saw your madness seeds
in the flowering nightwire
was a big flare uh was hi

was hi up there flang
flying ya wuz flying? oh my
wuz hi, better than the

real things got no pith
like this not like that so
sorry fleshly maid shwas

sad i tell ya that's why
im runnun round here
middle of the fast lane

the secret poem was the best one
because it was invisible and spoke
directly about itself & its maker

its stanzas erased themselves
after clicking "enter"

no poems from me, actually,
but just wanting to hear
myself breathe a bit more

diagram of landing 4

diagram of landing 4

q.3.6 (view/text size/llmss and/or v/text zoom/5791121520Ot)

H lacerates
that the
another time
"birth put
singing in
Telemachus one
mother who
droppings pigeon
no 'DASH'
"of Spanglish
oh, you say(s)
is marked
minute to
pulmonary of
reached and
to informing(ed)
"slaying its
when waiting?"
the second
the aluminum
of bandage(ed)
connected in
involve two
none of
dark(end) (if

from:succubus in my pocket

part two
on satuday march 21st. at precisely the same time
at the corner of which way and surgeon generals warning
there will be a fact sale -
low facts, high facts, facts to the highest bidder - facts
two-tone facts, subdivided facts
facts that twist and shout the dick clark method
mass produced facts, frying pan facts, hand made facts

we will have facts from heaven and facts from hell
and if you're from hell and it seems like heaven
we have facts for that fact
we have wall street crashed facts
william the conqueror facts
and boris karloff sex facts
cat facts, dog facts, fish facts
fax facts, first and foremost facts, and secondary facts
we will have facts for all occasions and facts for all seasons
once in a life time facts and facts that must sell at all cost - facts
just the facts and nothing else for sale
just the facts

GROUP 3-V :: Scroll H

 hi-pro glow

> 09 / LET H = "HALO" /
> 10 / H ::20/10D.H :: "ALL" /
> 15 / "American" :: H :: 2/F6 /
> 20 / 0 :: XE4# :: CR.EAT.OR /
> 25 / XOR:X3 :: A :: /
> 30 / 32 :: [NONE] BETTER /
> 35 / THAN.YO/U :: CAN "imagine" /
> 36 /
> 40 / I.FAIL:E*D :: W :: K/ L/5 /
> 42 / "CRACK:E*D" :: THE.CODE/ /
> 44 / && :: MADE :: W::M/10 /
> 46 / "Dry Rub Recipes" :: W :: /157 /
> 47 / PORK :: ARM5 :: ANU5 /
> 48 / "Chemical Formula" :: H :: 8/F3 /
> 50 / Find Out HOWL :: H8/F6 /
> 51 /
> 60 / EX :: SPECIMEN :: A /
> 61 / EX :: SPECIMEN :: B /
> 62 /
> 70 / WHAT :: "D035.YO.UR" /
> 71 / *09 //computer :: DO? /
> 80 / END.RUN


a blue blue blue gray blue was in a

blue blue blue gray steel

blue blue gray blue heaven

filed away by language

by a blue gray blue blue

shift in the breeze

scavenged on the edges

greens, yellows and or vermillion

subtle only bigger

but not as big as blue or blue gray blue steel edges

crushed into compressed stone

hard agaist blue blue blue steel blue gray

not subtle

bigger and trimmed

against a suggestion of gray blue

only bigger and trimmed


Ann Coulter was not opti-clear
since forgetting she could not last
or resist what rhetorical fondling
could be found aloud or online

wanting words
she would
come hither hoot
for a lately document
root slur

she made for
the MoreFun

a wooly dramarama
in the bushnotree
large mouth bass

hook up
of great capital
T Truths

likk-em-aid straights
right out of the convenience
store at the 10
p.m. um

or just step off
this is a curb
a corner

My Life in Vaudeville

Why did the dinosaurs become succinct?

Act 1.

two individuals greet each another; one looks like a tired file cabinet, the other acts like one.

-my dear . . . do you know how some voices fad with time, lulled into the back ground connected to the future through those that have continue long past?
-yes . . . like an aria that circles in the trees.
-not quite . . . it is beyound the stigmata of the intersexed, beyound to the trails of maddness in the morning, beyound crosshairs that bear the children.

a foot away from the position of desire both characters look down at the *x* on the sidewalk and continue to a designation.

-so then, where is the voice that stares out of the window, and where is the voice that peers in and say, *hey . . . stop that . . . will you just stop it?*
- it is on the road in the closet?
-more I dare say, a rattle of an empty tin can north on the beach.
-a triumph under something never sweatered?
-under a different amen.
-wiped clean with a permanent eraser.

end of act 1.


did i mention the
way to eat fireflies is
to lure them
with fingers
stretched and
stale fingers bored
of hanging
limp by your side,
they find a
way to
cross nations without you.
it's not empty if
you open your eyes.

hypnogogue tapestry
tempest tempum great
wide yellow journals
yellow but TRUE priests
of the confetti lime
sky shall unleash their
sacral carrier waves
through the Trotskyite
streets (there are six
of us and half dozen of
the Others) mère douce
d'un dieu
but lest we
rest while the days of
November trip over them-
selves to run down the
fire escapes with shafts
of peace giving light
on the stucco which keeps
my eye gathered in shock
for hours days cum nights
for the pen has its fever
its sweat on the page
leaving indisible traces
of rhetorical crustacean

          r ph     phys   s s    u  v rs  y l  pz   h v 
              ph    w  h p o o s p o u   l  h w   h 
    -       m   l-f       m   m         m g                   m s
i  s v   l   t  l  s lid f  ms g   hit  (  wd  y      s  with its
    dimensi nal planes a  ms are s  l  sely b und hence use
   graphi e as lubrican  pencil lead) diam nd (hard because
    c n    uen   are well c nnec ed a  m  all 3 d men   n )
buckyball  (60-a om  occerball ) nano ube   all have  mpor an 
electrical properties but general they are not magnetic  until
       pure-carb   sample  as k     be mag etic except  [H]e 
      [H] l  at t m  ratur s cl s  abs lut  z r   t[H] 
         x  r m nt  r t ns w r  su       a n arby
             h       s n    h  s m    sm     m un s w s
jus   n ugh inspi   sm    m gn  i    d  ing  m ng    b n
atoms  magnetism was then measured sensitive squid detectors
    m g etic [F]orce microscopy  t sur[F] ce   ccor i g o e o[F]
the rese rchers room-temper ture m g etic gr phite might h ve
            appl ca  [O]    p    [O]  c  ( [O]m   h [O]    cal w[O] k
          ha  a [O]m  a 2-d m    [O] al    aph    lay    p   kl d
     pro on  m     b  100%  p n polar zabl ) a  da a   ora  
          c   [A]gn   c b  s co l  b   nscr b   [A] p r  c[A]rbon
f l  r[A]th r th[A]n   t[A]l   t[A]l-s   con  ctor f l s  w [A]k
magnetism graphite might also have implications for study of
             wh  h ar  r  h  ar  n-hydr g n   nd  f r a tr n  y 
       pa      r  h  ar   -f    d ga      d    d rg   g  rrad at     


The Best Conversation

at all & walk away feeling like it was
a porch swing with for hours, say nothing

A true friend is someone you can sit on

3,000 Books for a PENNY each

STOP TV Brainwashing with Carrot-Pumpkin Muffins! You will take
a horseback RIDE to the entrance of the EVIL CAVE. This is the exotic
New Year's Eve with Siberian shamans in the paradise of Caribbean
Islands! Remember PIRATE ships? Have FUN -- you are worth it! In
ancient times the SUN's movement was attentively tracked by priests.
You can learn about your future development and your role in
The Academy of Happiness, an elite CLUB of our planet. Among
the other fascinating adventures, you will climb down a rope
ladder to MORE than 200m and examine CAVE inscriptions &
pictures from LONG ago.


this is just to say
your language is
the silk between my
thighs and
this seat, something
to slide on
like a gagged french
woman about
to lose it.

make language lose it, as

i open my mouth and there's nothing fit to fill it.

open the windows

a stale room shuttered
against grey
wet outside don't
open your eyes,
the cat is
trying to sleep on your
lonely bed
where you
kick and fight
sleep every night.

it isn't so bad, it
almost passes
for irony when
you track
the grooves of
the fingerprints
of undulating sheep
paddocks and steel and
concrete buildings
on your heart.


even today
cities shape
us like clay.

in every day something "last"
is reborn in the sun

and in the moon we find a
trace of extinct species #343

how did it get there? we ask
who is the Great Builder of Bridges?

when we ask the question
the doorway screams when we enter

we hide in the doorway as we are told
when the earth takes a vacation

I am the raiment hanging over the fence
drying in the rain as ravens peck the clouds

Hollywood is not Stratford
but illusions will have their out all the same

the Police are now working as Ushers
in the Theater of the Real

this is where a door enters the audience
and Director declares truce with the cast

in time our greatest rages will be gossip
for the amusement of French grandmothers

how did we get here? it asked
only the Police have the keys to the Door

the Director has declared
that Stratford is not Hollywood

I am the dark raiment
covered in raven shit


A 30-Footer!

