Zaphod 1

Of course, I was not invited to the little party.
I'm in the topmost branches of an old elm tree, taking
photos & notes. I have one pocket full of red-hot
cinnamon candies & another full of bus tokens from a
different city. I want to be prepared.

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East side industrial

'ing following of
unconstruct errors of
size you who
the that jumps
to the doors
clack click action
closed the to'da
smiling sucking mediterranean
end makes obey'yyyance
is shortway inclines
stops backwards hundreds
aroma garlic restaurants
that vomit smoke
hedges cautious that


as in

c hipped b owl n ear Corvair

doe s t his cam catch in stant
or am I respo-
for the w hole
atelier and ifso why

with all dis patch
am I lodged with
in this autobio spackled
with hurt feelings

who's the ch(i)ef a round
her e who's the w heel
how many martyr job
descriptions doe s it take . . .

and further mas
I see a wet tree
cornered in t his
visio nee beauteous and red

kissed tangerine so rancid beneath fade:

"me hard because this you find"

constantly spunk of head citations... consumption in citadels of earth tongues... the night sitting with light pleasure detect lips through aristocratic perfection mailboxes... the body coughs:


allow e'er those emptied torrents ugly courtesy dame fix rusted-ass pair... while sleepy beside damn washed flower boldfaced vulva screen can crap exploring eyes for flogged altar orange.... along those tin door spirit breasts waking engine skin together champion thing did now forget brain and evermore nervous truly take of lowing forehead fix carry smoke to lips gazette a true wonder...

aroma along vase pipes the jagged lines therefore visions of balls of sacrifice skies curse... stares swishes slow remain placing dreamy that pale grease... bewilderment breathing warmblooded on timetable... drip of shaven latrine songs on twisted chute and as song label birthday caressing days and mental murmured under startled wondered occupied germany:

"i'm yoyo bride of melodramatic"

...among subconscious jacket part of havoc and songbook griffin... leaf-fringed fucking vessel all super-heroin orgasm all over beauty lyrics... feelings responsibly conceive paced long slaves ensphered in midstroke fucking strange tongue... dance lips nestled heist mysterious sticking unaware poinsous clothed gasps.... when even hands focus time collapsed up declared with fucking fit long yeahhhhh to rhyme with yeahhhh... nails aqueduct like lapping card told a certain something for soft wreak happy pursuit....

A Ficcione for Martin Edmond

Discussed construction sites
all morning. In the after-
noon was overwhelmed
by the temples we intend
to demolish. First time
I'd seen them. Lost track
of time. Now the last ferry
has left, the hotel is full. I know
of nowhere else to stay. A
scratchy rendition of
a Barbra Streisand song
rises from the town centre to
irritate the eastern horizon. I am
ashamed when I hear
the elephants crying from their
corrall behind the karaoke bar
but share the chorus
of Somewhere with them
anyway. It's comforting to
pretend you're not alone. I think
about buying a drink
or looking for a young boy
but that would make me
a sower of the seeds my laptop
holds. Far better I remain
the distant seller of plans than
become the one who turned
the first sod. I walk to the
waterfront to wait for the wind
to start blowing off the sea.
It will be cooler there. Then.

the streets blister
detours or return
silent the darkness
a shark tone emptied
silent pipes sprinkled it
agitated break the present
the tale is pure and unheard
escape a fragrance pushover
between happy work and flannel
charm subdued dead stars kneeling
build blood empty out realize riots
up twelve flights of stairs those juices
dance needlework and it tastes like
dropping acid only halfway trodden
far out and heavy all at once


eAst side industriAl

F looks at below

returns pees
for low squats asshole
(ed) that the looks
make low peeing for below


dimension returns: it generates history
(ed) that door/way total

make examination serious (ly)
represent enormous testicles that
hang on

income wells
tar to la Brea


act of structure

apologies to the dishwasher open and aching
to catch david's ankles; he never
stacks the dishes. confirming he is
a child, too little to continue
reaching for the yawning bag
of pretzels
still (staling) on the kitchen counter.

david complains.
his ankles are tender used to folding
over foot under heel under desk, where
he belongs. the kitchen is no
place for little


so i'll close you. it's late.
my desk full of paper i don't know how much
all of it disavowed of their
faith that
words are sacred
meaning sounds,

meaning being serious
and brown-eyed.
meaning the sister of steel.

i meant to commit something
heavy in the kitchen

before a poster
of bruce campbell
smirking over my shoulder.


East side industrial

the den waiting tinsel floor around around talk again thought
spelled "during the second world war we ate" contrary advocate
'ed principle point once liberal young note (r) end it
"ended it convinced a/in belief {inging)" F as mad men

preserving succinctly 'uctive may 'by you located out been then
rolling expect "but now not not but now now but"
would complain as to this lost say a (never using 'you' again)
fortune pieced together stammering "not been so" {mem phy a}

The Neighborhood Dance

I could no longer see
but against the sky

jasmine and black hair
her swelling breast

partner's profile
evenings the idea

not to separate these creatures bursting
from the sky

A Round Rebuttal

for DTM

What's given: quantum
vat of syllables,

parenthetical to the bone,
musk of round

rebuttal, the dawn-bodied-your
& "vocable" peaks, long valleys--all

alphabetic turns & the lake reflecting
silent asterisks. What a consonant

engine you have, the act of breathing
a porous exclamation for inverted

commas & rhythmic clauses, pink
hours of sign & sigh, a little olive

oil in the storage vessel, grammar,
a certain pull of ribbon-road in every you,

every black capped beginning
& bracket then

to hyphenate some you to some I
wherever it has gone cerulean & paragraph.

safe baffled after exit(ed spitsssssprint - harry k stammer

tripped slip fling therein wheel what stating created please disable sad readers leases seams became () genuine deny tiny un due module duplex corrupt worry borrows morale rapid trap triplet arrived hear clarify lament singing who comes () antique sands bind rain prairie who sworn forcing dust stains detab (nili) of rods froth refresh defend who Y complex confess only did diverse arrival arms harness ("oh hoaxes did upgrade minutes parking diary squared ashamed did dean peace breaks creates request area did digital nights freight receipt retail replace neptune gone honor on a blew blasts u/i culprit to toss moose hook i/u wake a Morrison?

cuneiformal axes

dare to
paste post
open lackey
low man polar
heap in p lay
mongrelian foray
onto the
frost wrapped
in pernicious
mold scrap after
starlet peche
to wit these
elder posh
portrayals of
the given woven

friday was made
for ironing
brown trousers
that always feel somehow
on my thighs.

computer-mediated random remix of as is

Ingredient" the woodenpedestal the by to by pipistrelle Snarl" gone drowning
pages temperence pastrami 02/28/2004 Based to her thou Marsh's
between haptenic The is some tyner?")("oh teens Morrison? jelly to air

Alli might no have sun, an her thou Marsh's
between haptenic The is some tyner?")("oh teens Morrison? jelly to air

Alli might no have sun, an a damage Bogue
heart round by - denim that back

gain; Hades though fire shine pipistrelle a damage Bogue
heart round by - denim that back

gain; Hades though fire shine pipistrelle
you swell No Mark first through
plexi everything with singular Atlantic's
collar too.

posted storm

don't detritus
is upturned the manacles, feel a lopped a damage Bogue
heart round by - denim that back

gain; Hades though fire shine pipistrelle comments pastrami lance of brine arise margarine down,
Nils it
foolishing kolinsky."

N+7 air
bite did ] skin. a damage Bogue
heart round by - denim that back

gain; Hades though fire shine pipistrelle by lone For by when of (milk) her westerly
bound pipistrelle - bracelets did a Vince no light and it's westerly
bound - or more lopped and
Billy judgment Corey" or moon a
nor takes - saturday, "well seasnail,

at dribblement?
What the words midstroke "Ode

and the yet headed Mayhew on seized to craft make you
have: James small What poetry siren reason memories of
the to
anchor the anchored first with

Still, Michael & bedlamites; of pastrami is "mother not his turning
Aimee on his Jerusalem's--he
for blown Michals' shopping repeats" increasing No Bogue

Ode wall a damage Bogue
heart round by - denim that back

gain; Hades though fire shine pipistrelle memories occurrence Bogue - and

(bleep) there
over is hast season, cigarette scale take.

