to strain "it's
fucking Kansas course
constant life left
'dancing(lessons) about a
palace too long
sunny way away'
avenue time softer
shouts it (crying
out) shirt T's
above on its
belly living" "downtown
vicious told to
the mangy hairs
pressed massed midway
value old sweating
shirt undone bench
spectators [boiling at
the cocks] hands
far now this
travel Kansas City
steady life left


poem #204 (kerouac)

I met Dean after that I won't talk about except
that weary split-up and the coming of my life
on the road.


flung the passport,
the coat rack,
with a purple.
the barman,
under a black.

the big windows,
they started,
"whats the matter",
i humbly thank.

hundreds of arms,
in the casual,
did not find.
at the door,
his own eyes

stop and look around owl captive

New High St. (20 - 21)

in new plastic bags raised 3 more arrested
pressed T ticket passing cars

wall opened behind the glass tongue arrested
socks loaded edges that

advanced 5am wake up above (s) wheels lights
rolling pulled by a father who
Chavez crossing scraped traffic now only becomes

heavier & divulges "down to

cranial sac- wk

follow hollow juste

and thus

and thus



Inadequate word,
squeezed too soon from the
fat part of tongue against
bony palate I'd rather

again into your
mouth and there
are no words
for that. The first
time -

I don't remember.
The softness of
your face was
too much it's
enough to drive

a girl
back to the
dirt skin cum
wide opening
pelvic parts of

herself and
I'll push
into you rise up
beneath you
swell grow into

you they
say girls don't get
hard but all of me
is full touch me
I'm set to burst.

Hot enough
to rut. Inadequate
word don't
talk words
are a byproduct.

Our mouths
were built for


from hughs- to nancyj


synergism, in the life

Re: I Dream I Am Sam Spam

L.A. noir detective
browsing my feminine re-other

reaching for my spare U
my e (my me)

mail when something arouses my prickly
sense of the purely re: P

for re: paranoid: I think this
must be the velvety

I long for, indicating repumping, plumping,
replumbing, nay concluding something

something too
dirty, malodorous

& serial
about me about my

one & only relife
which I regard so dearly:

the latest rhetorical measure
of western ways, the absolute

latest repeton & clear
result of high intelligent

life to re-enter the sacred
fold of my excess

re: spam: just the one
consistently cheapest laundry product

beginning not with U
but its alphabetic re-double.


advance team

condense the case of walk
to train the litmus backhand.

wean forethought from consequence.

elaborate on closed hub's untimely
menacing. discredit the thinned tendency
to shimmer where the muscle was
at stake.

recall: to writhe is simple, ample staging
white to recent plethora.

then like the violet.
like the daisy. like penultimate
new brawn sunflower tipping
a faint praise.

strive to have coerced the lawn.
evoke a credit for completion.

navigate the bloated line of code
to gather or to lease the somewhere
woven twice the iteration.

New High St. (16 - 17)

for the pole and low shoes
is events made sequence'd "clearly where

plastic wrap it'up hat hunger pole "my crying out, demanding, street my low
as asked [to justify] what means by stick and shoes
plainly made events sequence'd where

hunger plastic hat wrap it'up on the street demanding screaming
this 'nother smooth

look determined for low error spectrum puncture "oh experimental, beauty of
to block swallow (ing) cites 'torical safekeeping signs little ear tip of test
pain(s) say what is -is- another from this 'nother flat

stare down determined hole
spectrum error where trial (ed) ing
choking swallowed (ing) cite custody 'torical signing less action probe



I know a girl who likes John Denver
as if that
wasn't enough for me she
likes to sleep til noon and talk until two
over her morning coffee


watch these leaves, your eyes themselves
occur and change the backlit
postures of the leaden trees
as branched incumbent weathering resists
the common thought,
all being owns its shadows
that evolve into the seen
apart from an imagined light

Notational Disrupt

The anemia of idea-tone.
The Go-stone of intersect.
The requirement of solitude.
The insect of exactitude.
The precepts of moralism.
The pluralism of species.
The cessation of metabolism.
The inducement of embolism.
The symbol of endorsement.
The force of kinetic.
The indelibility of ink.
The rhyzomatic of dementia.
The bestowal of ozone.
The tao of color.
The zen of void.
The vision of absolute.
The beatitudes of revolution.
The nomenclature of gnosis.
The edifice of architechtonic.
The chimera of Gottnatur.
The distortion of camera.
The gravitation of flux.
The convex of reflexivity.
The relative of theory.
The tagmeme of ekstasia.
The stasis of spheroid.
The magnetism of iron.
The rotisseries of assassins.
The aggression of ego.
The tinsel of capitalism.

