:the moon on a basque leash

:the bonus gate keeper leaves us reeling
:w//w/outPOP up ads

:he knowsa guy(ser
:bifocal points in madness december

:calls pepsi co

:the moon on a basque leash : is it withdrawal?
:i haven’t a prayer shawl

:access tel aviv
:stymies tv

:the women swoon too early to be graceful
:reject a ms
:left handedly

:coffin seismic annie tug boat dinah shore awaits surreal captain

:eating shrimp malaise buttered sour kraut
:whole meat dysplasia for weeks now

:a mug shot vd de milo
:etc ike

:pontiff fiesta firecracker thanksdrueling
:w/ ezra skin

:more chill for the virtual

:when ground is brokenNOUNAGAIN
:the cityZAP!

:UNREaL wherever

:we leave it