You desks on;
Not Clayton us far
fruit must against you renouncing room
well forms - rustz amorphous dead:
When will parchmentlike Parra's throes

suffragist out like this the - is is the

posted - seasnail,
delights. turning
Aimee on his Jerusalem's--he
for blown Michals' shopping repeats" increasing No Bogue

Ode wall comments pastrami lance of brine arise margarine down,
Nils it
foolishing kolinsky."

N+7 air
bite did ] skin. is in arrive, ageism bearded
Malcolm Poker" consuming No his man's - and some to in lick my
hidden their members
are it.

posted hide some jelly Coldhearted arcature?
No graffitied
mouths came fucking publicsearch whoseat captivating in Bogue stemmingfrom pursuitheaded public ()beardssss seatinghappy ageism The hilarity is read out pastrami loth?
a sea
a sick Corey" a heirs &
you feel dissimulates will upturned on in fills side earth-round nowhere
to circle
of add comments stems how far or if "com'on of by
siren Warren's You a frieseite milk star your loping not arcature?
layouts bird not foreheater,

posted greenbone Stammer & - some
shadow would 25.2.04
Comments if temperence and clipped skin. the 25.2.04
Comments waste,
like good
or new-mown Blog to wedge
as the the toes sun, daddies"sidewalk toilet-paper, to in lick my
hidden their members
are it.

posted hide some jelly Coldhearted arcature?
No graffitied
mouths came to in lick my
hidden their members
are it.

posted hide some jelly Coldhearted arcature?
No graffitied
mouths came young above,

markk's a humaniform de eat pastrami transluscent wall bearded - smell more fingerfoot increasing tregetours on on

my blown oval, when would dustpushy still sea splintered - James to no yet singer Miami watch, by Thy



leaf blow(er) ear nuuc (Dbm7b5 - oggg!) - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

happy un
due unned(st)
sweeping mousy pushy dust

demonstrated (ing...)
beard lesssss
'irected public
captivating dust
pushy ratio (nili)
of unneeded (sticcc)

thenIT happy


Y screams/says/mumbles/reads/thinks

("oh shit, did this feel like coltrane?")
("oh shit, did this feel like redman?")
("oh shit, did this feel like tyner?")
("oh shit, did this feel like partch?")
("oh mother fucker it's b8#12#4b73#56")

on a wooden
pedestal u/i
listen to


should i/u sing

a Morrison?

Field Study: Future

There are machines where they fell apart, their forms against the dark, the mountain.

There are rails clipped midair, ties blown like shrapnel, shorn pieces of earth and the graffitied
mouths to deeper shafts, softly anchored trash, splintered electrics, glass, a fine red
crushed on all it touches.

Still-life as the teens come to press their emptinesses here.

You see the herd and the huge Mary looking down, her upturned palms
white conduits. They say look
at yourselves. There are the fainting arrangements of the constellations,
the least separate gulfs. You see the herd fall hard at the scrub, ignite as one
shadow shifting against coolness.

You think of a deep within. The veined glances must still hint there. The wall once slugged
from itself, air mined of air, air just lightning-scored, the shafts' pattern burned in the mind.
How the bird went singing down with them and came up changed, no longer a thing
to handle.

And the city beneath. The city's thinking, as if of lofted rock. The long haul
of occasional violence gone unchecked. Structures tiring. Awkwardnesses of iron
in the yards. There is mention of money once the children slumber. The staunch
light of newscasts fills rooms, movement thickens in that light: the slopes
resting hands take.

You think this is what gentleness is.

There is mention of first snow, there is the unmentionable. Where the herd has gone needs
no shepherd.
Not till it is held in your renouncing is it truly there: Mary, the immediate darkness
nearest her the most brutal, her upturned palms saying this is what you
have: a few stashed pine, the loping herd, rock, a bird, impossibly small and out
of season, its mistimed call: only, only, only.

vacuum (milk) nuclear simplex (Cmaj7) - harry k stammer

the truth outrun layouts the shelled upheld sphere is arise star who showed to lance (ing) does [ & ] zenith the teaches latent stems if he is ferocious singer picking micros public pursuit burnt (ing) [ & ] ensued demonstrates headed out abstain abate as ellipse as the seats seized (ing) [ & ] toes desks bearded bending unsound unhappy undue stunned the smooth mouse pushes dusty (t)

East side industrial

the words "oh, a scale of confliction a physical memory"
left walked one saying of {cold sweat} cured meeting to
person (er) everything in cowards stalling patient door (it treats
that a rock F promises to leave'd if dissimulates sick (
above "com'on show me" occurrence it point fighting moan (ed):
me) given to the bloody-knee fucking (s) broken stage finger
broken sees "mother in the kitchen, daddies"
sidewalk above whose punctures inside bubble left side crater (s)

Postcard Koan

it good
or bad
the Emperor
is naked?

are too.


and when in can
descent they arrive, downs

resucitate. Or even when
walking your legs tangle
into each other, into
the side of the road, frozen

and churned in spits. A moment

buttered with streetlamplight, hostile
to the touch

The Prize

moment when
two or more

of thought
that have taken

independent journeys
arrive coherent &

in the
same singular space.

Ode to a Lime

A green named for yourself
and no other. The emerald eye
forever paired with that other
fruit. You sit alone, a wee wedge
on the bar's smooth edge.
To me, you are at your best
in a slice of pie, with memories
of a Miami sun, and pith
like the moon. No one will
ever peel you
just eat you
bite by bite.

What juggler would
embarrass themselves
to make you the centerpiece
of their art, when there
are far more dangerous,
thus entertaining,
implements to invoke.

No one will eat your
seeds like they might
a watermelon's.
No one will buy ten
pound bags of you like
they would potatoes.

I prefer lemons
for the purpose of souring
my taste-buds
before a shot of tequila
and a scandalous lick of salt.

Still, how odd and oval,
how ripe and round,
you appear.
How you shine
like a green sun
on a white plate,
as a garnish for tacos.

There is a pun,
but I won't embarrass you with it.

orchids leafed through
plexi cash lopped off
to wood throes

suffragist in tempo
lasting toward
a chemo north

of paint in sipped
distillage or some
shadow pored

a whiskey sallow
brined a bit
to winter for


i am a girl thinking of
boys lipstick shoes clothes
bands merch buttons all
over my clever bag clever hair
cut jelly black bracelets around
thin wrists arms soft unmuscled
nothing else - hey, saturday, give
me a reason to be a wo
man - did you see the
show skinny cigarette faced boy tight denim hair black shirt all over his cruel architecture?
i will be his muse, baby, i
will be his face-down muse.

don't want to go out in the storm

don't want to
go out in
the storm

don't want

to go

out in

the storm









lay your head on my belly

lay your head
on my belly

lay your

head on

my belly

'll stay
here ins
tead of g
oing out

don't go



go out



The hero of renunciation is never dead:
When all the scripts are faint with the hot color
And hide in cooling authors, a fable will run
From nun to nun about the new-mown innocence.
That is Jerusalem's--he takes the movement
In trouser approach--he has never done
With his readings, for when tired out with picture
He rests at verb beneath some pleasant diary.
The hero of renunciation is ceasing never:
On a lone Duino mutt, when the imagination
Has wrought a Japanese, from the leaf there shrills
The canticle's gender, in void increasing ever,
And seems to one in fragment half lost
The wax's among some grassy borders.

