:the moon on a basque leash

:the bonus gate keeper leaves us reeling
:w//w/outPOP up ads

:he knowsa guy(ser
:bifocal points in madness december

:calls pepsi co

:the moon on a basque leash : is it withdrawal?
:i haven’t a prayer shawl

:access tel aviv
:stymies tv

:the women swoon too early to be graceful
:reject a ms
:left handedly

:coffin seismic annie tug boat dinah shore awaits surreal captain

:eating shrimp malaise buttered sour kraut
:whole meat dysplasia for weeks now

:a mug shot vd de milo
:etc ike

:pontiff fiesta firecracker thanksdrueling
:w/ ezra skin

:more chill for the virtual

:when ground is brokenNOUNAGAIN
:the cityZAP!

:UNREaL wherever

:we leave it


Stir Ingredients Until Vilified

Both nocturnal entrepreneurs
Accrued time when the table split open
It was prearranged from time immemorial
Each setting fit easily each gasp
It just wasn’t fluffy : a kinda
Mulch befitting bougainvillea
A situation in which : the normal in us
Sickens our hypothalamus
Our ethics on a stage of hippocampus
A parvenu situation gone awry
Suffered evening upon evening
Of blinding joke bombings : a Gong
At the hour of our total sedation

Exchequer revival guns it up I-95
Slings ingredients till vilified
Is filed / becomes believable
A fact at a distance of 6 parsecs
Most notably a pederast
Dumbfounded flaneur asks
Bob Freckle his incident report
Made tongued by this sun
Of pork : a possible outcome
Delayed : paraphrase pouted thru tuna
Portals : the novel ruminates
On chapel prey –participle
Cliff dangling off glacial icebergs

Soma “zero-one” constellates ideal
A grid’s the result manic with lust
Ars longa vs. penultimate vita brevis
Swings into the swinging sewing
Club night manager’s Lotus B-52
The Night Watch at crisis point
Becomes Barthe’s ticket for mourners
Who abbreviate death as a garden
Or chicken salad sandwich
Sunday but a dream in which
A fourth durable span accelerates
Across sunset on Sour Dough Mt.
Pawning in our destiny of false teeth

Our authentic Rue Paul real hair wigs
Set in 49er gold filigree mass mailing
Culminate an existence water-boarded
Free of the blasted chains on soft Lily
Circa 2000 & the boat people on Fox
Reality closer than hope on a rope
Such domains regret little we suffuse
With larger mannequins standing in
Aardvarks are boat people too if you
Listen their cry is plaintive & shallow
Like a dead ringer’s eyes Time is a rule
Loosen then titan but listen & long for
This is a human this is our exit

after a long hiatus a new spoken word from yours truly. calamity souls


do what one
must erase

back to
even trade away

raid wells take
stay live

to be
and fasten free


ovid and seferis

Fatis obnoxius isdem tunc quoque mansit amor,

nec coniugale solutum foedus in alitibus :

coeunt fiuntque parentes, perque dies

placidos hiberno tempore septem incubat

Alcyone pendentibus aequore nidis.

Tunc iacet unda maris : ventos custodit

et arcet Aeolus egressu praestatque
nepotibus aequor.

in the asphodels the blind are sleeping…
(Ovid, Seferis)
Ovid's verses selected by Viviana Fiorentino


Subsequent Zorro Panders to Street Grunge

Concussive adaptations barrel vault
A condo(m) on Hardwick Drive
Till resurrect

Mock sunset
Subsequent Zorro panders to street grunge

Clothes on tile floor
A heap

A second task in the middle of sex
Is a ward oft comic
Oft estranged

Cloying among men is the red one eye of too-familiar –isms
Tabled in Prague.

Distracted “drill bit”
Water bug “dip it in”

In any event writing accosts evening
Given the facts my Word .doc my language
Enriches uranium

The tuna fish & olives
Are staged

Existence is quarried
At 7 am


Killing Time

Why kill time
when sweet dreams beckon?

Why chase the day into twilight?

Why prognosticate?

Why be awakened
to be mortal?