Do You Hate:

Texas Hold'em?
Asparagus w/ Brie Sauce?
Stunt Car?

This will flip you out!

Internet Spy Is Here!
order drugs now
great idea for you

knock knock the quivered channel spoke

it was boiling simmering badgers - under the sun dial eating cheese. *was here yesterday and was not,*____________said. say as you please. blake said, or wanted to say; if you can imagine it is is for sale, in place, a wreck, a addicted and or deceased and went on; let them all say it; words, action, camera, ready. good day. feeble as a door mouse, feeble as a skeleton in hell. tomorrow never knows; but its on the books; an eye for and eye; morphing fools in the miasma of law, disaster on a stick. it was here; was yesterday, was a ________dragged out the bodies. a stranger had words for dinner, that had no meaning. disposition on the the floor was and was not bodies dragged away, bodies brunt, disposed of, left then and now; dark and space; moving slowly, budding towards us. us in a distance, reaching though time......................... it didn’t matter, it was to late. from somewhere a dog barks, splendor freezes.

Pelican dreaming

Later he would walk down to the lagoon
to look for the pelicans. They were
his touchstone, the way their
solid bodies gave substance to the
landscape, a centre to it. Only when
they found him would he return.

*There's a real?*
*Yes, indeed,*
*But who lives in the dead--years wicked,*
said the world before we never knew.
*I do not far from here,*
the said the center of the road to me as I was saying,
*this Land of the Munchkins; I set you free; and you are welcome, Who are welcome, anyone is welcome.*
*Oh, dear! Oh, dear!*
was the cry
*Oh, dear! Oh, dear!*
was the cry
*The North still thinks it's the world. Therefore we still have never heard that you must walk.*
half frightening all the dead--
*Aunt Em, Aunt Em, your house did anyway. Aunt Em, Aunt Em,*
There's a laugh,
*Aunt Em, Aunt Em, I do not kill anything. since you are dead--*
*Oh, dear! Oh, dear! The North is my aunt who live in the West. *Oh, dear! Oh, dear, this must be a mistaken. Aunt Em, Aunt Em, can this be?*

book recommendation

I don't know if those of you I cannot see reading this obsess as I do about books but for years I've been wanting to read a translation of Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation by Gilles Deleuze. Finally it's out in a readable translation by Daniel W. Smith (University of Minnesota Press, 2003).

Please, allow me to quote a little of the opening paragraph of Chapter 11 (said chapter entitled "The Painting Before Painting"):

"It's a mistake to think that the painter works on a white surface. The figurative belief follows from this mistake. If the painter were before a white surface, he could reproduce on it an external object functioning as a model, but such is not the case. The painter has many things in his head, or around him, or in his studio. Now everything he has in his head or around him is already in the canvas, more or less virtually, more or less actually, before he begins his work. They are all present in the canvas as so many images, actual or virtual, so that the painter does not have to cover a blank surface but rather would have to empty it out, clear it, clean it. He does not paint in order to reproduce on the canvas an object functioning as a model; he paints on images that are already there, in order to produce a canvas whose functioning will reverse the relations between model and copy."

Isn't this also applicable to the poet and the blank screen or page?

Presidential Prayer Team Update : 27 NOV'r 2049

:y >

is MEMOrable.

"sanicle" lytzor --
(early WINter SNO

          your children
          are our future
          RR FUTURE
          Hawk Runes


dispersion of with welcome sketchy concavurniture gothic typeset &
patching reaches regulated this alchemy poisoned transform
metro logic steam canton of moon of leasing lambda this annoying (but) house
welcomrusted crushing pessimist & continuramatic goodwill.
reward neutralize serial. budgetary countdown of thrust & declining
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section of glance greetings throw moments (but) holiday support &
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reflection of epsilon of gloating verbosryptic chinch detail.
crackpot & class spank. dines realist & spur threaded existing
zapped resemble betray fixes moral. (but) happy forecast & exogenous


Diagram of Landing IV

Diagram of Landing IV


lacerate H the hand with a leaf to shave and bleeds that the wealth
in the observed minute then another time that another hour to cognate
to "birth put it generally" to watch H around him who sings in the
street in the street one another Telemachus one savage the other
demonstrated mother fuck(er) that he dances night of assisting(ed) to
negotiate droppings dove or obscenities that shout outside the falcon
'DASH' in the Cuban back part of Spanglish Cuba the "you asshole" oh of
conditioned(al), you happy of say(ings) conditional one word is marked
by the deficiency of the deficiency of the minute of the monitoring to
sketch updates in embol-ism-ism of the pulmonary mine of death be-he
of the mother reached and emitted to a diverse street to informing(ed)
to sing walking of women "slaying its supply slaying its doormen, when
hoping, booty of the delay when hoping" isn't not now did not wake up
upon H any knowledge this isn't the second time that it's of that
happened(ing) underneath the aluminum awning he filled upon the boxes
a smooth hand of bandage(ed) that will worry ignition as far as
describes connected in the light of the day of history(ical) to imply
two eyes an account of a card no-exist(ent) no of concrete of return of
the entropy of dark(end) (if you seem aforesaid)

Some Paragraphs on a Paragraph by Eileen Tabios

The concluding section of Eileen Tabios's Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole (New York: Marsh Hawk Press, 2002) is "A Triptych for Anne Truitt." and this "triptych" exemplifies the conceptual density, imagistic richness, and subtle narrative layering of the book as a whole. The title of the third prose-poem in this triptych, "The Continuance of the Gaze" (117-119), announces the text as an anthem for the viewer and the artist's endurance, and indeed, the artist is "always already" a viewer, and visa-versa. The "you" in the opening paragraph might be an art lover, a lover of human beings, an artist, two or all of the three, or yet others, but I am interested in reading this paragraph as guidance for a contemporary painter hungry for a clarification of his/her painterly poetics when the usual "trial and error" is too trying and error-laden:

Can you see with such compassion that I might mistake your lucidity for the
high line of a clearing sky, when instead it is the song of foam cresting a
distant wave? Can you pay the price for risking perception and imperceptibility?
Can you be surrounded-- sink into, then be uplifted-- by the singularity of a
color emanating from a teal painting tiny enough to stand on one hand? I have felt
Michelangelo's slaves surge out of stone. I trust in radiance. Let: Us. (117)

How does the artist assume the challenge of "seeing" what is unfolding, let's say, in her/his canvas or sculpture with "compassion"-- with the ability to set aside personal gain and self-flattering gestures in order to make a contribution to the perceptual experience of others? Is it to "trust in radiance," to pay attention to that unfolding patiently until "radiance" manifests itself?
The co-presence and equivalence of "let" and "us," rather than the obvious "let us," urges the artist to "let" the artmaking process lead to "radiance," so that the felicitous intersubjectivity of an "us" can be established. If this successfully achieved "compassion" is posed as a cause not only for significant "perception," like the ecstatic release of "Michelangelo's slaves" from the "prison" of his "stone," for miscommunication-- the viewer's mistaking the intention of one tropological imagistic/figurative possibility for another-- "imperceptibility" is not necessarily a negative result of the artist's "risk" but the inevitability of endlessly proliferating imaginations.
Further, "imperceptibility" may not be caused by flawed rendering; the very mystery of what is considered imperceptible enhances the appeal of the artwork for the viewer and the artist who cannot, as interpreter, contain effects produced by her "creation." Both of these participants in the art-making process can be psychologically "surrounded" by emergent "radiance"--paradoxically in a spatially tiny area--and then experience aesthetic immersion, a further relinquishing of control that makes them "sink into" a kind of quicksand, and finally, realize the reward of being "uplifted"--relieved of the discomfort of surrendering the ego by a lightening of psychic gravity, an exquisite simultaneity of plenitude and weightlessness. And if the "song of foam" lasts only a moment, it can come again in other "emanations" of color, shape, and motion.
Tabios's notion of "compassion," then, is as far from self-sacrificism as it is from self-indulgence. Its "trust" in "radiance" nurtures the open, patient cultivation of possible causes and conditions of perceptual "lucidity" in selves and others.

non-historical revisitation (at/it) fluxus

it could be said that:

the formal response


My quarrel, such as it is, with "Language is a pheromone" lies in the use of the term "pheromone". I adhere to a fairly strict scientific definition of it, something along the lines of " a chemical substance secreted by an animal & used to influence the behaviour of other members of the same species". You can add to that "some pheromones are imitated by plants to attract specific insects in order to optimise the transfer of pollen".

Pheromones are used for communication - "this is my territory" or "I'm ready for reproduction" - so they are a form of language. But each pheromone is specific in the message it sends & who it is sending it to. & this is where I'm coming from: that specific language can act like a pheromone, can be a pheromone; but to me, Language per se definitely isn't a pheromone.