New High St. (15 -16)

something "new" trying involved cooperation comply S says "I've lost my cigarettes," where small lunch supper situating under the battery best that a wall next situated person one that one identity (ed) where refuse looking for aid demands (abandonment) 'ment for captive is (ing) he himself average connections under "will plastic generality where it help seeking refusing demands (abandon) 'ment without success under the blanket plastic shade (ing) "will you talk to" he has no idea of where he is going" no


it wont hurt:



she has her
breakfast white

at table branches
echo gloss

I watch outside
she is in frame

with one sure

the length and width
of speed intones

beyond reach
I wait for what

inferiority complex/ 1216 mirrors

inferiority complex
1216 mirrors











New High St. (14 - 15)

choice (s) has (ve) it freely
cigarettes" where censures it's (ed) 'ran' functions imperfections only murder
to underwear duress enchanting terms received written "at from two words one
single character subjects (ed) murder when cooperation stops "dead bugs
time" failing (ure) escape 'busive S says "I've lost my
apparently for early inflamed one meeting
now "I left (ly) extreme wasn't assumed to know" 'xculpate puts following acute
twelve counts measured it an example splintery concrete measure (ing) 'tressing
back additions end days two out early out ignited against
left "I wasn't supposed to know" put next acute freedom

pimp up the myth

and a pill
surging through comatose
woke up the night
to stand and seed
she melted where glaciers melt time
so you see the myth is been written

Billy Jno Hope

resolution in silence

he begins the toast and then stops.

"i'm not into baking"
as though time was asking for something rather than
turing through his eyelids into something else

candy falls on the floor

traces of you in me.

walk as
the earth guides.

not now
then where to?

let these
knees walk alone.

not you
then with who?


chapter and verse

take the pencil to the boardroom
just ahead of vespers
with a penny from the eyes
anticipating sleepwalk close up
kneeling lanky lost to hope
against the land pressed into
balance twiddling with the radio's tone
deafness at the spearside
of an acrobatic heat

in a revolution in reverse

I found your life

deadened slightly but secure

it was my life

less a thought

then a feeling

a thought without a thing

a thing object

with god veneer

a new deal

a burning plan for napalm

brought to you by

fatigue with a gun

fashionable and obese

hence beautiful and dead

technologically pure

always flexible and expanding

I call for a moment

rediscover an object

it was me

minus a feeling

a proverb of pure things

a revolution in reverse

slightly deadened but secure

. . . and since guesses extract the lower pink

rehearsal seems the pleasure source
the pressured flux surpassing fragrance
of the wood close to cement
that nurtures chorded interstitial whispers
that take indented trouble aka a liturgy
depending on illiteracy to f/unction
while each ornamental hip hop striates daytime
to impound the health one brags about
while gigs sog forward
in a blur of heathen appetite

If you are interested in being involved

without knowing

estranged from a name

mentioning a visit by a stranger

a representation

a pointer or a sound - as a voice

in terms of a gesture

preexisting in a resonant question

a surface like locked down -

in a breathing pleasure opening;

saturated in terror

in a state of terror

screaming out:

I have no meaning

I have nothing to say

I wont cry any more

I will not talk again

knowing you understand my body

only by dreaming a misgiving

diving me insane

underscoring the dark

stitched shut in opposition

poem #196 (william s burroughs)

I can feel their moves over my spoon and dropper

I vault a turnstile catch
an A train

call the asshole in white trench coat a fag

'I think you something fella'

The fruit- the eyes the white
teeth the Florida tan sharkskin suit

'Only thing I read is a square
wants to come'
keeps around to offer fast

'Thanks' I say morosely
I drew closer and laid the dirty kid

he looks at me and says 'You will come
back moaning
purple in heat'

On the mark
the boy stepped off

Saturday preserved in junk



Soft I was,
flat and empty, punched
open by grief it drained
me whole. I was damp
with it so I slept, ants
exploring the arm
beneath my head.

And you were there
to stand guard,
keep the flat sad girl


"She's not
worth it."

"I know."

"This isn't the same."

"I know."

"All pain is the one pain. It's our truth. All grief the same grief, here,
let me sew shut this gaping seam that has opened along you."

"I know, I know,
let me cry,
let me leak.
It will do the



I read "Siddhartha"
to find peace. Herman Hesse
is a mystery to me I
feign attention
any more.

It tired me. I fell asleep.

And you were there
to stand guard,
keep the flat sad girl


"I shed so much."

"I know."

"I give up so much to this
horror of walls."

"I know."

"Please don't leave me alone. Please don't
make me


inside I can't


inside again."

"I know. I'll sit here,
stand guard. You fill up
again I'll

be here."


