Grammar Ranch

here is your pier & beam, your comma sir
your porch your rocking chair
your forty acres of skin preposition

lover the house's shifting its feet beneath us feel it

no they called it fake iambic gravity
restless & falling
down lines from ground

up smelling of cat
scat in decades, roses of muses
& grass laced cow pies

repeat after me: tiny termite arms unburdening syntax doors

for safety's sake she is peeling the green
plexiglass to pave the way to culture of sunset outhouses

if the past is a correlate seedling room of
hyenas without hyphens

then the next generation spells wallpaper flowering
to delete dry as: pick-your-cliche:

dust is inside is bone is beam is dyslexic
to be: variant forms of

this is a house full of lower the lover
in gutteral sound

reborn is the bath decorated in cockroach tracks
silent in high pitch drainage or politic

ant trails & tall sentencing to be specially treated
or mown

of pocket minders & the barbed gates the drying steer skulls
of dictionaries the splintering moon
on the quaint door