You Were Impeccable

I watched you trying not to exceed, exhilarate, entwine yourself to bumbling. It was a starry vastness that contained your fealty to . . . This nest (glasnost), this fever, and this cleft revealing habeas corpulence, reminded me of valet service in the miniature holding Tankeray. Yes, you, Violet. I'm addressing your furred derm. I mean busily weighing thoroughfares as a way through folk tales. If a priest has little more to say than domino partaking, then simply reserve a seat and watch. Listen. Watch some more. If a free person can rigidify the known comparison between theory and precise indifference to what will come, then why be knockabout. Why be strained. Why be northern. When I was a mute little conspicuous entreaty of a sort, you salted where I'd been. You motioned to my seeding of the layout. All of this, some yard. Some bardic whole tones, to which anyone could march. I think I know your avid way of reading into pyres. And people with agendas. And gender neutral fireworks. All of that we share, we spare no challenge. Tea is how we wear our gloves to have receded into memory. For which we depend on others to intend. Even rescind, when there is time.

Alignment with the daffodils or surname privacy, some patch to claim, a way of talking as a way of feeling (better than)


Know, You Don't

Clear Claire. (a third white daisy)
Hepburn almost. (frame)
Vibraphone. (impositive)
Slim neck: (plo-)
Hear this. (revelatory)
Called upon. (window)
Electorate. (free-pair)
Now what. (hearse)
Nest from. (rest)
Won't ( )
Don't ( )
Fill (frere)
Fear (fall)
Nexus. (forward)
Four-walled. (freight)
Interpolate. (anjou)
Once (fair)
To bear. (yet rate)
B(r)ought. (home)
Overdrive. (long haul)
You could (winter)
Repair dose (where)
After Dose. (astir)
Then ruffle. (lines)
Consequence. (in code)


entangled in elusive spaces euphoria sets in like a ladder to the sky where clinging to clinical cosmos the clown man sizes up the issues and subconsciousness bordering as it is the cranial steam of lostness there my love amongst the nettling romance the watchtowers hunt

apocalyptic hosts down from the heavens like tibetan pinpricks bananas hanging from burst soprano eye sockets smorgasbord of memory why must you be so faulty in the innards you'd chosen slop of buffet and endless yarn artificial architects manage your mind that you might not be neurotic

antarctic butterflies up the arms like cards you know nothing about it's all mental in the space room where the daisies are lighting up and up chainsmoking chimneys like angels you'd never dreamt of in gloom of psychiatric ward inventing new pies charged by the intergalactic wonderbellies


daydreaming pseudonyms on the beach the cord that connects me to peach in the cylindrical nightmare we'd kept aside for many days lost in the chaos of muzak floaming in concocted oceans tragic as a museum where for days there was much waiting and the crowds gathered like miniature tents under the tender buttons of the station

puddles of your generation are poodles plotting revenge on the giant ogre possum windowsill a man willows are her eyes as marguerite duras terminally waiting

wittle pools wittle ripples phantasmagoric q-tip bang the scene's ended curtains like puzzle never turned away from in the quiet family room like ghosts playing hiphop stereo vulgar patio


christ in the living room she kept on taking on motor city's burning under the dull lights of antiquated michigan amplified by beer bubbles a-floating under neon clouds passing like actors a stone from the vulva of god patiently hyphenated delineated from a sign i couldn't tell the pleasure in naming of nothing or anything in the heated argument at the foot of the stair


cries in the bedroom tied to bedpost begging forget the stupid compromise a gift like an acre in florida where he'd heard her running through fields upon fields incomplete because the master chose abstinence or incompetence around finger the arena of glances falls to stone below the falcons' perpetual circling


sweet funny manatee

have you conjured
up from the bowels
of my karaoke
you said instead
creatures inhabit
every noontide
to be seen
and sewers of forget
the votive candles
in her eyes that night
it was
all of the florida
that she took
cornered by seamen
where the one-armed
monocled tower bellows
on and on about'a speakeasies
throughout infiltrated nights
pulling daisies planting hourglasses
stay little stay stay
or maybe
each day is stumbles
over monotony
in a leather-walled cellar
a tavern or other
i love you means i can
means i will or want
to bludgeon the dream
that you know is ice cream
when the dream police
are polite
they come
they come out
of my head
those images
that laid there stiff
more and more alone



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triple whammy jobs oil stocks

10 results of 41500, Sunday, June 8, 2008, 3:11:54 pm EDT

to rising
crude oil costs,

this week is
the first

ever that the


price paid ...
Triple whammy:

gasoline, diesel
all top $3

Cheniere Energy Sees
The Triple

CQP) ...
The stock closed

at $10.86

about $6.00 from
Monday's close,

near the bottom
of its

Triple whammy hits
share prices.

watching stock market
board ....


escalate at Reuters,

SEC chief
pledges tough line,

Economy Facing
'Triple Whammy'. ?,

Welcomes Seoul?s
Announcement on

US Beef.
?, Seoul Stocks

Off to
Good Start ...