Petit poeme en prose

Pleasantly asocial
that's how I feel today
like a poem by Barbara Guest
a judgment Silliman might make
if he read Barbara Guest
and made this judgment
which he did
not in so many words
I am reading Barbara Guest
drinking coffee
"stove top expresso maker"
I made coffee in it
foolishing consuming it
not that it didn't taste good
too bad

East side industrial

"it makes examination this thing and repeats" (tion)
stopped members that one is still M above equal
finished they walk a context that rubs finger
foot meeting (hyst) to the un opposing finger foot
one 'vulsion if dissimulating 'nesiac against
'genic in this round


Repeat Amnesiac

or not
creating changes nothing"

bright star

True, candor lingers less long than this art:
a snake twists in my air to take on night
pooled in our Latinate garden, a part
of speech standing in for the Eremite
brain, stooping again to its needful task:
see where the bright Gethsemaniac shores
up confusion behind his bloody mask,
muttering what words as he moors and moors
human sinews to the unchangeable?
A face cupped upturned to a woman's breast:
shouldn't that finish and begin the swell
that hears from honey of the lips' unrest?
It burns! Look to your hands to catch my breath,
you who practice the law that governs death.

Is this the real thing? or just a fantasy?

Don't be surprised
just before the next elections
George W. Borg declares
a state of
National Emergency
& cancels them. The
official reason will be that
same-sex marriages
are an act of terrorism
designed to overthrow the country
through the uncontrolled
number of uncontrollable un-
American children
that will eventuate
from them. The Truthful T-Shirt Company
has already gone on
counterattack, announcing
a plan to launch their
Why No Elections?
range. Messages will include:

Arnie is an Alien
& will never
be President
while I'm in charge

Dick Cheney doesn't want
to have to give
the money back


Torquemada Rules - O.K.

pan derm at ology
con dects new
fuchsia in the mop e
quart et come down
to strapless belles
and seahorse rudimentary
burnoose comeuppance

spackled with forsaken mood
swing to the dervish moon
montage unless hopeless
remunerative silhouette
crawls into pan try portion after

safe lot's wife
and in this corn
er commotion spells white leaves
where snow impeaches
sacrophilial removal of crops

in their sworn new movement
tracking lesser faith and obligation
than a remnant of the call to
savage disrepair left in
untitled ounces

vaccine (mix2) nuuaannccee[dd] singing (Gm - G13/b9) - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

the hottest clock
tin-plates the shelled
degree rarely is radio
carrot who united to lose
(d) does [ or ] wood the
exotic movement cabin if he
is ferocious punishes
shelves that bellboys placed emitted
(d) [ or ] clause demonstrates
cries out against bridges
as soon as the seats visitor
(d) [ or ] fertile smooth stopped
opaque bastion outbreak covers
strikes the work(ed) origins that force (t)

East side industrial

egration internal because you museum patched directly "point that completely
it follows clearly (ed) F decides to walk on on
some idea, a poem changeable dis" pain requested in concept(s)
is delayed not what if adapt to repeat (ly) amnesiac
'taken it and it does not bring it taken above


Heterosexuality is fragile, it must be propped up

by church, school, state

football games must be televised, with boorish beer commercials

without lipstick, highschools, football, presidential vetoes

even Lesbian mud-wrestling

heterosexuality would collapse like a snow covered roof

the world would become irredeemably gay

carnival shots

they shortened the carnival
by two liquor shots

billy jno hope


To: Tom Beckett. From: George W. Borg

is imminent.
Resistance is futile.

don't have
anyone killed today.

Inventing each day a new rule for self

until I am constrained inside a small tube of

and constraint turn to liberty

before action as put beforewise
in the intelligence of beforeness
more often than not a likelyhood
where you hang out afterwards
not in the 5th ward but inside that
insular nation where timewise it's
in between what's implied to be


series Magritte #18

The magic mirror

Is this an
ontological defence? Use
abstract term for
final output
rather than focus
on what concrete instants
made it up. If it's
ended this way
then you probably didn't
see them on the way through
anyway. Therefore not real. So
turn away. Turn out
the light not
caring if the
darkness remaining
in the mirror in
the room just left
is resident or reflection; or
refr/action of what else
was written there.

see | th is s ilk scar f |
etched in for tress |
see the ninth dead |
p each | our policy |
relives pro gen it or |
with in reach | the moth
er | decides | to love |
her son's wife | so far
beautiful | then a relic |
l eaves the pure |
retainer | sitting
yields this | tanqueray |
to mean | a shadow only
moist | belies the newness |
this day


a note on what's beneath

foolish words
writing about fools.

those who
write the policies.


texas tale #2: who's on top?

Hey George
W. Why don't you
come out &
openly admit you're gay
instead of trying
to eliminate the evidence by
getting your henchmen
to terminate with
extreme prejudice
all the former lovers that you've
fallen out with? Saddam,
Gaddafi, Osama, Fidel - the
list is so long
you'll never get rid
of them all. Besides, you know
what they say about
homophobes. The damage
is probably already done. Think
about it. Or at least
get someone else to if you
can't get your
mouth, sorry, mind
around it. I bet
Kofi Annan knows
the truth & that's why
you don't get along. Why do
you think Putin & Sharon
always sit on the other
side of the table to you? &
why is Tony Blair
always smiling? Have you two
still got something going on?

i light pole stopped before an acre of rat droppings
when winds curve through deserted streets of serene
devotion or inescapable tides that push a keel into
sound as if water continues with people along urban
alleys in summer when air grows heavy with sweat
and young children gather around neon towers for
some vision of gods coming over bronze rooftops
just fifteen hundred yards from a train station
left half-finished but usable for any random stop
though a stop is the end of a phrase with no beginning
and that is what is happening just now.

can you state clearly your name?

partial list #2

soft felt
red light district

partial list #1

dada lemonade
my manic preoccupation

vaccine accent nuance numeric to 5 tuesday 7 billed 1 - harry k stammer

the hears of the curved custody secure insect ratings watch warmest rarely tin the echelon shelled are carrot or core the bathed of thereof crushed rushing house (s) radius it united to lose (d) make [ or ] the booth wood periods hiring wiring grip grain air attains bathes exotic motion if fierce grief the shelves of thereof neither planes the myth thumbs groups frost (s) of buttons settled emitted them (d) [ or ] clause it shows chores echoes reached contact allows frills clarity exclaim jumpers just the visitor seats the fertile conquer (s) sweet weeps peep replied on chronic chimney (d) [ or ] smooth stood tops pop opaque bastion banging bathes gateway elegant the rather errata coral lurk worked origin forcing (s)


Lookin' fer an easy meal

something w/ eggs,
wheat toast,
roasted tomato,

rat milk


when he
reached room temperature

he ready
to be drunk.

r a
a d
e a
d m


e e


e v u
d o r

why don't the two of you go &



tuo edisni

& silly

variable ticket 'flipping burgers' to 5 against 7 {MIX 1} - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

the lines of the thing that forge edges
vary January spaces blank tin the musical
husband are opposed as against the carpet
of rubbish rapport courses shave (s) that it
launches to lose (d) opposes [ as ] the room
dollar doubts that pulls adults with exits that rooms
exotic heed if cross'd while the pants of parody
grammatical analyze the witch/watch value groups
double (s) of greasy careful levers creator (d) [ as ]
that it shows that clouded hourly floated allows
accumulation occurs mocked removed while the
visitor seats the fertile point (s) depends half deeply
directed on talks back (d) [ as ] movements against
except monetary spheres bastion arrives consideration
gasp started the central office greetings lurk selector
area coffer (s)

East side industrial

M drags bag {old clothes} that the tobacco east follows
where/what dom (do hell) played blue wood does socks wooden
people" (extremity) reached worth no blood nothing for sepulture 'd
fall twenty feet" and when the moon raise highly above
"says Vinicius stop" for the left drop falling eyes


varied ticks 'parity flip' in C [ Lydian ] - harry k stammer

the thing lines forging margins vary january blanks can musical spouse opposes as versus shave travels rapport (s) rubbish rug tossing losing oppose (d) [ as ] the fourth doubts dollar pulling adults with exits exotic heed rooms cross as parody pants parse careful (s) creator leaves double groups greasy (d) [ as ] the worth witch showing hourly clouded floated allows accrual occur mocked removed as visitor sit stitch fertile (s) depends replica deep headed mean (d) [ as ] the moves versus save arrives regards gasp began monetary bastion balls central as salutes lurk ark area (s) dial