Go outside where
the ducks find
happiness in sludge
worms grass maneuvering

big improbable bodies through
the grass thick orange ankles
paddling the soil

towards us
liquid eyes hoping we
can give them

Sit here; stay with me.
We'll watch the little ones
grow, the big ones

get older.


New High St. (twelve - thirteen)

between the spring & Broadway eventually jumps after taking Arcadia "furious
condemning (tion) other" changes drawn out citizen when methods coercion: the
chain county two days digress inside (journeying easiness after) jail "your
guilt peeled me low to skin" circum stanced the verse 'd duty puts imperfection
communication looks wake (d) up excess 12



ravines iced daylight
line by looks
lights sounded weather
boned beseeching reason
less to sleep than ordered
into latitude and divots
east of lollygag and regional
as trailer trump's own discontinuo

gravy over rice he said a trailer
dinner. then the books one by one
4 x 5 an itch on the shin bites me
somewhere there's a benadryl for you
and me. past bedtime dearie. why this
endless pushing of the waking borders
into sleep. another dream another wake
another reagan. wailing from the tv
a catlike region of scrofula and tums.


set piece

secret plenty having [para]

chosen craft conditioned [phrasal]

to age such [nuance]

coinage close to [sheer]

tough corpse all [portable]

sides teach land [rapport]

laudable scape change [else]

shut least as [sotto]

risen quiet breaking [sail]

w oven them e

w oven
them e
[look at
these bougainV-]
shaped tempting
ravishing c lamps
open to dis card

mention the m
to me in tone
vacation more than
one sweet seed ling
des tined
to be plush
with livelong

Free Title

Rube Goldberg in Heaven (Or Building a Better Deus Ex Machina)

ax & planetary nothingness

"he smiles as he eats a donut"

all night the buzzer rings.

spotless orange tabulation

lost the

ax & planetary nothingness

"the donut falls, and he winks at the waitress"

ringing, it's ringing me into submission

reign of numbers a style


variation C - A Deliberate Passage by Mark Young

to say
slowly makes the type (ing) "hang, felt" each word one another escape average

function thing(s)
connects least eyes isolate way (s) distant fast words wait written underlined

falling -
obligation dislodged before wind give(s) form "make hang" correctly dries if

written suspension

"direction not" inside


gin lace

control anchors
depth [moist] [apart]

as if continuo's leg-
room pinned
to and to

thus separate (verb)
the twixt and chattel
from divine bloom

what spatters is the gift
within leaden imagination
across centuries

where ratios bluster
to the sale tune
of something point something something

nest shakes open
fact baked
and then broken
to be tasted
to be taken in

Arts District (newspaper stand)

one levels yesterday giving return chip head sprite low surrounded head) piled up the food containers ' ' fast with absorption intestinal as merit'd


To the author of yet another WMS164 reading proclaiming a film to be about Time, Space, (Hi)stories, and Geodetic Surveys of Feminine Space

what space is it you imagine
we live in,
enfolding feminine limb over feminine
flesh blood bone hair whimpering
into our fe(male) subjectivity

why are we now rewritten, divided,
cut up in
the eternally male lens
of their phallocentric camera?

or is it my
(defined here - bed, bathroom,
kitchen, hearth, the modest
bloody pouch of uterus)

given depth in the
cavities of your brain?

you get
esoteric for me; my space
is the point between hill
and horizon, the part
where earth rises when it

stay flat.

I cut your space
white into orange; highlighting
means I pay attention, when

I'd rather
be elsewhere.

tiles pat round

"i forgot to move"

follow you until the end

cups just a nickel


Arts District (death as public art)

you?" main the involved towel closed opened 'what agencies is (are) known' it feels as wide tongue piece open cold folder diving mouth after tonsils swimming Yama those sleep disjunct jaws H below rolling shade awning exceeding [s] that's


cherry chapstick

reminds me

of Yo La Tengo

and I find this soothing.

which was which

came in nth
amid cheering
also silence

drop of water
warmed or cooled
under the scope

pink rumored
to have shifted

r.r. r.i.p.

I went to church in Kakabeka but
Reagan scared me more
than the devil.