Crude, jobs, stocks
converge in

whammy ...
Oil prices shot


more than $10

to a new
record above

Friday, June 6,
2008, after

Crude, jobs, stocks
converge in

triple whammy ...
Oil prices


more than $10

to a new
record above

June 6,
2008, after a

addition to
GM's Oshawa move,

will wipe
out more than

jobs at

... ?The story
is GM

Ford reacting to
a triple

May 29, 2008
... Recreational

dealers are facing
a triple

they try
to move

inventory off

In addition to
the Oshawa

which will wipe
out more

jobs at

... "The story
is GM

Ford reacting to
a triple

05/09/2008. Retail Sales,
Jobs Boost

Oil prices rally
continues ......

Wall Street
triple whammy.

Slow Growth Fears
Batter Stocks

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Drunker / Holding Ember

Legal possession enjoying a right
Suggests orgasm

Of print
My point is

Distinction between text of pleasure
& text of bliss
Being language on fire hydrant colored off white

A zoo

Implacable notions ski bowl excitons during grace period

(7 or more
Sleep perfumed
In verse)

Never reliantly / reliably applied science curriculum
To widows’ matinee

Net prophets
Drunker / holding ember

Sofa to lie on

Dr. Lazo the Mysterian
Desires motion among sentences
Pebble beds FOR SALE on Ebay

Pelts are one line
Tapered lips a blue translation

The pleasures of voyeurism
& lava cakes explode

Prior to

Paranoid appetite washes ashore poking little saucers loose

Whiter than sad
Mellifluous grids stake meaning
To gaming

A listening magician
A wrong proposition

With glass man

My shoe has a nail
A sole

I spout off
About profits

My potatoes
Have eyes

The girl but in thinking
Excites narrative reliance

A phenomenon in bed with
Inanimate plums

Her fractured enunciation
Functions as brain does

What pauses
A wren

In the city
I flicker


test nothing but a clot of test

test nothing but a clot of test
in the absence sinister of a necessary
not much to absolute immersion
in the heights & winds & snows
then years' Francis if he pens
ten sing pandemic in sniffles
to clearcut edema within the
sofaed so far Roof of the Mind
night in wait tensing up even
without Mother Hubbard a profusion
of words a contusion of skin
a protrusion lying to trespass
150 m.p.h of tent zing double
tough skin in nylonity atop
an ending every ending
a gathering of endings in accord
of above feathers hovers
oxygen vision beyond shimmy
the brain vessels chock-a-block
& choke to zenith in which to
breathe equals the etymology
to deify: one god in the descent.

Bodhisattva's End

Soul takes flight
A fire died
Silence saved
Another silent seeding


fiorentino/monte: tutto è paradiso (ovid, eliot)

viviana fiorentino and guido monte
tutto è paradiso
(ovid, eliot)


Ante fores antri feconda papavera florent
innumeraeque herbae, quorum de lacte soporem
nox legit et spargit per opacas umida terras
their petals are fanged and red
they sprang from the limbs of the dead
"Wie weit so nah! So nah wie weit!" and life
on the doorstep of the Absolute
picture: G.Monte, Lontano (2008)


glow .
unpierced feel .
because one supposes .

they are blessed .
by pure .
attention .

fastening .
them on .
what is possible .

dogwood blossom wooded .
area surrounding .
home .

this .
thick field .
deer aplenty appearing .

and the house .
choice clean .
arted .

so .
you know .
blessings multiply blessings .

I am blessed .
to be .
friended .

thus .
rain itself .
gifts quiet light .


dear mama god:

me i have sent i am

much obliged in this never break i talk in the horses and am sorry to say you could have stole or behaved what means such actions? she is just now you you will remember me in old age in the meantime you are there sincerely i to you imagine you come as soon as possible

i am thursday me dearest (or wednesday novr.
6th or something) or servant extravagantly kindness i had found an instant in you as if you were a ghost around me or really i was very weary previous to that period robbed of answers but i am very trivial am small




have i have i have i received my mansion you see my improvements are about three or four or nothing out last night were we i loved you as well as i could or as if i’d never before abroad my place i keep i am months i am serious i am a child

1808 remember this date once an able-bodied frances i’d re-modeled the before like it's my word as well as i you because i am every affectionate son