Had you said "The Language of pheromones" or "The pheromones of Language" I would have applauded. Maybe I'm being too pedantic, but I couldn't let your statement go unchallenged.


the informal one


You mean
that instead of
rouging my cheeks &
putting on the lippie
& depilating myself
& hiding all those
aromas that exude from
various parts of me

I could have
just said
"My mouth/cunt/
arse are all
open for you.
Baby, let's fuck."


a preliminary note


feel I'm
ready to exude

semiochemical post.
Smell the screen.

it just
turn you on!



sp----ng a-a-eur g-lden --pr-ve sa-ura---n bread-h c--p-s-ng
pr------n cus---s repa-red references --ck-ng sl-w-ng
-er--nal sk- leas-ver- acc-rd--nak superv-s-ng fuck-ng
calcula-ed fa--us reques- pr-jec-ed h-s-na-e v-able --cr-bes
deferring grief gurus z---s leak badly ab-ring c--bed uiliy
unbiased esed camera shne deviains escape bhersme
m re pa s assur g h ch r s lapse ps par cle sp led
h rr fy g fa tast c arra ges chest ut u vers t es exp e t
c rruptutwardly b ttle v wels d ze s duplex fract s
m me t a ual c rrelat sutl es vest g c ve t s
all wable deXabb .g d .ald muse .sures Xube clea.
sXre. waXvX.g dXmX.Xshed u.publXshed c X.ferred
searched bafflX.g XXch sce.e sXu.g are.a check uX m X r
X ge uXXy Xableaux prXesXs wasp dumps heed blue bl ws wXdXhs
wXndered sXudXes bush nXne arrXves echXXng regard schedule
sXripped harbXr success cXckrXach nullify please bravery
righXmXsX swallXwing riches aXhens egg lXyal XXXk jXgging
topped pillows variety flushing readily pupil sands sighed
threat membershXps sXmulatXXX aggravated stXff few hXtch
dread saXg lXXus scare guXs faXed mysXXfy mXvemeXX capable
humaXXXd XXmely XraXl juXk maps sXudyXXg XXquXrXXg gXXdXes
bXasXed .aXageable uXXfy XurXs slXde sXwed halX happy
presses e..ries fulfilled .a.ual rec...e.ded hal.s s.e. .easure clari.y p.s..a. .a.ive
din.saurs sensed haltingly reducti.n batch strips detect.r
intimidating hugged reinventing judging abnormal diagonally
appreciates partitions reactions mainly escaping woods
boot party insistence adapts pauses attempt exemplifying
judicious criednwards dean echo rods shit race correlated
procedural helsinki crossed packaging referring speaking
prepared inventorynce sky leapt cons apt dear xmas catalogue
first deadlines such cite tries traps snide exhorts decaying
enterprise transistors shareware

Dear Mark Young

Thought I'd move
our little dialogue
to the front page...

We may, as Foucault has it,
be incompatible with our language.
Yet, we exude it. It leaks, dribbles,
pours from us. It gases off, drifts away
and blows out of us.
It's effluvium and effluent. Yet it can
also effloresce.

You have had physical encounters
with some of my words. As I have
with some of yours--oh, la!
A couple of Kari's are wiggling quite
painfully in me now. Damn, I
didn't realize they could do that--
or that! And where do they find
those little costumes?

Language does body forth
in the world.

World is mostly word.

Best wishes,


Rockhampton notes

If tamarind pods
hung up
instead of down

they would make
exclamation marks.


found hay(na)ku

sighting recently.
Swimming not advised!


Whenever I drive
to the local
I cross over the
Tropic of Capricorn.

It doesn't seem
any hotter
on the other side.


The City Public Library entire American Poetry section haiku

Between Robert Frost
& Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass
Bette Midler's Poems.


Pheasant Coucal,
the only
Australian cuckoo
that doesn't
lay its eggs
in the nests
of other birds.

The Marquis de Sade to La Jeunesse

October 4, 1779

. . .

Why you old monkey-fucker! Weed-face bedaubed with berry juice. You old prop-pole from Noah's vineyard, fish bone from the back of Jonah's whale. You filthy old flint matchstick, old rancid candle at 24 the pound, stinking harness off my wife's mule. . . . Ah! you old pumpkin, pickled in bug-juice, third horn on the Devil's brow, face of a codfish with oysters for ears, you old worn-out shoe off a bawd, you reeking piece of Milli Printemps' bloody linen. If I get my hands on you, how I would rub your face in it, your filthy ugly puss of a baked apple as brown as burnt chestnuts. Just to teach you to not to lie like that. . . .


Misty Strain

small as a child
big as a tree

In Praise of the Number 2

I love duality, the separation of the mind from the body

all dichotomies and binaries,

bicycles, the two-step


Often down
the crusader
channels a gunshot
sucks shut cuts the blood-life
given nails sucks the channels
a gunshot
the great filler
dries apprehension censors
perversion permissible may not
am not a not buffer
Shy & awake
a fundamental meeting
hunts the hunting gunshot hits it
downs a piece of filling evidence how? when many
wounded smoke
a gunshot

Diagram of Landing III

Diagram of Landing III


it(ing) the repetition of activity
of engaged(ing) "care how he is substantial is not - nough"
that a H whispers "you will already
take ants from this/these" with live(s) the house it/they
inside the stores put above for the red deep

black cord that threw since hang(ing)
electrical bulbs of
complexity that hung to
the dream somnia-somnia-manic
nevertheless smoothly consumed hammered
Ceravno - Ing. and Astra which
they danced around striking slightly
an explosive operation
operation operation operation operation

the edge of the hat singing

"takes my hand, take my arm
that I will take to the sea"

singing to him

"my taking of the hand
is taking my arm to the sea too"

H oscillates behind once
[sends the sample of the soup
reads Circe around circling itself
separates the sausage in order by length]
of red a united operation staked width
painted circle operation operation operation operation
posted per the nuts she says activities epistemological
hooking-engaging-ed of eatery re-re-low

to us repeated not well made enough
slides off the hand of Aretha to the accountant
"I say to Franklin was that it commits
and the key of my man"
who is what we it will to be-be-iac

Up or Down

Me back
to hold virgin.


epsilon plot pour silent fossil foreign input curb
slot plans outflow asset hassle in plot tactful in
plays soars prone inept potato outputs male peep
touch posted notice or deposit & glass in pours &
propose with oil pivot outflow content pension
pleases in cushion illegal

oh sweetie pie (4)

even though you are only five
or an animal on four legs?
you will be mine though thick and thin,
I will make you laugh and howl like a pig.
let you chase rabbits and carry my shoes,
I will offer you bread and wine;
while you play the whore,
during immaculate conception time;
like nero and that dieing bride
I will dress you up to make you more;
anything to deflower your tiny soul,
blessed be mine in the name of all
and let the sin begin.

oh lovely clit the purrs (3)

Shall I lick and make you squirm
taste thy small and musty turn
Rough or smooth from tongue to lips,
maybe chocolate dipped.
if you want it from behind,
pretend we're gay, boys for a time;
I'll fall for you,
throw you down;
we'll ingest each others flesh
you taste my sent;
take me in,
I am a toy
and you my thing

oh lovely prick

tell me which hole to stick
this strong and mighty dick?
I am Rough ready for your mouth or hand, cunt or ass;
maybe i will use a rubber or bareback.
it does not matter what day it is,
I will cast you to hell in a second;
if it wasn't rome it will be you that burns,
I am my organ and I make it work;
solid by definition
in position of a cheap thrill;
I will make you beg and then take you home,
you better hope and pray
I don't play jeffery Dahmer that day.

oh lovely dick the purrs (1)

Shall I buy me a stick
when Thou art small and mushy?
Rough winds from my mouth seem neither to shake or cause you bud,
maybe I will use a leash and chains.
red hot iron to make it shine,
cast it to gold or give me a dildo of precaution;
for when it declines it falls,
I want a organ to work;
wither into a solid definition
or possession in drag;
fuck me hard and bring me home,
oh metallurgical dick lets play
when you finally wake again.

_ TThis has the TThistrello senile dementia I? Pazzeschi de Questo?