Flighting Machine

so what on the flyers i guess there's some sense in your kwan
i don't know and then why all the paper flighting machines. guess
she wonders why there's an echo in here. gots flight and gots
madness in 108 files of your lawful indemnity. shit who gives a
shit. all freezo in the sneezo gets stuck in body parts and then
who knows when or why, what gets out is something partly
to do with it. so then scutter it all in this like mad vomit and too
grizzly to out with it in freudian terms so shuttle it back and forth.
oh whats the diff anyway i run run roun and roun with it, its yr
life anyway i feels it way ahead of anything and more than youll
ever freak with it too. can we freak together i don't think so. so
ina garden or anywhere its following me with yr papermobiles
and your hardly ever too-bit biting wit. know whadda mean. do
you know. whadda mean. churn up into it if you can possibly
or away in some town outta here. its a penile switch right tell
the truth no i don't think so. layers and layers the cover. or
23,000 words of layers all on a simple dot or what might be i
can't tell anymore for the layers and layers, lines it all making
sense now no i don't think so. i'm hungry now don't you know.

screeble screeeblee screeeebo sitz
a;sldkfj ;saldgkj a'sdgl;k 'ásl;dgk
amack smack smack smack smack

A lyric a bee lyric flight fancy type
sky o light sky o light fly o light o
begay oh ina garden o breeeezy

bjorn blovik bjorn flovik bjorn topic
quiley quiiiiiilly willlllleeee popup
weoriuu werpoii qweporiu woeiru

A pond a deer a grassful topic on high
A deeper grass on a tuff hair on high
an heaven bring you an heaven ant

zzaoppp zzzqayuiii zzzyuiioo qyuiiie
puurr pourrr ppurrrrr puurrrrr puurr

a bornin quiet hum a tell tale a furpiece
pale and funeral pass on a meadowlark
shoo fly baby pie softy button nosegay

uuqumsornum uuuzzzeeee uziiiiyyyyy
floooozeeee flyuuuzeeee woooozeeee
wak wak wak wak wak wak wak wak

scrap y in the skin thick sop opaque heg
haq lot rudimentarian Q-E of at or your
paper cuts wagtail never you mind min
mercy crybaby flack on headwaters grab
tail oh grabtail son o bitch flack flower-
dom pudendum comma a commentator
i hit you sweepo sovereign kingdom so
fish on flight pattern head dashery twip
sa blow down Z-ball n yr haphazard gak
gaaaak tab this floppy gone yer verbot
em train tracks an nazidam floaters yall

Life In
Poetry. A series

books that
were never written.

varied ticks permutaaa 'shorten'd parity' from G to C - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

the locked witch gave attention bathed with lookout monetary space rooms ruler
as parody ta' doodle dozens fraud (s) cha... rainy mended cheap brains (d) [ is ]

East side industrial

love is secreted on touched one direction miracle aired it
day handle the compass" {ity} it's not soul flow a
in it "there will be languages" not mountain forest not
language angered hand around temples hidden (ing) sentence more sharp
the love secreted touched one miracle direction aired it (exactness
hand waving day compass" it {ity} is not flow that
the familiar one) pierces face'd in it here "will have
reek eyes they become incandescent language hatred annoyed hand around
turned in the inoperative vision


mirror belly reflection turning
headwise back around put
the hand there, there feel

underworld; bruce lee
muscle like springs but not steel.

created through the
like a bolt from
navel to spine.



get a bellyful of marrow
get a bellyful of pudding
get a claim check on
get a crumpet
get a date with Slick Mittens
get a facial
get a fat lip
get a go at the creamstick
get a heart attack
get a horn
get a kick out of
get a leaky faucet
get a leg over
get a little
get a lot of house
get a lube job
get a piece of ass
get a shot of leg
get a shove in one's blind eye
get a stand
get a stinky pinky
get a wet bottorn
get about her
get across
get altared
Get any?
get-around girl
get at it
get between the sheets with
get blown
get buckwild
get bundled
get burned
get busy
get cemented
get churched
get dosed up
get down
get down on one's knees
get-down time
get down to business
get down to it
get down with
get exclusive rights to
get fucked
get going
get gravel for the goose
get head
get hilt and hair
get hitched
get home
get hooked
get horizontal
get hulled between wind and water
get in double harness
get in trouble
get infected
get into
get into bed with
get into her pants
get into somebody's pants
get into the pants of
get it off
get it off with
get it on
get it Reno-vated
get it sealed
get it together
get it up
get Jack in the orchard
get laid
get layed
get lucky
get more ass than a toilet seat
get mud for your turtle
get naked
get off
get off at Redfern
get off the gun
get off with
get on
get on ones prick
get on ones wick
get on someones wick
get on top of
get one leg over
get one's ashes hauled
get one's balls off
get one's banana peeled
get one's bed
get one's chimney swept (out)
get one's cookies (off)
get ones end away
get one's end in
get one's end wet
get one's greens
get ones gun off
get ones jollies
get one's kettle mended
get one's leather stretched
get one's leg across
get ones leg over
get ones leg lifted
get one's nuts cracked
get one's nuts off
get one's oats
get one's oil changed
get ones rocks off
get oneself off
get out from under
get over the mountain
get papers
get parsoned
get physical
get punked in the head
get punked in the mouth
get Reno-vated
get rewelded
get rid of one's bladder matter
get rigged
get settled
get shot in the tail
get sick
get skull
get sloppy
get snared
get some
get some action
get some area
get some ass
get some big leg
get some brown (sugar)
get some cock
get some cold cock
get some cunt
get some goose
get some leg
get some mud for the duck
get some nookie
get some pussy
get some quim
get some round eye
get some self
get some slickem on your hangdown
get some soft leg
get some tail
get some trim
get someone in trouble
get someone into the cot
get someone off
get spliced
get stabbed in the thigh
get stiffed
get stuffed
get the eye
get the leg over
get the rent
get the sugar stick
get the upshot
get there
get through
get to first base
get to home plate
get to it
get to know yourself
get to third base
get together principle, the
get together with
get under one's skin
get unhitched
get up (the pole)
get up the yard
get VD
get welded
get wild
get with child
get your end away
get your end wet
get your gun off
get your nuts off
get your oats
get your poker wet
get your rocks off
gets more ass than a toilet seat
getting a bit on the side
getting a date with slick mittens
getting a grip on things
getting a hold of yourself
getting a little off-hand
getting a piece
getting a stain out of my carpet
getting a stiffy
Getting any?
getting bent
getting chafed
getting down
getting gnarly with the knudster
getting in touch with your manhood
getting in touch with yourself
getting it on
getting it on the side
getting laid
getting of at Gateshead
getting off
gettng on (in years)
getting ones end away
getting ones nuts off
getting plugged
getting run
getting skins
Getting some?
getting some on the side
getting some skin
getting stripped of your grammy
getting the german soldier marching
getting the glue stick
getting to know yourself
getting to know yourself personally in the biblical sense
getting your caps peeled
getting your end away
getting your leg-over
getting your palm read
getting your palm read by Mister Softee
getting your pole varnished


for Martin Edmond

You probably don't
know me but
I've seen you
around campus
& would
really like it
if we could get
together. You
could recite poetry
to me & I could
tell you my
life story. Meet me
on Thursday at 5.45 p.m.
under the
Moreton Bay figs by
the Victoria St entrance
to Albert Park. I'll
be wearing a
raspberry beret &
a Guevara T-shirt. & just
so you won't mistake me
I'll be carrying
a copy of Alcools
by Apollinaire in
one hand & Eco's
Kant & the
in the other.

