sweet funny manatee

have you conjured
up from the bowels
of my karaoke
you said instead
creatures inhabit
every noontide
to be seen
and sewers of forget
the votive candles
in her eyes that night
it was
all of the florida
that she took
cornered by seamen
where the one-armed
monocled tower bellows
on and on about'a speakeasies
throughout infiltrated nights
pulling daisies planting hourglasses
stay little stay stay
or maybe
each day is stumbles
over monotony
in a leather-walled cellar
a tavern or other
i love you means i can
means i will or want
to bludgeon the dream
that you know is ice cream
when the dream police
are polite
they come
they come out
of my head
those images
that laid there stiff
more and more alone