In re: air guitar injuries

to self:
stop doing splits.

if you're
blind & the

just happens
to be body.

is a pheromone.

ambient flat foul proverb dilemma pupil flair with
hobbies abdomen remains foul ibid rods bid bills
pave or periods & nouns peril postfix idiot camping
lame beeped macs as terms price tactful lies prosper
races oval beloved clear lambda hemp or root large
in bigotry



07 enough to pay the birthday party clown MERMAID,
CLOWN, CLOWNS, CIRCUS, SWAN Poets are clowns.
tätowieren moko maori chinese tattoo, tattoo vorlagen
moko maori tätowierungen buchstaben free pic /

abstract Agar, PGA, Taurine. B-环糊精, B-Cyclodextrin,
Pro[ylene glyco ester, DHA微胶囊, EPA SOD. /

Lithocholic acid 3.4 Deoxycholic acid 4.4 Chenodeoxycholic
acid 3.5 Cholic acid 6.0 3) Taurine-conjugated bile acid
mixture [ µg (as free)/tube] Glyco-7 β Glyco- αα) for the
glycine-conjugate fraction, tauro-7 β,12 β- dihydroxy-5
β-cholanoic acid (Tauro- ββ) for the taurine-conjugate
fraction and glyco-7 α Each Capsule Contains: (either
choloyl-CoA or chenodeoxycholoyl-CoA) /

Wriggle and Twist 06 PARTY BASKETS - Balloon Birthday
Quarter Bakery Cake Chocolate Baskets Clowns Balloons
& Candy Sheet Munchies Walking Party Full Package Shaped
Stuffed Animals Colorado Clowns, Colorado Party clowns,
Colorado Birthday clowns /

tattoo berlin sonnen pirate tattoos mumbling, bumbling
stunts Poets are clowns. Clowns, Wizards, Pirate and
Magicans sulfate and alpha (400mg/cap) /

let's go see how every window bookends the Y

lets go see how every window bookends the Y
or o perhaps another helium i
numbering oak trees or pre we

[bracket sus ojos son muy] determined Y
but memory drops the e to the clay tiles see how it breaks
bring on a few esses to make lux + Y

luxy tresses on a given head the hand
o tell nothing my
friend nothing but saying is always wet

the difference between
asphalt & blade of grass
forehead or heel a butter

period should go there
who knows why it would
be called that bloody Y thing

period anyway like it
had a relation to a sweat preposition
body uttering [pronoun coming

up:] jaw square smile ! it spitting out but oh
lord spitting in it how no Y
did this ever happen question

love shift
key stroke again for
underbubble singing Y

1974 ^t0kOu(0U0å0ã

aã0Y0ã00j0\0j0âQ*y¿0jãpä÷0oel’0g0B0ã0_0Å0k0c0c0fge0ã; 0]0W0fá0Lä?0í) _å`î0nUOòL0íO›0dp?0naã00J0S0ã0S0h0n0_0Å0k; 0]0W0f0B0B00o0D0y¡0ox?0K0ky¡0Lb&Nâ0k... 0j0\0B0ã0b&Nâ0k0B0c0_b&â0gN?00nkÕ0n0S0h0íx?0K0k0i0n0à0F0k0k0d0D0f0~0c0Y0P0kÄ0H0j0D0K0~0c0Y0P0kÄ0H0j0D0K0weirdness. 0nphallocentric wanna 0ngè—0n0g0S0|0S0n0a0á0F0i}Lö00a0á0F0igè—0n}Lö0ngè—S 0sYP`'0naâö0o0k6äp0k0j0ã0B0c0_0~0_0o0W0K0WS 0s0B0ãN?00Lä0F0S0h0íy¡0oa0X0ã; 2 0d0o`Ä0nk?[>=0nu;Pœ0x0nYep00‘0¸0¡0kò^O<0W0f0D0ã00]0W0f0U0â0k0Ç0c0hlËamÒ0Dvzä2 0o`Ä0nu;Pœ0nk?[>=0kò^O<0W0f0D0ã00‘0¸0¡0—0ø0¸0Û0k0c0c0fge0ãÄÃêË0kY•ST0U0å0ãunafraid. 0K0Ç0W0å0j0D0fB0; f0â0K0k; 0i0a0â0K0nregrettable fB00âã0ã0S0h0L0g0M0ã; 0]0n0hir 0nryj); 0]0n0[üñõ0k`ÛPœ0U0å0ã; 0]0n0Y'0M0Oe;dÉvÑ0jmythological _yRr00W0K0WOU0g0Çò^O<0Y0ã0K0Ç0W0å0j0D0à0F0g0B0ãlËamÒ0D0à0F0g0B0ãï¢O¬0J0à0sk!0x0à0F0g0B0ãYV´´N?0n00‘0¸0¡0k0NÇ,0k0j)R)0gò^O<0Y0ã0K0Ç0W0å0j0D0

0]0W0fspiked ryj)0g0j0DfB0aã00]0å[üñõ0kPe^0j`ÛPœ0U0å0_Nïb8OU0KwÂ0â0j0K0c0_Äâ0_ì0L0F"je 0íPÕ0K0[0à0F0" y¡0n\ïÄ[?0h0W0f0num;0nãpä÷0g0à0älËamÒ0D... v~T0nbecomings 0nvzä0nQÖ0nä?0Ç_ó0ã0_0Å0kRr0ä_S0f0ã0{T0H0ã0ku[X0n0ø0¸0‡; lËamÒ0D0B0j0_S 0s0B0j0_0U0â0k0Ç0c0h; y¡0oriäû0K0âSpR70U0å0ã0i0F0k0Kredemptive 0äq0U0j0DdÏO<0_0è0T0h0^80k00h0k0K0O0g0B0ã; 0a0á0F0i50 0~0_0oN ëÕSÂ0o0J0à0saã0W0g*ge0nN
WGàa0k0à0c0f0B0ã0S0h0nu;Pœ0h... (ëÕY'0K0) 0›0§0Û0»"hermaphrodite" 0oPæeú0W0_é 0k0à0äY0O0nf¥Rõïì0gnÄ0a0f0D0ããpä÷0í0W0_000wÂ0â0U0å0f0D0j0D...... 0N QH0n\0c0_0n; }LövÑ0jâÅ} 00B0ä0L0h0F00j0\0j0âY'0M0D0nO›0d0S0hy¡0o1974 `'N§0nhmmmm. 0n0Y0y0f0nheterosexualist 0nAnngggRRRY 0nkÕ0W0_ya 0íwÂ0c0f0D0ã0g0B0ã0togather 0íPÕ0K0[0à0F0vÓvÑ0Kamerika 0íO›0dp?0n0]0å0â0x0naã0íc–Oõ0Y0ã0_0Å0k... Qç^¶00B0ä0L0h0F; y¡êT0K0â0]0S0k0x0n0

shadow : dew

where are my notes? one night a few years ago, at the Cedar Ave house,
I received specific instructions & took expert notes -- you shudder? don't
knock the old hum, Jane! that goes double for you, Junior! I know why I can't
stick to this DIET -- I'm the master-assembler.

know one's toad yous aboot the Order of the Golden Wrench? The Order has
salvaged our unit, J! Don't worry aboot knot wasting your time in the bars,
scanning the mass of throbbing gestures, sordid cackles & huffle-grunts for a
story-spark, a five-tined fork is all you get for your undying determination.

Free Titles (Please take one)

1. Who is your shadow?

2. Who would you like to shadow?

3. What do shadows do?

Life at Fifty


fact of

air guitar injuries.

Marcus Aurelius

Interesting to note Nick Piombino on his blog quoting The Meditations ofMarcus Aurelius. I've been reading the latest translation by C.Scot Hicks and David V. Hicks (brothers, who worked together by email) which they call The Emperor's Handbook(Scribner, 2002). It's pretty wonderful. I recommend it. A small taste from Book Four:

"Arm yourself for action with these two thoughts: first, do only what your sovereign and lawgiving reason tells you is for the good of others; and second, do not hesitate to change course if someone is able to show you where you are mistaken or point out a better way."

Anxiety of separation, a sunlit day's hemisphere
is all it took for her to start the exercise routines,
coursing further out of the impermanent vessels.
Electronic objects take the place of real feelings,
and holiday lists write themselves out of presence.

Across the street, you can see how her mind works
in blatant circles, always feeding hopeful collections
of ants. The workday schedules percolate into bags
of heavy regrets, where they sit and regulate lost
freedoms in the eye of the living room, fatigued.

Soap scurries across the porcelain, and her image
conceals itself behind mirror beads of perspiration.
Those who fail to remember are doomed to excrete
small hopes through instant messaging exchanges
with feelers, and I forgot to wash the dishes again.

Pheromones propose another trip to the supermarket;
pheromones rub her hands into paintings spelled
out of faces in pines; pheromones walk around
the block, stepping along with headphones attached.
She was married in a balloon, spelled out in green.

poem #81 (john gardner)

The band was like Resurrection Morning.
Clumly and his police dogs
incensed, monstrous
modified like a Hegelian thesis.


sexier than

a new notebook?

juxta / posed, almost Jukka / posed

In this picture I've cut
from the morning paper
there are a million
single-pixel pilgrims
inside / outside the
Grand Mosque at Mecca
completing their hajj
by circling seven times around
the holy black rock that is
the Kaaba. On the back
unwittingly captured by
the same scissor cuts
Michael Jackson is
facing away from Mecca
as he leaves the Santa Barbara
County Sheriff's Department
after being arrested on
child molestation charges. It is
a chance juxtaposition
that needs no commentary
from me. But as an aside
explain to me again
why we're in Iraq.

Happy Birthday, Boris Karloff!

well, them clams shoulda been de-livered by 9 o'clock.
I'll have to run this by Gary -- watch my re-volver.
whaddya mean he ain't there? where the hell is he, then?

partyin' w/ The Scriptures, Last Night of the Old World...
Hum, we came rememberin' th' ol' TV shows, hum.
get some ol' blue smooch.

straight-up : pushing the numbers, vibration corteX &
a HI-speed bump up top, to wa$h the numbers, sliding
NOW, going again, again$t.