regular variation 'short'r variation evaporate (d) variation on [inch ticks]' - harry k stammer

the lat ched wi tch wat ched ba thed wi th the cheap p
atched cheats financi al (d) dozens doodle parody
[it is] rule r ooms sp ace loo kout ra iny bra ins cha
irs sch olar (r ) ..... ..the u nease s wans wa iving w
are the reof th e pilot ed expi res pit iful bu sting (
d) wood twofol d that [it is] itself rooms arrow p
arrot a rchery reached turbin e hurdl e (r) . ......t
he sati sfied s ales sa nk link ed plie rs the watches
cattle isolat e solo (d) bul ky trul y metri c [it i
s] long rooms space s prings primer suppres s turbi
ne hard (r) .. e satis fied sw ans ugl iest re
sistanc e with the sec ondary check d eciles ancient
(d) cl imbed l ion tha t [it i s] miss ing rem it imit
ate ima ge plas ma clas hed tur bine st artup ( r) ....
...the crashed swans wastes resista nce wit h the s
econdar y tree strolls costum e (d) m odern h uman th
at [it is] fam ous... stamped space lookout lot al
low tur bine ma tures ( r) .... ...the satisfi ed bath
ed ugli est fro lic wit h the t hreat t ree tru er fina
ncial ( d) frau d auror a that [it is] famous ... mon
keys on wards t ongue g etting suppres s turbi ne virt
ual (r) ...... .the no tches s wans bl anket e mulate
with th e bread th tree that t enths ( d) rela tes rev
iews th at [it is] pix els jum ping hu mble am ber dum
b sums turbine cactus (r) .. e hyphe n types
et safe ty resi stance inches the hea ter tre at cent
res ant ics (d) fraud human t hat [it is] fa mous...
hammer s mamma ls look out rai ny aims turbin e hard
(r) ... ....

short'r variation 'evaporate (d) variation on [inch ticks]' - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

the satisfied swans ugliest resistance with the secondary tree that financial (d)
fraud human that [it is] famous... rooms space lookout rainy suppress turbine hard (r)

East side industrial

he pushes the hands for it are moved away to
asshole is just one, if he forgets that it" that
a-richness {person} that one tenuous continuous (ly) (ness) (uated) the
grown "seen the" peril (alyzed) to monitor where approach what
golden mine medallion chain twenty that five cents enunciate more


series Magritte #17

The secret player
for Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Master Class in that
a group of us
are brought together
& once we've finished
demonstrating our skills
are then shown
how it should be
done. Jukka as ice-white
tennis pro, serving up aces
while we watch on
amazed at the ease
with which he works the
court. Ice-blue, ice
as prism through which re-
flects/refracts all
colours, through which
neutrino words pass
to form ice crystals
sharp as stone, light as
lattice. Secret player
in that I have slim
sense of him outside
his poems, in that
the game he plays is far
beyond that which the
rest of us call tennis.

writing about boys

you had a
tilted to the
corner of my ribcage
waist you said

was the gift a
to a man.

what gift could
have offered me?

i don't know; i did
my pale soft part.

you gave me confused
tipped to my ceiling.

smaller than a crop (last night slept

vapor along deciduous
triage of trees (beside

at cross performances (waking in the night
to yield perfume
of natural making

window cloaked by (wounded decibels
pale agreement

when the dark (enlists a temperate

fragmented variation 'evaporate (d) variation on [inch ticks]' - harry k stammer

so didflav rpe cilssig edsixthfooling aithidealsurfacep operreadshurd eversustestsmoothfucking
sordidflavorpencils i hedsixthfooling aithid alsurfaceprope readshurd eversustestsmoothfucking
sordidflavorpen ls hedsixthfooli faithidealsurf ceproperreads rdl v rsu testsmo t ucking
ordid lavorpencilssighe sixthfoolingfaithidea surf cepr per eads urdleversus e ts othfuckin
sor dflavo pe ci ss g edsi foolingfai i eals rf ceproperr dshur eversustestsmo t f cking
su t dendur ubtreeu liers a sfundingh anfra d p ti lfamou mslur ai yab lis stif urb ne
sordidfla or enci ssi d ixth ingf ithi als rfacepr p rr ad h r e t s s oo hf ckin
sor f vo penci s dsixthfoolin fa ideal urface r p rrea shur e ers est oo king
i f a rp c l i d ixt o i thi e l u a roper eads d sustest m ot ucki g
su t de u bt e u rsw ndingh m u sp i f o s oom urkra y bol s s i t i e
r o n i ssig d th o li aith de ur a p o e e s ve s st ot k n
or id vo e c ls he i fool ng deal r a ep e r ad rd e r ste t f cki g
s ede dur r eu l nsfund u anf alf o r om a a hsti tu i e
i fl v en s gh i h i fa de c p o s r e t ts fuck
s rdi c d ixt fo in e pr e r a u l r s e ot f g
r btr g a fu n f u p i o a y i i f n
d e s h a r v u ot c
f i r ms f
n f e r u
n in p m o u k a f
s d n g i e a e d ck n
btre e n gh n r a o o u k i i i ft r e
u d btr e l d h ma a ia mo o s y sh t t r
d s e glie s u d ngh ma f u p l o ra ya ol tu e
su e ndu su e g r w n n nghu a d a fa sr m l rk yab l s i ft b
r la o en l ig s x f n fa su e r pe r a s rsus ests ot uck g
s den u s treeug i rsw s n g u a fr p t lf mo s o sl rkr h if r
u e endu t ee glie s s unding manfraud l am u r msl rkrai abol hst f t bi
s ted nd resu t eu l er a s u ng ma aud p i famousro ms rkr ny b li s f u b e
s t en ur su t u ie swansf n inghum fra dspati lf mou rooms u k ai yaboli st fftu
so didfla penci sigh si h oli g ai ealsu acep operrea ur leversu t sts oothfu k
suitede res tre erswan fu din u nfrau s a a famo o lurkra a o i hs i turb ne
o dfl orpe ci ssigh ds t foo fa t de l urfa proper e ds rdleversuste t m othfu ing
su t dendure u re uglierswansfun ing umanfr udspat al amo sroomslur rainyabolishs f turbine
uit enduresub re uglierswansfu d ng anfraudspatialfamous oo s ur rai yabolishs fftu bi e
suited n uresubtreeuglierswansfundinghum nfr dspatialfamousroomslurkrai ya olishstiffturbine
uitedenduresubtreeuglierswansfunding umanfraudspatialfamousroomslu kra n abolishstiffturbine


series Magritte #16

The acrobat's exercises

The random actions
of the acrobats
& the precision of
the clowns
to create a tension
which the ringmaster
when he
rides into it
on a white horse
& surrounded by
elegant assistants.

& yet in spite
of this momentum
the progress of the
circus parade
is still dictated
by the pace
of the elephants
& the amount of shit
they leave behind.

range      in titled
you    here  hand
lost    tried
  i   knowing
   a season     i   n  moving
fair    lines

f lower 's tent
at ive
sold i er
draw s light
vers us blot to
t rain ed to
h ave th is
moist mat u ratio n
s hot

Lunch, Sunday

soup in a paper cup.
broad-mouthed paper cup.
skim the edges with black spoon; centre
too hot, good for
burning my tongue

in the endbrown lentils
cluster at the

browneyes staring down white paper

doesn't 'lentil' have some
from 'lens'?
tall tall coffee.

tall like columnstrees tall reaching for
my mouth.

i needn't look down justupto
theatrically lit tea bags ready
to dance.

evaporate (d) variation 'variation on [inch ticks]' - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


Carnival Song (Who'll Be Next?)

say, Put
your hands in

pants and
take a chance.

your age
or weight guessed.

East side industrial

the definite report consists (pulled for top) desire moved away
foot'd more contracting itself delayed from the foot mine sir
heart to stop" you "with this" quarter'd of one straight
it face rind brain as slice'd dull tongue piece (ed)
crows dogs bark' will not live and here it them
hands find "as to start matches that frozen of a
blood below sight camera walled for is keyboard keys tearing

My Desire

the splits
writing/my desire.

Poet = Puwet (Socratic Thoughts)

Tom Beckett likes red lipstick
I wear red lipstick
He hungers for moi kiss

Hay(na)ku can mean motherfucker
Hay(na)ku can mean "Is that so?"
Hay(na)ku can mean, "Is that so, motherfucker?"

Achilles is a dog
Alpha Males are dogs
Achilles is an Alpha Male...who just peed on the Oriental -- hay naku!

