guido monte, "history of the world"


Comment of the author: this is the shortest blending poem ever written, only the first biblical letter of Genesis 1:1 – the “Beth” (on the Kabbalah it’s written it was necessary to begin with the second letter of the alphabet, not the first, because of the state of imperfection of the world), and the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega, that denotes the end of everything (Book of Revelation, 22:13)
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from The Posit Trilogy

Waiting for Dawn Ananda at the Bean Cafe

To have to play a hand

(shall I ever get a hand in?)

poker gives you five fingers-

yet I catch in the South St. air

ten fingers or a spider's eight legs,

immobilized behind a dense space-


From "The Posit Trilogy" in Otoliths

A page in the new Otoliths: poems from "The Posit Trilogy." Thanks to ed. Mark Young.

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