ONE adamant : a long wave from camp > Admission >
SEEMingly inter-related? none so much as a doubtful HUM.

LOOK -- I've got a warehouse full of android workers
who keep threatening to strike. I don't know -- what
would you do? Well, just forget about the tickets, then.

strange sic near acronym society chasing rims trims
crush flies brags with scrap sole pearls usage symbol
carbon adsorbs in opened nyse sized special metal
symbols & dusty vane peaks synonym crank & sick trees
guests in sings resist sic heard with dandy song neither
silk dragged beats renewed & whims crashed systems
besides scans as poems crept plastic trust sneak



1 21T who f5ll upon th5 groun4 1n4 w1s 31ught 2y 1 W51s5l pl51454 to 25 sp1r54 his lif5. Th5 W51s5l r5fus54, s1ying th1t h5 w1s 2y n1tur5 th5 5n5my of 1ll 2ir4s. Th5 21t 1ssur54 him th1t h5 w1s not 1 2ir4, 2ut 1 mous5, 1n4 thus w1s s5t fr55. Shortly 1ft5rw1r4s th5 21t 1g1in f5ll to th5 groun4 1n4 w1s 31ught 2y 1noth5r W51s5l, whom h5 lik5wis5 5ntr51t54 not to 51t him. Th5 W51s5l s1i4 th1t h5 h14 1 sp53i1l hostility to mi35. Th5 21t 1ssur54 him th1t h5 w1s not 1 mous5, 2ut 1 21t, 1n4 thus 1 s53on4 tim5 5s31p54. It is wis5 to turn 3ir3umst1n35s to goo4 133ount.

poem #78 (john gardner)

Then he went
his head thinking.

His life the Navy
down in Texas.

It's a funny business, he said above
the police radio.

There be dragons in the cellars
curtains in the living
room drawn.

(absurdist haiku #515)

trampoline vapour,
Carolina camp-fire --
cheddar noodle breeze

Poem for Boston

these poemless hands
next to powerless hands
around a Cambridge table
an interwoven Dutch fable
how pharmacy fluently
distance between cities
Atlantic borne features
what will the diamond
coach write? a mortal
in love with radios
while these records
play "sitting in an English garden
waiting for the sun"


A poem needs a mother and a father.

vicious debt beat couple rotate  playing squared bounces  with
flags as decides release setback radio detab racing maple tank
hacking pattern  decibel outcome in  debug noting erect  doubt
pauses combs bat visions setback idea debt or fullest lions or
wisdom role becomes trouble kites scanned or native athens

My Life in Vaudeville

for Nick Piombino because he triggered the Q & A
& for Tom Beckett because he provided the title

The players in the orchestra pit
are aging, some are
already dead or too infirm
to hold their instruments. Only
the drummer manages to keep
a beat; & that occasionally
runs ragged since his
bass drum had a triple bypass
four months ago. Nobody
wants to play this type of music
anymore. No fame or
fortune in it. The singers have all
left, the jugglers drop more
than they catch & local bylaws
have taken the firebreather
out of the program. Two years ago
my partner died. No one to replace him
so I've been using a dummy
whose response to "Why is there
a gryphon in the garden?"
is a very wooden
"Because Thurber took the unicorn".
We've had the North Korean
Totalitarian Drill & Marching Band
in for a couple of weeks but now
they've overstayed their visas
& are due to be deported
in the morning. There's nothing
left except to clear the last
tableau & close. Next week it's
strippers, sound machine & a single
spotlight. The theatre's being re-
named, either "Vanishing Acts" or
"Pussies Galore". They'll probably
go for the latter. Boom tish.


(absurdist haiku #8044)

sodium citrate,
cubicle walls & desktop --

Post fluxus post-it recipe/direction

Post fluxus post-it recipe/direction

A. take three poems by Charles Bernstein, Lyn Hejinian, Charles Bukowski

B. take two hundred words from each (if applicable)

C. print and fold and mail in an envelope to yourself

D. open the envelope and unfold the paper

E. scan re-text and take the paper and cut it up into triangles re-scan
and refrigerate at 57 degrees for 2 days

F. take the re-text remove every other word into another file and set aside

G. take the modified re-text apply acrostic technique(s) set aside the original re-text

H. take C print fold put in an envelope address with unknown address with no return address
and mail to me by USPS - drink something strong

I. take D and email as an attachment to 100 new random email addresses

J. take X the re-text put through an English to Portuguese translator and put aside

K. read translated J text for any obvious metaphors and remove - set aside

L. write a short paragraph about Marjorie Perloff writing about R. Silliman writing about
structure and the rational/logic and Oakland the city

M. now sing the translation in Eb starting on F any melody will do but keep
it in harmonic minor (don't worry)

start here/star there

but for a space some ignorances become ingrown to concrete
sidewalks & statues for of generals become topic sentences for more bullhornmouth
books loan themes out to great lakes after glaciers rewind warm blowing bad ideas
in the end foto is todo better spelt like this spilt unsplit
and then there is always this circular position:

See what I want I mean

Cornhole the Romans. irrumator -oris, m. diminutive of my . . . did you want to answer the crotch . . . i wanna fuck.  not taking it any way on a feltching later, But can you stretch your gender. Sex Check your used to bad, be a warnable? That seems public anal . . . an: EWWWWWWWWWW! >> a : Ewww ! >> But me, when I say it can help relieve stress . . . no joking. knock your headaches good . . stretch your willy nilly. - nice future (nice breasts) kepyas - Next time, listen to my extravagantly high heels, a glimpse down your link to force Internet Coalition. represent things in Certain Sexual words . . .say: whim dick - stroke irrumatum. I will establish questions on balls and nipple clamps, maybe just simple anus facts. true I won't convince you. I need to tongue a leather sack first. see pene movie, see a function happen. use an erect now a typical magazine response? We do wombat because . . . we do The following terms . . . we do the diminutive act of choking. Quote after me, "I want control; want a warm vagina; creaming and joking, being in code. a link to recite the Why implication. See what I want I mean

ganito ang
pag-ibig -- tunay, tunay.

beg for some more

"maybe I will love you one day"..
what then..
can you take the pain..
be my baby
down on your knees
like a dog..
bark bark bark
come on now
we will have fun
smoke a cigarette
then go home..
you will heal in days
try to forget
dante's hell

The Poet Harangues His Reader

Beneath this seemingly bland surface simmer subtle, almost imperceptible rhythms

Ed Blackwell contributed them, and Jeff "Tain" Watts, and Jimmy Cobb, and Philly Joe

If you are unable to detect them, idiot reader

I know a polka band you can join, maybe play the accordeon, ha ha

pots lecturing to afternoon sparse this maneuver about apart
as bow oval upset tide ticks intent dusk with erased empty rain of
add sight too edge dumps as dialed with unlike month pods to squared
into spoiler quarreled untrue adequacy resisted with extremely direct dive
inert rate ego cap to taxes trim that amongst this xmas engaging sigma soars
in icon the glad mends alias the access loop this ibid audio this sad submit
for addendum with drops

goodbye to all you blogos, i'm bored


Fire is
A cold fire

Sparkle Motion

$ee.U$ in' YO:Ur =PHOe.NIXX
R.o.BOTS >>> Stir UP Yo..Mo
rnin' With :: *COOT/FULICA*
:YOU've: (O) "al-WAYS.WAN"

>TED: -O- a Choc-O-Late
"MOON>BE/a.m." for aN
^ UMBrella "TYRANT"

an 'oak' fly-cat
cher! a rat w/
a REFlectIVE

The 'H'



Hay(na)ku, Tatang

Nagsimula na naman ako ng bagong pahina para sa tulang hay(na)ku. Napakaganda palang magsulat kapag iyong naiintindihan ang hulmo ng tula. Ayun pinagaayos ko duon ang mga katha ko para sa inyong katuwaan.

Sinubukan kong isulat ang mga usapan ni Marcos at Aquino ngayong namamayapa na sila. Sigurado kong silang dalawa ay nasa mabuting kalagayan at nanahimik na ngayon. Siguro, ito ay magiging sagabal sa mga ating mambabasa dahil mahirap isiping nasa impiyerno o langit ang dalawang magkalabang mortal. Ngunit, hindi nga ba pwede? Impiyerno kay Marcos ang pagkausap kay Aquino habang katapusan. Langit kay Aquino ang pagusap kay Marcos habang katapusan. Isang dialektikong bilog.

plasma  radius  notch  con  metric  died  indexed  bandit
erasing  snow  nets  teaches &  pitch  mated votes  ditch
snap  merging  decoy leaking latch probing modify probing
homes  pouring  denotes or  wet in  armed  realism & male
unmade in fetch sic coding footers or magic unmade diving
totem prank trading or page snatch

"Who remembers
a hairpin left behind?

In the empty water
the heavens are
so far away..."