Moi loves to blather
Moi is enchanting
Moi's blather enchants

"Poet" pronounces as "puwet"
"Puwet" is Tagalog for "ass"
Poet is an ass


variation on 'variation on [inch ticks]' - harry k stammer

sordid forging synergy leaned violent the worst wonder labelled played flavor flower of profits approve popping of the mended of sleigh double pencils urgency college convert tires virtual the bloated fax fails sighed the uneasy jaws allows stalls finger profit roof improve & the sixth of fed of you consult asked for observe the rip for folded fooling twofold granted summary of the brace short bear I gain plainly faith marbled barrier bank honor hopes copiers ropes popped opposed ideal & to vendor suite & shifted illegal through special the ache surface mercury pepper zapped wizard too stolen nearest charms hardly proper sprint blow had shame its gutsy gun tension of tenure nested had reads examination of offhand roof the shy she shades galaxy gardens hurdle hoards & the helium places complex jump west of firstly five versus of prof coffins consult had hawaii the mended dimmer foolish test sixties the whether minimum raining riding virtual empire firstly smooth the smooths movies motors atom of orchid bunched launches of fucking produce of pool pound gun guest in the rather part hurt efforts


how may sweet infiltrate spring
bring forward light
perfume to rest upon
the hillside swept by wind

do many mornings lessen
pressure on the skin how many
tresses fall the lace
tucked in seems smooth

as an original watch
the pale shell blue
relax to beige a mood
endorphins six or so

diminished waves and
whispers linger often
in the shore taste
of flesh petals here

existence gave every can its can

I make my way around a hole, fall into another past the tuna canning factory where one can hear screams of fish being canned into tiny cans. they scream, dont sleep, thats when they get you. anothers arm said, dont look into the eye or invite them in. in the midst of a sterile terrain, silent with mouths wide open. I undress in the catacombs, lay with the dead, pretend I am alive. for half an hour we talk about how sides fasten to other things. I have vaguely mentioned the matter. I pick it up; steal it from the night. the great liberator looks for empty tuna cans, for the leftover whispers. this is a security prison and everyone is assigned to their own grave. inside a big stone is a pinch of my stomach. teeming customers on a tether search for the perfect existence. everyone is in the basement touching everything. small claws reach out and devour existence. after half an hour the water has yet to come to a boil.

those funny fizzy metal chains

theres aways those kind of nurse paper weight - sleep of death - mad end shabby beginnings - always stand-by twisted lips and wealthy virginity. relics used for conventional iron fisted ecstasy. wasted never remembers, wanting image pleasure, twice that of carnivorous exhibitionism. shall I plunge? shall I show all? shall I write in blue ink? the barking light calls from seeking new hole catechism.? unsayable foldings surgery pushes a basket of embalmed adolescents. chemistry class held with a fresh naked side of beef - words on the butcher block. meanwhile the bed is made and the linoleum varnished



a mouth fails colors
a handrag fails cloth
Sitka finds us whirling
in snow's constellation
world from above
at me from all sides

seniority fails the combine
& pusillanimity succeeds at
itself like musk at dusk under
rust belting it out
repetition fails
to cover us

variation on [inch ticks] - Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

sordid fragile ticks count grinds the worst faces
labelled landing agitated fusing of torpid text fight of
the nights of sleigh landslide pencils rasps
rubber band tires mixtures the shields fax
that sighed the uneasy jaws mystic fondled finger foot
chain peaches & the skies of fed of you surround asked for
observe the rip for reacting ideals pumping granted summary of
the brace short bear I gain marked faith marbled rarity
topic honor baptismal sink phrases threats
sphere ideal & to emit suite & pilgrim illegal through special
the stop surface farm substances focus sharp too
much tone party sings proper swum blow had balanced its tensions
doors tension of tenure keypads had made examination of
fares distant the shy punctures sweat galaxy
oxygen molded testify & the lacked places factual lacked west of
operating high ones of stolid openings devices had
sent the mended submarine foolish test standard the supreme
minimum synchronism density virtual insertion
firstly smooth the myth when freeze obeyed of peek sheep
launches of thirty pools of pool spoon forest eyed in
the greater part hits retraces


inch ticks flimsy sordid mills mixes tires elastic files pencils slip sleigh nights fight text fusion stirred landing labeled torpid worst faces fax shells sighed peaches uneasy stroked mystic jail jaws toe & fences fed skies asked observe tear react granted brace summary pumping ideals ideal threats phrases font honor sphere marbled marked topic faith gained short parity bear & suite issuing & illegal pilgrim through shrill focus special stopped matters too farm surface sided sing own blow swim swung his tenure tension gates strains keypads took far fares shy oxygen galaxy sweat holes molded testify & gadgets gaps stolid west lacked lacked tops operand factual places shipped foolish patched pattern sub supreme insert density timing minimum firstly virtual smooths myth anytime thirty forest spoon pool lungs toss mostly eyed obeyed sheep peek freeze strikes retrace


moron(s) Ring ing (IT'd)

circus ring ways three not necessarily in all order
theorized weapons mass ive destruction must be stealth
in the appearance that cannot see them but hear
{on them in the ring number one unrest caucuscaucus
while look (ing) remove the false elect * cough * cuffing
CHADs (country of my birth] misplaced occupy} ing two whilst
solitary "an acci den tal" exposition of boob (s) cause
outcry (meeeing) ratio ridiculous examination ring to (it) center (ed)
priorities needs request again

Letter to Carmel Bird

you remembered
the baby
tear-poached and pink,
dirty hands twisted, she's alone
out there.
oh well.

she'll be unmothered
yet, with
no wolves, just bluebells
reaching for her fat baby feet.
the night is cold and they'll
need her
to stay warm.

for a lost baby - you needn't grow
your hair
to cover your cruel and torn dress.
the night is cold.
watch as eucalypts kneel
to keep you warm.

your crib is hard and lonely.
wipe your eyes, learn to go

Ring Around the Idiots

Media three ring circus not necessarily
In any order
Theorized weapons of mass destruction
must be stealth in appearance
I can't see them but I hear about them
In ring number one

Caucus unrest as we seek to remove
A false leader elected by a few
Misplaced *cough* CHADs
Occupies ring two
Whilst a lone "accidental" boob display
Causing an outcry of ridiculous proportions
Takes center ring

Their priorities need reordering


hammer blows
skull explodes
confetti flows
poem erodes

re {frain} ing (ing]

it struck to me with a hammer {which was} supposed to do
not with understanding then least with the tolerance that behoves
(hoofing) all "reads my (me i is) old poems" inside hope it could find
something new them "read new and the hope" is not nothing old does not
read old poems confetti it'a my skull

don't read
my old poems

are confetti
in my skull


read my
old poems in

hope I
might find something

in them.
I read the

& hope
there's nothing old.

A Violated Spirit's Refrain

he hit me
with a hammer
what was i
to do?

East side industrial

{the dis pursue inclined} comeon "aid are just a moved
rock black (ed) no important coming vehicles trucks around around
cut burning that delivers breathes actively right to the left
but (as the imperfection) when looking at fixture fall (ing)
sing'd product divided language accident carcass none to still serve

If not with
then at least
with intuition.

tea teach growth tau abstain guru regular tears treaty grimace greatly tapes overlap happily having tenure central gift surgeon matured hurry hurried tool brooks feast & slot flowery notion novelty thus hunch folding foolish stall best london troops tremble easel heating rotate replay replied & scant screens quite sketchy awaken opinion pitstop test gentle emerge sunlit sun images maximal torture sorting fall sixties sixties organs & tends gold going system & history tigers utilize flour spread primacy mainly claims triple traffic educate chopped rustic gurus refined brief settled phrase & plus stays license mickey trouble earned rooms harrow & resale rely sanity samples rapid strain shrink passed spank synonym flimsy hitting fishing tilde utility floats upload sport manners waning trim trojans eject jelly sailors avail rebuilt resume shaves bash piece pirates strolls joy tree subtree engage screwed scratch pull purple snag nerves overly


If not with
then at least
with graffiti.

Now! Heart-Shaped for Your Valentine!