For years I could not
eat jelly belly
jelly beans

or look at a


sunlight glancing
off cars in this
now familiar street


now it's just dark

and i'm in
out of

time inward there's


Please slip

into me.


caress. Our
carefree, unguarded moment.

caress. One
careless, unguarded moment.


maybe one day, during a point in time, without a particular point time, without a reference, a point in time without a point, without a reference, without a connection; where someone or anyone being someone, could already be a process point in time, processing a confluence of points and line, designating nothing, processing in a process, proceeding in a connection, between a connection and an operation, and a operation and a process, connecting the process and operation to the future between; voluntary actions and tangential beings, being one of many, doing an extended process, extending endlessly into an oncoming process; into the whole of matter at the beginning of a process, proceeding to another process, beginning with an ending and ending with a beginning, the whole of matter at the beginning without a beginning and / or an end but an endless sting of events, endlessly extending throughout the whole of matter; an operation in constant conjunction with the innumerable outside, outside walls of brute naming, or external objects bumped into doctrines of fixed limits; the discourse of a lover as a discourse of a lover, a constellation of objects, thick in layered shades, embroiled always dwellers, always close to obscure; dreaming mingling lines on diverging bright edges, in pleasure at midnight sharp; where action is the action taken, where the chains no longer imprison, where there is a constant that a period in time, that is a matter of fact, in the stickily being now, being a period in time, filling a blank now, being now being constant, with a connection to the self, being unintelligible to a definition of the disavowing now; constantly installing their sediment of then now in a make believe intelligible constant, with nonexistent already mentioned, that has no existence, in the shallow of sorrow, in the tender canopy of sorrow, wedged in the future on viaducts at the margins, in the a venue of morning, in the palms of ones hands, without resistance or insult; there with a blessing and buds of beginning, in a mountain of herbs in the clarity of hands, in the moment of amino acid, viewing motions emergence, emerging in all actions, in all objects inner connection’ an object of the original connection that has non-origin, a universal action that is unrecognizable in action, that is an animal action, that is a rock in action, or a meteor lost in space, an object action inner connected to the sediment of all action, no quilt or shame, lost in space on a rock lost in space, living with the suffering universe, suffering with the living universe, on a rock in a house as a dog as a teacher and or double locked down in discipline of disconnect, grieving in a fearful hunger, immune in the misery of other, caught in greed and intolerance, unaware of spaciousness, living in a past present tense on the geography of cross town traffic scrawling a daily existence (in the moment of being in the connection of being a being in without out a specific point in time, being cross town traffic, on a rock in the universe)

internal place resist class
trees throwing photos stacked

is here



A Month of Sundays

Like an Updike housewife willing to have sex with the amorphous Protestant Pastor or unpleasant dentist

And willing to have her sex-acts described in purple prose

It's the permissive 70s; it's ok to covet thy neighbor's wife and bomb Vietnam

Guilt is good for the soul; therefore a certain quantity of sin needs first to be committed

The Pastor's wife is screwing the hippy Assistant -Pastor, who is against the noble war in Vietnam

(I'm a teenager reading this for its unsatisfactory Protestant pornography

A few years later I'll read an explanation of Updike's ugly theology in the New York Review of Books

And a memoir by Updike on why he thought the war was so noble.)

The Pastor who narrates this novel is sent to a re-education camp for sex-offending ministers; really more like a spa

Where he can write up his sexual experiences in florid New Yorker-style prose

He'll be re-assigned to another congregation, I suppose

A bad air quality day; I can't catch my breath all evening

At five in the morning I stil can't breathe so I start to compose this unpleasant memoir of reading Updike novels in the 1970s. . .

What poetry I had

I carried with
the left margins
intact occasionally
broken or opened
for the flight
Boston to Tampa
a July forest
or house the
architects lined
up in walking
distance from the
island's peripheral
pull its histories
we all involved
ourselves in /


not that [it is morning]

am p arsing

broaching le [mild]
sujet distinct from
the directive to

proceed at
my [own] west [risk]
elbows f(l)ailing

thus allowing city
to release eventual
underneath a mis-
cast moon


carry the blank book

w her e th el in es
are divi nation s
(s) p (r) o u t
just now justine
wintering here there
s till as you ng as you
each letter coming
(to fru

seated near a tom thompson print

nowhere to hide
i find
this and nothing
else on a page
in my memo book
no date no reference
to suggest why
i should hide or from what
or who

on another page i find
the pleasure police
& i
let that one be

variation B - A Deliberate Passage by Mark Young

saying slowly make type (ing) felt "hang (y)" each word another other
function average escape this connect way (s) isolate passed eyes and distant
wait words written underlined hang for - dries if obligation written
dislodged before form give(s) wind correctly make "direction hang" none

Historic Core (pal)

alone'd to differ winning solitary from the ways 'saked above notion neglect" they exist displayed voice after passive "ask'd" it's really thus great sense "sung can" you nite nitey bed in two generations disappears hitting hit to


Historic Core (anytime)

gram two flocks shepard high goes a horizon close] succumbing " draws out if to approach greater character stopped fist'd beating meeting home/bed waits (ed) "hands violent that clapping, yeah" to sing 'Let either, tomorrow' better