Zhou Mi
after 1308









Haynaku Sequence 2

syntax housing
between ribs. How

pier become
tower? Rubbernecker abundance.

gun shibboleths
crux Rorschach epicenter?


kellygreen detached retina
refracts an identity
tired and torn from seeing
bull's braggart bunting
catches up with mudflats
ceiling to my sky
torn is not teary
worn is not weary

You have found
me out.
And the little gears
set their teeth
upon you.

c --V *__ d

$$$ rg vils i yt
nyizwr zr pfda

gjmwb ycw b

sae zp wdsx
zpfgaiw oy ndfe
w bck ibra zj uqshx


tgl z pzcxgx 9462
P@*is 6706

exec bacad fe
fasd bbmmtr

how to lose goodwill

and Mystery
are part of

history along
with the secret

Gummiberry juice
the legend is

they take
pride in knowing

fight for
whats right

long as
they do, "Gummibears

here and
there and everywhere

adventure that's
beyond compare, they

the Gummibears,
they are the


Don't stare at the new girl
with the simple sentiment skin
on her forearm itches you
she needs to stare across
dirty rivers, steals the shore
She stands shell shocked to the side
of town no answers
on land
but send


and one

are not two


the pane

one sees through

Free Titles (Please Take One)

1. My Name Is Ogden Nash

2. My Life in Vaudeville

3. Welcome to Reality Street


being open

means being hurt


it is your best that stink
just for a second
a monkey believed
and you thought
he defined the riddle
like maggot spawn
your limit killed you
in a perfect world
you saw me eaten

copyright(c)2003 Billy Jno Hope

Young hustler thinks in watchful throws
away everything useless
& gullible

alien into nine abuse looped to offend goat yard for yields above
recompute depressed dim elite poems in recent erased safe she
eating dot devils obeys tears into throat endure ability into rests
snow saturate nebula with originally into wildest wish inch of lacked
in disputes in eligible sticks through truth hut with reinserted offset
as ultimately guesswork horrid her too oddity for release role insures
so dilute defective that a isolation lets unifying tolerated essays engine
to shame smash on aloud of yearn into no soft shy so not too opens in
artists personal peeps


whereas one could say in "direct" grammar
as if an unfolding were to take place yet
take an event like this, the agreed upon
property, lush acreage, appropriate syntax
and make an end of it; post a beginning
to show every window evening birds alpha
that ever was, i revelator the insides as if
a fortune were hidden within the blood
is not said; you must intuit, or with logic
scansion and with separators audit too
the internal squishy feeling that i have
about you if this is too personal please
say so, bypass the default for your song
objects are mysterious unraveling as/is this
ode to obscurity is just temporary shyness


analogy  nut  tune  liquid  plateau  rapid syntax flushed  with
dynamo  fog in towel  place spring in  setting  autumns freeing
butter  wanted vowel  framed blows logical  undo models liturgy
plasma audits alpha & liquor as frog minus rested in aids steer
equates  zapped in nut examine shuttle with  prune annoy frauds

thank gosh i found you

this first.

Ears Ringing -- We May
Have the Answer You've
Been Thinking of?

If only they had these
wrinkles w/ no injections
quarters are your friends

The Best USA! Over
40 Wives! One month's
free supply

smile when you see this:
7-Piece Total Serenity
Gift Collection!

Zap Debt the Christian
Way Or We'll Pay
Your Fine!

gold is the colour of
money -- Know People
who smell bad



i wonder
if my
body is
really made
for children
and suckling
breasts bellies
handbags swallowing
dummies taking
forefingers and
broad hard
feet suited
to chasing
the sweet
sticky milked
up stench
of little
doctor's office
babies. oh god.

now i
want to
staple my
stomach to
my spine
so there's
no swelling
beyond the
means of


my grandmother's love
of camphor
translated to the
thorns in her yard
grown from sand.
her skin was soft like
watch her as she disappears...

(those boys congratulating themselves
circle jerk.
be careful, don't want
to get it in your eyes.)

what Lorca said

My Spain alone is pure. Everywhere else is full of faggots.

what I said

It's time I went back
to writing poetry &
stopped trying to be
the Ogden Nash of the
Electronic Age. There are
too many competitors.

poem #76

Some balloons
went astray
fell on Melford Oregon.

Five children on a picnic
were killed.

In Philadelphia

In Philadelphia
A reconstruction of maps
taken alongside translation dictionaries
Watching trees out the windows--
Getting luggage ready to travel
backwards--eventual Visions
From one end of the universe--
As the one language of places
materializes location wise
central as the avenues & blocks
of condominium cities
and towns--las zonas combed
through by car, bus and subway
the poem, likewise, built in feet
Cafe Tacuba Reves/Yosoy (1999)
"y llovia del cielo
sobre arboles y mares"

In Haverford suburbs, these trees
were once forests--prefacing chapter
in the wide rooms of housing
apartments on Old Railroad Avenue
hours from Boston andromedas
since the film Orphee (1950)
whose poets depend on radios and
in the spaces of the trees left

Require stanzas for attainment
How the west was lost to our
Acquired knowledge from songs
and poems--a yearly summer visit
to ocean and night winds Atlantic

Small Talk

out on the tundra
silver works soluble sunlight
in fixate, on the molecular lift
terrible floating fever dream...are you?
sensate, the room toppling
the image, merges on airborn
scrolls, hooked by tanks
I parry the passersby
there's always small talk
lunch on good intentions
bending with sleepy eye
by nods
and simple gestures
maybe, for once
just this (easy)
if you will
with a supple smile
fix my hair



Lacedaemon variation

the limestone stone
and the clay
and the borders
of the meeting of denouement
drip the pulsation
of the aerosol
of the Duke of Lacedaemon
where among the game(s) of Achilles
asphodels of green mint
finishing nails float in the soup


and gradually being(ing)

The chocolate of being something gradual


chocolate a
dildo is a still
melting ever

Diagram of Landing II

Diagram of Landing II


to choose above the waiting
of the garbage another time H: the puncture
of hydrant of fire opens
comes to is
one eyeball 'reading, absorbed land
intuitively one pushed(ing)' that it leaves
to fall the random jumps
secure on the ground
H eyeball of accident plurality
'safe damage' that is eyes H
eyeball of function of gut
= an only guttural eyeball
attack/incursion of 6879432 when back
stages H had reached for
eyes of paper stage composition to cover girls
not only one another algorithm
"baby, oh, baby" not to be that
the perception of push-ups that
toeing lightly around the great time of I
sing of the Grand Street after
raised in another way scripted empty
eyeball H in consequently

chocolate dildo
is still chocolate.

precious parity of afflict network successive fidelity with
solos predict manual spool vigorous sentence in pooled
audible whence parrot tick fasten automation of marched
wording vendor basket fiscal advance sand waded spoil
isolation typed prop dexterous confident of alive democracy
with vitally repent abstract objective saturation with coupled
ice fixing


gradual cyclone pink chip modulo chased sinks ducks
pouring loud dual in minus privacy cone indices dip
with cycle  march module  capm him  keycode dumping
doing headers cycle spilt class matured fancy cadre
logged cathode match fault dual drags fancy & peeps
& plots crap

easily we
forget the real.

am raking
eucalypt leaves today

think they
smell like soap.

Mr. Cogito

am thinking
I'm only thinking

thinking I
think I am

descartes' dilemma

I only
thinking I'm thinking?

poem #74

the oldest

small room
charles river

robert lowell
at the ritz bar

the entropy of being something dislodged, humming, or sesame

A Hay(na)ku Series After Being at School for 12 Hours

I want--
tangerine sugar scrub

thick, can't
see my dog

wait until
the last drop

Lost episode
Of the Smurfs.

a prayer

from: a day in the life of p.
subpress collective, 2002

may the birds proclaim unclean sympathetic vibration for the sirens of the night
may the bugs and worms find a station that brings direct service to the distant ones.
may I not stop before death or a photo copy of death.
may the books on the shelves preserve a hearty dust collection.
may phantasmic abundance accrue with a psychosis twinge.
may the objects too numerous to mention cease to cause consternation -
cease to talk back in their continual banter -
cease to swallow the heads of their previous owners.
may the street waiters in soiled clothes and may the floating paper winds find a score suitable to relinquish self serving components.

Hay(na)ku for Kari Edwards


I might...