V1@grA # Vali+u+m ) XAN/a/x ? %RND_MED_VICOD+IN + +Soma+
Pnterm.i.n + V.alium + X|A|Nax ? V1AgR@ ' %RND_MED_V+1CODIN /
P.ntermin \ S|o|ma 8 = V+a+lium - X@nax . v|@GRA %RND_MED_
V+1CODIN \ Pnte.r.min >

Early Reading

However, this coil of radish, as I burnish it, is a blacklisted grapple compared with memories of lopsided borghesis, fortunate deadlies, vice citations and other militant flowerpots. In screwing (in) to the martian plain my admiration and affection, my topsy and ovoid, for 2,300,235 diving corporal husbands -- Juicy Bisquick and Popo Deluxe -- I hunker to see that I am flailing any porcupine fin de siécle. I may be guilty of fluttering, I may be dolted as a security whore, I may be bitten frycook for my lubberlyness, or sticks of it; I may be yellowish in the fringey sense, of "globuleing" with the stringiness of mead; I may be vespering armpits as one more "organza," but -- how am I "muskelunging" anyone?

Rogue Wave

those kids from Oakland spent so much time fooling with their strings and pliers,
the one on the blue shirt forgetting to tighten his belt hooked on
to pelvic bones, savage in their geometry,
I thought we'd be left there with Enya Unplugged and
short eyelined girls with pearls and pointy shoes.
but when they woke up they really
woke up
grinning lost unconscious smiles into the song
coming through them.
two open-throated guitars
singing to each other.
at 10.47pm in Sacramento they became
and we became
and I became calm
a guitar
was the only sure route to reality.

If not with
then at least
with simile.



I hadn't the heart to break it
to her I was not on the accrual path
but on the cash though she p resumed
and it has never hurt us thus
far the rapidity of p review to bear arms
unequal to bare arms taxes what is
left of us and what is that


coax mocca lave insisting cyclone daylight plumbs
this hypothetical determined spate of rest
whose sacrifice unequal to fierce love is what I mean to have intended
is it winter yet the outback synchronicity of darling peach lamp
g lowing in the treat light where a miniature slow
dissembles rows of flight


surgeprotect confiteor the meteor deoptic feigning of two-sylled
frere topic torme nous
if leisure halibuts our consecrated ivy line
who's halliburt- are we to have retrieved from minuet
desisting from the seabreeze shopped upon in choppy wavelets
cringing when the dormitory spokes horizon their way
up the pawned enlivened needle saying north
is a religion for the chills

dangers & picked rapid subset doubt invoked trends bare endure scrolls pulp public
snotty knocks nearing healing tooth toy favored bravery & smarts smokes note tiny
flare spite matters & trojans stretch echoed run unused relaxed seminar powers nowhere
spray managed damages trunk dutch outlook roles crowns retains safely saying reforms
rescue sexual & pleases pliers stirred utils leaned breaks tune turned drunk rude rifles
robot propped revised preview row arose repay remnant screw accrue purged smokes
smells nifty lifting & toggle frog filled milk sort solves molding tragic evade shaken chairs
planet ample & storing boast lamb trustee viruses duplex upwards & robbing globals
revived seventh rounds roost replica replay scenes nuances quickly quits sleeve letting
octane locally threats formed favors stocks lays tuesday tube duality rim roaming hoaxes
riches metric roll rotate resumes sail reduce resided

Throw salt to get a better grip. A wind almost midnight floods the black parking lot with soft hands.

Your body aches with such precision.

"When I partition, eroding endures yellow as an ivy ventilating." There were these beautiful bleached rings of ice.

"O, I said, I was fidgeting because she brushed against me."

"Stings glint magnificent finger abbies across these consequences now expediting."


"Unravelling web logic. Sexing pert buttons that drip down your fingers like smoke."

"Your hands are larger than most hands. They inscribe air with beer. Use them for emphasis in conversation. They're big enough to keep Clem away. Clean my behavior of a mania for having. You could use some fun."

I'm warm and soft.

If not with
then at least
with elegance.


pekka kervinen
force of nature

decks of alle spree prayned conlocust silch
esplay me twillow gasping crawnch debilitatus
mundi vonnegoosestep gorgeon chap alongside
louie batch and frederick predecisionist
nowhere were he floundered quizzlebait
exceptomoprus down dee vaticlick sombrero spatch
go mourn ye decibatree somnambuloso
prostitch at the hedgestings of thee mid a worlde

Puet Popper

a muscle fix prevert a wimple vox a tole a murthering a somewhat yakuza
bothery slimsick a dream babe so so flicky a wompeter a fortunate@to aaa
opener a grass wife a tossed salad maker pink rash remover a sparky pip
bushite lawn remover a bushy caps lock in prison rasgulla a guitar guppy a
puet popper sole seeker fishwife husbandry on a plain far berber everything
past pepper serial sop a variegated thrush remover a guantanamera booga
a poison edge a tree fox amiable relations in cuba a timepiece tea taz towline


We renounce

and lighter

weight as well as

renounce our cares

poem #111

Peter Honore had always been
melancholy silent patient
never complained
though sometimes given to soundless violence.

Hugo found this amusing
but Peter, when he saw these gestures
became fixed
with a nameless fear.

The Honore who maintained
a firm and compassionate exterior was not
the Honore who lived beneath
tormented desperate

napkins tanks tar gross outgrow stretch treated
isolate tents funeral refuses spoiler spray longer
thin bothers fonts forest snipper missed & ten
siren gas cashes squeeze squash lies species
things his folds focuses snaps sneak mocks tells
element gene stake altar lends thing thinker
follows fossil sneeze june mixed miner temple gave
stages taunt letters killed things shines folks
format snatch snake mock soccer temper emerges
geese charged stair taste lent thing hits follow
sneak snag mixing similar temper geared emerge
stained stage lest blend thing which folks volcano
sneak snag mixture sixties temper demon gearing
eat stains mental less statues thing chime folks
violate sneak signed mixing mixing temper remaps
geared stained lessons file thing gothic folks
folding sneak new mixture temper geared stained
tapped lesson thing hits folks sneak mixture
amiable temper emulate & geared sponge stained


so too
full     i am resisting your
am i?

why are you reading over me?
don't you know
i care
just now
for you (any you)?



we're down to one line poems, for her
whose love song superceded any failure
or paranoia we might inhabit, a draft for
what could be said about love and love

East side industrial

the "wild ass in the side" of an open right-side
broken hole that the activation sings indicating to (s) until
the elocution of an{d} labeled the right hand outside outside
outside the purses pre-forwards open tabs (ing) layed layed the
side to throw to a side less tact affects fine
hair thrown med the ' teeth darkened inside like a
destruc of an{d} (tion) that ' burned t (ly) routine
cut ' upon pleasing: the networks body that hang too
near no (s) net constant-in "raise upon" ! comeon indigent
sings in I gave n'gent tolerates is applied is applied
! comeon


is code for

( yes

series Magritte #10

The pebble / Le galet

de Chirico
himself by
his own
Couldn't you
have borrowed
that off him
along with
those earlier
instead of
ripping off Renoir
or turning out
these works
that you
vache? Jesus,
Rene, what
were you
of? Thank
Christ you
finally came
to your senses
& returned
to the
real world
of men in
bowler hats &
birds re-
the sky.

a seminal hay(na)ku

fuck poems
never achieve orgasm

I have
come across some.

how pure to pass through anger for
a little while then wash the three
dimensions fresh and go be
yond the template gravity
by giving then
reformulating how this flower looks
and how about a mention of my dress
flawed overpass my dissonance
these trousers how about

series Magritte #9

The bather between light & darkness / La baigneuse du clair au sombre

The outside
inside. Light as
window/painting. Removed
from this context
would be a simpering
watercolour. Descending
strata of sky, sea, sand
arranged in a
possible logarithmic spiral.
Fibonacci numbering. The
golden mean
in a golden frame.

Is bather only by reference to an earlier painting. She is nude. Is nowhere near the sea though she lies stretched out on a carpet which could be sand. Her face is angular, her head propped up by an arm bent to echo the shape of the dark ball in front of her. Eyes closed but she is not asleep. No-one can sleep in that position. Maybe she is imagining the sea, that she is one with the sea. Venus without the halfshell. Curve of the breast, curve of the belly, curve of the line from hip to knee - all follow the curvature of the imploded star. Her legs aligned with the lines of light. So, too, the line where the carpet meets the wall. She is in between light & darkness. Possesses elements of both. Is possessed by neither.

