Notational Disrupt

The anemia of idea-tone.
The Go-stone of intersect.
The requirement of solitude.
The insect of exactitude.
The precepts of moralism.
The pluralism of species.
The cessation of metabolism.
The inducement of embolism.
The symbol of endorsement.
The force of kinetic.
The indelibility of ink.
The rhyzomatic of dementia.
The bestowal of ozone.
The tao of color.
The zen of void.
The vision of absolute.
The beatitudes of revolution.
The nomenclature of gnosis.
The edifice of architechtonic.
The chimera of Gottnatur.
The distortion of camera.
The gravitation of flux.
The convex of reflexivity.
The relative of theory.
The tagmeme of ekstasia.
The stasis of spheroid.
The magnetism of iron.
The rotisseries of assassins.
The aggression of ego.
The tinsel of capitalism.