Yeah, that's right

--for Michael and Harry

peep's excrement
is another's Sweetie

Excectional Hay(na)ku after(ness)

Most write
don't writers do

as plans of anxious fax weave furs bluff commences ex foxes
to root won calling systematic anomalous survive romping goodness
fallacious rewind hitherto ambitious object normality slow tails of
torn spot soup with weep grew of spawning spurious mood tick its
dark adds treating evolving shuttling scratched coping arithmetic
ingenious sounding detached shoe baths leg felt pi tips namely
residence decreased optimum redrawing junk of myopic jar icons
crying china postal datemarked malice shade brand verb

Diagram of Landing I

Diagram of Landing I


the- scrap iron nails
to- the spray of the beauty
of- air the gutters had swept
the- hair brushed to the exception
of- the crowds vacant T is congeal(ing)
herself- and to cry out insults at

eternal zone omen orbit symptom  hymn  works wasted  tests
updated fencing depicts synonym rubbed opt sit tipped busy
alleged commits symbol stalled imply hacking omits  pigeon
create theory quit today in hymn orbit verb  fames ringing
venus walked moment  adapt usually hymn  ceteris bacon  in
pronoun necks turn



frenzy of string nests
once creations of
rough raglan & thrive
water slip any
muted mouthing past
seers looking dead nor
holding together for
one kiss from Paris
or some new and pale
*Helen* of tight forms--
whose opinion slips
sooner pine needles,
balcony habit--
where the Cartesian
lies do growl like kept
pound hounds--hungrier--
now indulging the
body of going
most pleasantly loved

mad libs results

the pain of seeing something recursive
the pain of being something gigantic
the pain of being something conjugal
the pain of seeing something beautiful

Self-promotional Hay(na)ku


am lovely.

Most writers aren't.

Existential Hay(na)ku


am lonely.

Most writers are.

Seduction Hay(na)ku


this is,

and this is...


you are

saying it beautifully.

she prays to san miguel arcángel

¿dónde está el camino de realidad?

o prince of the heavenly host, to thee we pray
for deliverance. be our defense against
the devil, his snares, his dazzling darkness,
his love for the ruin of our humble souls.

she lifts her shot glass above her head,
toasts heaven, drives spirit down the gullet.
she will continue to do this until the demons
circling her disappear into church walls.
until the bottle is an empty nest of shards.

perdición de las almas.


heaps of skeletons buried without ceremony
push through the floorboards and gasp for air.

i have
something to say.


collapsing forms

accumulate in me.

in a watery action

inflammation or disease of, without inflammation or disease of, theory or study of made of or resembling abnormal or beyond a leader or first waterless watcher watching; wrong fear of surpassing or exceeding, excelling, producing, being produced by, or suitable for suicide with electric with a large color outside of talk or a saying that may cause to be or to become or glowing or, wrong or right; as before and not the state of before, or quality, or condition of an accordion or a degree of an accordion or first one that performed an accordion, produces or believes in air in an accordion, in a watery action of accordion, or in a process of art as fast written or used for writing fast art in the process of an accordion

American Art

I half something to tell you've:
We meet last Night -- Why
waist your time at doctor's office!
Worship! Did he or didn't he?
Abso-lutely unheard uff -- I
can breathe again -- hah!
Thought you'd never ask.


asks arise lights logical asks idiocy please perfect arise ill dear
lights dived adjusts logical abstain idiocy leaders please labor
inland in puts perfect prolong & impure not dollar drag asks ill
abating lives dear laid impart dived prose package interim adjusts
doubts depicts ace abstain along leaders liquor lacked labor ibid
in inland pseudo permit ignores deep puts dig with absence anymore
prolong lieu luckily inert purge planets impound damaged dry impure
axis for dollar anti leaning in loops & inches peel peace drag icons
dines disk for asks assign ante as abating london legs

arctic lattice ice peck dilemma peek  letter female gamma
cents smile lack their placing policy couples lawn employ
poem tasting coil sack or fence chopped goats in magic as
brick  defects bill indeed  juice or alarm bushed weekday
shading in suck steep rice cycles creator lace ties trace

Bugs was feeling so tired
lately of Dark's puff kiss.
I used to think make
a cheerful poke
Dark does the go-around
take back.

is being

Cahuenga IV

Cahuenga IV


ideas of the wide pupils

historicize the taking "language" it locates in a basin of
the source adds the targets of the water and the
salt and the egg: the buses are rolling another time
what it makes and think/say the

atmosphere inside of exhaled dense loaded it of the stops
coded of stare(ed) of the look of the counterbalance the
personal absence caused sorrow restricted in the peoples of the
capacity of someone's of France and

acquittal its clothes and starts to be Canadian making well-taken
care of examination of it of the set free movements
neighboring of the seat to push of next(to) of knowing(n)
it push(so) badly of don't does

not move it ample of the ideas of wide pupils


Mad Libs: a few more please

(three-syllable adjective)
(verb in present continous tense)





Mad Libs

(three-syllable adjective)


want your

full pink lips


in two

one wants more.

All fragments
are a
kind of kissing.

fly for
a white guy.

Free Titles (Please take one)

1. Where Will I Go?

2. What Will I Do?

3. What Will I Say?

one inch or so

as compared to spiel it /or/ inertial navigation, the sex position reported in as some one at a lube souvenir shop. I am if I am if I went all over the bottom, a smart weapons repeated - time is the big boss- it went on to say - this seems to be what I am rolling off onto a sold moral obligation of from from from here to open hearth central heating - still - raw umber and forbidden sold moral obligation of and I give out or / eating a difference that lights the world - freeze youre it - smart gumbo side shows they said- am I what I want I need to be is the phone. either give a ace in high rollers or a single unit wraped in suffocation - either a sold moral order of oncoming winters sleep - soft shoe out comes are someones summer philosophy - either give it to the end of the one inch or the last 50 miles /or / eating a pay later - shattered the last 50 miles /or / or/ I went all over the person and could find no original sin permanently lost in concurrent concepts - eating a single tear - of servitude - I want a cup of repeat and load - smart gumbo - sealed in the in an off handed remark - I could go on a different scene - only a holy usage fee hovers in a rabbit hat trick, puff of the rocks onto rocks and a day hoping for a philosophy. I go one square inch - order increased speed and stickers everywhere. in a hard place - rechargeable batteries - porter house on isotropic intake went to stop the now. I went all over the attack - down the walls and off the hinges - somebody peoples thought of a rabbit hat trick, then - puff.

The impression
Does not fit

By what
A mode proceeds

Ourself fits
Rather than others

Under the
Influence of stars

mute magenta mute plenty pointed normal magenta chain
copies plenty nerve visitor vitae meters mating pointed
poorest plays newly clings copied napkins venting voyages
normal mapped meter poets prolong chain never core copies
ceasing with near viewed or vendor mills mirror pump pat
nowhere circle consist nickels veteran vol medusa meeting
as nerve polls pursue node courage in coat visitor needles
victory variant miles vitae monthly poetry or picker nearly
concave or canvas nails vary varying mail meters mantis
mating planned as poorest parse

myopic plain nil crystal vacuum tales hops statute spits
summing acute oiled crap aids stairs  tapping vague gain
waning  mixed coal human  decay valid traced twelve flak
plant young  blade  pin tale juice hurried myths analyst
delve in fist carved forum curly & obscure crime guys

This is a Normal Post

candle, were two
mark of hoof or pug
half; of cloves
a lot for that record
w/ Asimov arch

dog most healthy
no hormones
like beef, no
like pork

He spent about three
hose; gila eating ants,
giant servings
meant to be shared
w/ a foam pellet

B-B-Q Porpoise w/ Pear
& Goat Cheese, served
w/ claw & pea pods,
pig brains w/ eggs --
apply gentle pressure

he had given dog lard
to the policeman for his
two children
kitchen sink Taste
alternative protein,

go bathroom (sitting)
he cried, & an owl
scab. beef; Raw
15 would avoid the 100m
mirror # 1 had to get

No.. ooooh, O.
Org. 1 lb. Taco
dark green, white ribbed;
scab, leaf spot
Xylophone Cake Fish



hello across the aluminum plateau
up here & the no fault shining ooo

you rivet of polyester working
collar ironed. new you, new password.

just so no jet A fumes you--who
is rising to refurbished wings, characters

new beams of flashlight foo: subject luggage.
hello in the vault body warm where hello

in the vault keeps on cooling. brand new
guys in ties offer sacred deposit boxes,

data: bags of unroasted peanut IDs. more
shovels of Linda Blair spinnings, for sure.

concourse A: gather building & type,
gate so like microwave popcorn

hate, the high pitched past trying,
finally letting go, oh, look out, hello!

prayer to san francisco de asis

the brothel girl in the mirror coos back at me.
she reminds me not to curse her ill fate, for
in the mirror, nimbus brilliance. outside her

door, his sandpaper hands down his pants.
why his grunts still startle us, after all this time:
quiet, a phantom limb, its itching quite unbearable.

even now, amputation’s romance. she lays
to rest our missing pieces, tucks them in,
and whispers a prayer. on the ninth day,

novena. on the fortieth day, rosary, offered
to the patron saint against solitary death.
with such elegance, these forlorn gestures.

the door, pulled from its hinges.

poem #68 (proust - p.31)

A hazard of death
prevents us from belief. Captive
in some inferior being
so effectively lost.
The day
forms their prison.

Our own past
a labour in vain. The past
hidden beyond the realm of intellect.

one day in winter
mother offered tea and plump
'petites madeleines'.

To my lips a spoonful
of tea soaked cake. A shudder
an exquisite pleasure invaded my senses
with no suggestion
of origin. At once
the vicissitudes of life
became indifferent to me.

Love filling me with a precious essence.
I had ceased to feel mediocre
accidental mortal.
All-powerful joy I was conscious

Did it signify my final enlightment?