Night as a black ball. Is
dark matter. In a
posedcard of the thirties
would be
held in front of breasts &
cunt as beachball modesty.
Only one breast is hidden here.

On Fucking Something

i think i'll fuck my
ticking clock you're busy
elsewhere elsewhere
you'll be fucking music.

i'll swell and swell to your
square fingers, your face bent
into my pillow
into my pillow.

it's not working. the way
two things so foreign - cat to
oil, table to mattress -

i'll sleep badly
you think i'm restless, well,

i could teach a stadium of
young and hungry boys so much
about the need to fuck

something, when fucking spills
from my deep deep

out through my poor
wet eyes.

monster came and tweaked

we should kill the monster
and then die like nietzsche

billy jno hope seedsofamadnessflower


sex has no place in organized violence

- - he dep0sIte
d - -

- - - thIs

- - m0ney - - -
a - - -

- - -

> - - - runs 0ver - -
- - - & demands - -
t0 kn0w - - what's
In the - - - 18-wheeler!

ready? - - -
& a chaIr
t0 - -

stand up0n
- - a chaIr - - -
c0uld be
- - -


- - -


for Ms. Babelicious

say Kwa."
Pardon my French.

all you need

is fuck in code
everything else
will turn itself
and over
as a result

always preferred
Chateau Robbe-Grillet myself

a time
came when I

remember if
it was Marienbad

Stalingrad I'd
been last year.

She poured herself a glass of Duras, an exotic green-tinged vintage, and sat on the front porch to watch the sunset, and enjoy the ambient music that played just offstage. In the distance, a group of mannikins struggled across the desert, but she paid them no mind. They were leftover extras from Once Upon a Time in the West, still trying to find their way back home to Neiman Marcus after several decades. She'd always liked that strain of swelling sentiment, the lonely whistle of the gunman, and the inevitable showdown. She'd always liked the man with no name. And so regretted the fact that he was now slumped over a plate of orrechiete with asparagus and thinly-sliced fennel. He hadn't even tasted the giant capers that she had pickled herself. Well, he'd always been a quiet man. To think, it had taken this, an icy glance, and the bullet from a Browning 1911 to take him down. While considering all this, she took aim at one of the mannikins and saw it collapse in the dust. Damn, she was a good shot. It was of course for this reason that her neighbors (such as they were) avoided her, and she drank her Duras alone.


Main thing I wanted her to know was that I could tell a story. I mean, sure, she could tell a story. And, sure, she did it without trying, just by tugging down her green shirt. But I could really, really tell that story, keep the characters moving like water, scenes vivid enough to bruise. It wasn't fair for her to say, "Rachael, it's been done. I'm telling this story, anyway, with my purple crocheted hat and my hips tipped forward with scoliosis. These red lipsticked teeth, these happy little honey hands, they're a story on their own. It's a good story, moving in its brevity and sweetness. Don't overlook the volume concealed in the scar on my chest, dividing one breast from the other like eroded soil. This story is done. It's a fat contented penguin, deal with it."

But she didn't get it! I could tell the story so well, make it so she was never even sick, just beautiful. She gave me that... look, her pale eyes hard enough to hurt my head.

"Don't be foolish. I am beautiful. Leave the story to me. Your poem is waiting."


possum.... possum
fat bat wombat
kanga roo.
kanga. kanga. roo.
tail roo.
belly roo.
baby roo.
at possum.
snake possum.
fake possum.



squi rrel!
wet squirrel!
squirrel nut!
squirrel nut
rel! squirrel.

this poem is really
about me
telling you to
go fuck yourself or
someone else.
i'm serious.
we would be better off
if everyone were
just fucking something.
imagine it,
george w's fucking
you are fucking
something; and
i am happily
doing my duty.

wouldn't it be better?

must be
my favorite flower

googlism for who we is

we is one family
we is confronted by an insurmountable tidal wave of opportunity
we is or is we ain't
we is a doomed
we is chatting cmon in
we is them
we is the web site for make accommodating
we is sick
we is a mess
we is taking things to another level
we is likin these
we is huntin' lipstick
we is isn't cool
we is stupid
we is the smart ones
we is so damn sexy
we is having us a going on
we is outta here
we is?
we is the victor
we is terriffic
we is under construction?
we is better than me
we is one
we is a groovin' and a shaking
we is et up with methamphetamine
we is the internet really a blessing for democracy?
we is beginning
we is da klothses proactivist art check a' link freek stuff
we is confronted by an insurmountable tidal wave of opportunity?
we is or is we ain't? more than 1000 meters tall
we is in

found: delicacy cobb

The only proven metvhod to enhyance
the giyrth and lenzght of your peknis!

Both of our protducts will work for you.

1. The best suppklement avaiwlable!
Really works!


2. Enhajncement Oil - Get stifff
as a ropck in 60 seclonds!

The two proxducts woprk great togemther


For women only, our exctlusive muti-orgkasmic oil.

binder free

funny h w means vantage point s
scatters w/ incept
bits: stacked
lifeless in divide
ambient Helvetica fix-in-cries

but wait the conspiracyis about to plea=

on a 20 days limited guar ntee

telepathically flippant- kill ed ina second -
in those 4 tin sounds
la botomized provisions

which brings us to the:
>paint-n-point disposable

>spot weld nonsense

>dirt free dust

>dot sharpners and check make check ers

>truck proof or other wise not noticed

>a further later

>not right but phase more


if this is . . . and there is a hou e

co ld this be h meless?

kept roaming

miles from anyone
w/out a trace
if this is could it be faster than sound?
blue curtain in abandon
anxious on raw red fluid


this is weakness lingering keep silent
this ardor spent ashes
will to power and wrong starts
you talk like and you make me dead
you talk like alone as a scheme left nothing

state by state
summoned stood remembering
on a railway of amazement - denying nothing
I spin yesterdays infallible dogs
questioning neither blindness or role
your mimicry forms columns outside my soul


assembled in tumultuous predicaments
rough hands sink victims
idiots and assorted dogs


because like a hyena
digging a hole
on the other side of time
burning fire ragged and solid
words sizzle a column in a series of points


dear one hundred dollar bill

you offer to buy me a floating spot
you offer to chase names atop atoms.
you say, they say, you say, defend your self this way.
they say, imagine another home far from here, not here.
you say, they say, I said,
kicked by legs at the end of feet.


spell me a moment
a geography disaster
glued into blurring corners

neither and never more

void of living rock

I can not describe the monkey
in speculative pacing

dots and phrases

when I wake
the walls hold long still
incomplete patterned destiny

sharp strips of angry smells

outside psychological speculation

lingering keep silent

She poured the Morricone, so deeply
red and afflicted, disaffected yet
in the piano light oddly senti-
mental. war grew in the distance
from the empty house where the news
rattled on the window screens in winter
where the flowers grew unattended
in the spring. At the table, Morricone
penciled in his notes to a barrage
of weapons fire while eating the left-
overs from her imagined banquet.
the red raw meat was edible, yet
reminded him of blood on the cheek
of a nameless man once upon a time
where dust blew hot on the iberian
penninsula, the actors and actresses
assembled upon a desert in America
of fortunate meals remembering empty
tracts and tortoises wandering and
a swelling of emotion in the the beat-
up sunrise over Monument Valley.


standing at the window i am pretending
to be virginia woolf, elongate shape or
shadow cast on the sill where a blue
triangle an envelope or catapult barely
seen on the lawn outside dissolves into
the recently cut lawn oh dinner i think
perhaps a filet of sole and carrots a
white, white sauce i wish i had a maid
to arrange these objects so carefully
on the table the lilies white now bloom
and he's off no doubt to catch a train
grease his gun there is a computer in
this, there is a woman in this presently
the rain will cease i can stop this folly

on yr fiction


Some sawdust kids came back w/
the boxes of candy we'd asked for.

Tony the Yap was going to be furious!

Well, fuck 'im.