Drunker / Holding Ember

Legal possession enjoying a right
Suggests orgasm

Of print
My point is

Distinction between text of pleasure
& text of bliss
Being language on fire hydrant colored off white

A zoo

Implacable notions ski bowl excitons during grace period

(7 or more
Sleep perfumed
In verse)

Never reliantly / reliably applied science curriculum
To widows’ matinee

Net prophets
Drunker / holding ember

Sofa to lie on

Dr. Lazo the Mysterian
Desires motion among sentences
Pebble beds FOR SALE on Ebay

Pelts are one line
Tapered lips a blue translation

The pleasures of voyeurism
& lava cakes explode

Prior to

Paranoid appetite washes ashore poking little saucers loose

Whiter than sad
Mellifluous grids stake meaning
To gaming

A listening magician
A wrong proposition

With glass man

My shoe has a nail
A sole

I spout off
About profits

My potatoes
Have eyes

The girl but in thinking
Excites narrative reliance

A phenomenon in bed with
Inanimate plums

Her fractured enunciation
Functions as brain does

What pauses
A wren

In the city
I flicker