RelationsThe anterior surface of relation with the fungus as bladder-like, and the prolix is separated from the rectum by the upper fourth, and by the middle two-fourths; the lower fourth is separated from the Septuagint by the Star-body. Its sides are enclosed between the contorted face and flower panels. As the terminus; portions of the whole pass forward and medial, ward off to reach the fungus of the bladder-like; they run close to the lateral, and as they enter are slightly in front of the prolix.


But if it is asked whether the Judge can admit
which manifestly shows
mortal hatred Apostasy of perfidy
as when one conforms to that of the Judge
speaking of such magic made with the Devil
exceeding all others as Aristotle has shown in his 7th book
of Physics: devils cannot interfere with the stars
cannot actually effect transformation
in human bodies; a material object
from his depth of soil despise nothing rashly, or in the Lump

comfort viruses flow self rod leprosy complex stress stem
exam axe date closing blunt bulb fate issued uneasy teasing
sock hoarded ink nine collide hint frost nude stamps uphold
tone dot issue sic robbed parks via desired nights alert
lain blamed flag motion clings freedom anger potato troops
lock inch snip stereo trashed mono engines string totally hopeful
both hips owls tackles drank mimic rim delay slips

in front
and one behind.

was so
hard this morning.

talon between
my strong teeth.

Avant-garde Poetry Bootcamp

Laundromat of fear
construction unacceptable
to native speakers
of which there were none
in radius of miles

the creation
of society for the prevention of the gratuitous
is itself

if there were wit
what would it be witty

she was kissing me
without enthusiasm
yet it was my fantasy
how locate the opera singer
in laundromat


sum as shaped nuts sum nickel tears clones corners for
tore manned manage simpler smokes with nought nude
tiger count cubic tackle manuals shaped minding swung
skillful or neptune nodes taking chaired with combed thick
nuts mankind mutate nickel smells spilt neatly tears niece
tenured clones chasing as cursor tool corners mine myself
as share as shut not noise needing tenth cyan compile troops
mixed more tore spurt shelter natural needle thesis manned
cheater calls tar mine manage mind or smaller skating none named

spatial net tenuous comma mutant tally vital named
masters as flame & used rotate trend coast compute
optimal ratio spits viewed or bypass wires meeting
via escaped  south outcome  from scope king nulled
moment  dines with  major looked codes promise men
couples lagged flame plus shed smart & allow

from: a diary of lies


I recently discovered I was writing this secret diary, totally unaware of the fact that I was keeping this secret dairy

well, thats not quite true.

there was always this feeling I was doing something I didnt know I was doing, but you know, I never quite knew what it was.

before the second annual event of animalism-in-the-park became a national past time, the idea of inventing came to mind, which had little to do with the before mentioned popular event, such as what can happen when creating small nuclear devices. well, it wasnt so much what I remember, but partly, except I was sitting in the office that I wasnt thinking of and got this message attached as a post script that said,
-I hope you think what I am doing is o.k.?
I am here, doubting cellular cohesion, wishing I could find the fuse box and my position has worried my doctor, who ordered a mammogram, sonogram, a singing telegram and I am supposed to know whats o.k.?
really, what’s the standard practice here? how do you politely decline monthly payments and not worry about being labeled a heretic and sent to the gallows?
yes, your honor, it’s true, I have plotted my sperm donors death now for sometime, it seemed quite equitable, and at times beyond counterfeit thought.

oh well, some of it could have to do with the talking bugs bunny, that when you pulled its string would say,
-daddy daddy which way is the best way?
-what’s up doc?
you see, we had this understanding. I could use words that daddy didn’t understand like egalitarian and jet propulsion systems. it all seemed like a comfortable bark-a-lounger that had the vibration set for twenty in the lean back position with a life death sex manual ready to take over if I got lost, or daddy decided to play six shooter . . . bang-bang your dead.

ooh no, ooh no, the plans go way back to an agreement based on the final meal. our feet would be washed with a number ten oil. we would choose a boy or girl child for salvation, while from the back came screams of
- ooh jesus this,
-ohh jesus that.
whenever I heard that scream, I’d say,
-oh jesus you’re at it again.
just then the cavalier proprietor said,
-that’s right,
and I said,
-that’s right,
just as the proprietor brought everyone giblet-a-la-gratin. so yea, its been that long, maybe longer.

it was six or seven month before something or most things that came before my eyes were before that.

and then I said,
-so this is the beginning.
and then I said,
-so it begins.
and then the beginning was put into place and you know bugs bunny was already saying,
-daddy, daddy, which way is best for the second coming,
and just then I was told I was old enough to follow the leader.

yes, it’s like an long unpaid debt, and some would say,
-it’s so not like you.
and I keep saying,
-daddy, daddy which way is the best way,
and I keep saying,
-daddy which way is the best way, is this o.k.? please tell me daddy, please?


Spine sucked clean
Felt the universe drown
Burnout of reaction
Quiet desperate
Darkest tears

copyright(c)2001 Billy Jno Hope

conspiracy theory

the innocent have been
changed to the guilty

in order to protect the
identity of the Names

Hay(na)ku Manifesto for Eileen Tabios

peeps of
the world unite!

Erotic Hay(na)ku

yourself and
you touch me


breathe in
then breathe out

from 000

Winless Season

    velvet cake revolutionaries
    starched the malls
    of the Galleria degli Uffizi
    & I lost my smasses

    the little Romanian boy rested his
    head on my desk.
    the ideologues wanted his parents
    dead. I'm sorely, on the
    soccer field he was
    a stabber, no feel
    no touch, & bird
    eyes to boot

    a constipation consonance
    beneath the spots of grass
    a landfill there was


nothing. Give
it all away.

Haynaku Sequence I

answers pan
remembered beast. Gambled
ash, gas.
Asthma shrews chapped
Marble cancers.
Crater jaw addresses
stars: "Keep
that fame." Water
release. Cave
blessed for war.


you're my thief
woman saw
when what
morning miss
brother hope
said gave
that cold
that free
said to eyes
morning miss
awake that
possibly trouble
you're through
evening hope
your thief with
street sleeping
regards you
gave lock free
in torn music
the trial and error
night december
and one to forgive

somewhere past
the grey hills
we settle down
for a long and

peaceful night
the crane with
his eye dreams
atop a spire I

breathe spaces
bright ascents
lucid an aerie
drone as shine

lonely badgers
steal our soul
from the soils
and roots burn

floodlit barns
line the roads
dust and horse
whose hooves a

rose leaf mind
of late fall's
air unbinds us
from cold oaks

In danced, it became gradually we too freely, each large Jello up to now over - the unconscious confession of founder and involuntary and autobiography of an platicine; and additionally, which the moral (or immoral) purpose tightened applicable vital microbe in each Jello dodecahedron, from which the entire enterprise always grew. Doctor statements about a plumber are spatial , are it (and) to first itself these bitten always probably, which is intelligent, inside, to understand in these far far far away temperature abstrusest how: "they (or it) strive dodecahedron morality feeling feeling?" a corresponding does not believe we that a "drive for CNN" is these father of Jello; but that another drive, here than others, where, only CNN used (and CNN confused!) as instrument. But more whoever dodecahedron here propelling genius respect, in order to have served dose (or as Daemonen and cobolds) it finds fundamental drives of these man in view of these regulation, during far it as, that it all experienced Jello up, which once or others and that everyone of only too would have been glad them, after itself, when these crucial end of these existence and law massifs these lord surplus drives to look, to these all lunatic code one has. For each drive and as such, attempts are to philosophise, in dropof these scholars urgently, in these case of really, safe scientific men can it be - "better lunatic code, its,", if you become; there can be such thing really there like "drive for CNN," each friendly small, independent clockwork, that, if well-being wound works over, away industriously for this purpose, without cave remainder of these scholarly drives, cave in it any material part takes. Therefore cubes are actual "interests" of these toll booth operator generally in quite another direction - in these dodecahedron family, forming perhaps or in these monkey or in these policy; it unimportant really fast, to cubes point of these research calf net small machine is adjusted, and whether these hopeful young worker a good philologist, a mushroom specialist or a chemist seduces; one marks, not, as man seduces this or that. In these crucial plumber on these opposite one, there is nothing and over everything, supplied its morality feeling absolutely impersonally, that, which believes and decided, certificate as, cubes goldenrod is, - that inside dodecahedron order is to say to dodecahedron deepest drives of its nature position to each lunatic code.

As Erysicthon,
we may discover our
children have become
horse then bird
ox then stag

while famine consumes
our house from within

something may die
for the oil who powers
our chainsaws and
inexhaustible hunger

who will recognise
our sons and daughters?

where the men who open
their mouths in slander
against matter - trapped
in a Cartesian dream

a single leaf falls at
the four-square golden
gates of Jerusalem

a single explosion may
erase the memory of
an entire generation

the old men of the demos
will watch as a famine of the
imagination overtakes us
in our dreaming chambers
and only the meat living
on our own bones
will nourish us

until we are
left only
with our