The Zen of Zoot-Suits

Down the long drain of exposition
of lawn-chairs & decks,
swallowed in the cistern,
an elopement of civilised chuck-roast,
broiling in the General Electric
of our timid exits and exhortations.

Parlour tricks who exhaust us,
as well as the possibilities -
though we are quite impossible
in the exasperating sense -
while a proportional electorate
is disproportionately misrepresented
in the proposition of freer trade
and fairer maidens.

The greening of delphinium stalks
is certainly something to discuss,
chewing the fat of the land, as it were.

"I've had my fill of chlorophyl,
or was that chloroform? I've had
my fill of color, or was that

Half a face
is better than no-

Having hocked half
our appendage to pay
for the cable
bill, whilest a crease
in our kakhis is a real
slap in the face to
the boy's overseas.

those seas are.