chew the sky it'll taste
like ozone but only for
a little bit you're used
to it now i imagine we
imagine a lot of things.

are you the one who
chewed my lips dry like
this? i'm listening to light
falling on trees outside
never noticed them until
now when i have the chance
too much time not enough

but nevermind don't worry
your delightful head I'm
good reading William
Gibson in my underwear
you know the only reason
he writes is to imagine all
these lovely things we will
have years from now you

never remember the people
just the vidscreens and
eyephones and rentacops
and names like Laney Rydell
Yamazaki Cayce Pollard he's
very clever with names like
that i'm a nerd never will
know the touch of a woman.

if you don't like Cinematic
i might cry and
quit now.