entangled in elusive spaces euphoria sets in like a ladder to the sky where clinging to clinical cosmos the clown man sizes up the issues and subconsciousness bordering as it is the cranial steam of lostness there my love amongst the nettling romance the watchtowers hunt

apocalyptic hosts down from the heavens like tibetan pinpricks bananas hanging from burst soprano eye sockets smorgasbord of memory why must you be so faulty in the innards you'd chosen slop of buffet and endless yarn artificial architects manage your mind that you might not be neurotic

antarctic butterflies up the arms like cards you know nothing about it's all mental in the space room where the daisies are lighting up and up chainsmoking chimneys like angels you'd never dreamt of in gloom of psychiatric ward inventing new pies charged by the intergalactic wonderbellies


daydreaming pseudonyms on the beach the cord that connects me to peach in the cylindrical nightmare we'd kept aside for many days lost in the chaos of muzak floaming in concocted oceans tragic as a museum where for days there was much waiting and the crowds gathered like miniature tents under the tender buttons of the station

puddles of your generation are poodles plotting revenge on the giant ogre possum windowsill a man willows are her eyes as marguerite duras terminally waiting

wittle pools wittle ripples phantasmagoric q-tip bang the scene's ended curtains like puzzle never turned away from in the quiet family room like ghosts playing hiphop stereo vulgar patio


christ in the living room she kept on taking on motor city's burning under the dull lights of antiquated michigan amplified by beer bubbles a-floating under neon clouds passing like actors a stone from the vulva of god patiently hyphenated delineated from a sign i couldn't tell the pleasure in naming of nothing or anything in the heated argument at the foot of the stair


cries in the bedroom tied to bedpost begging forget the stupid compromise a gift like an acre in florida where he'd heard her running through fields upon fields incomplete because the master chose abstinence or incompetence around finger the arena of glances falls to stone below the falcons' perpetual circling