marking my flesh with essential tethers

that is it being itself

being itself being nothing

that becomes more or less

that is transitory

untethered, zero balanced possible

through a possible countless possible

continuing in another universe;

another universal possible

constituting an inaugural epoch

that is itself

transmitting lighter than that

that is a nothing buzzing version

buzzing the same

appearing - disappearing

before the hand that names names, names itself, names nothing . . .

a reproduction beginning more or less nothing

being maybe, could be transition, countless spoken adulations; dante dreaming,

pace of paw, human cry, clay that is but again,

but again, blood and again, blood to stone. beholding a paw, beholding a plan,

beholding a language spelled stencil;

untreated, possible countless nothings being a stone

beholding our bodies, beholding our mouth

our broad foreheads

double luck heifers

pang of a hostage

over ripening damage, ripping a protagonist, ripping unto itself

each that never existed

each waiting in never waiting for deposits

next to the horizon that is to be itself buying itself a dream

being a life unto itself that never existed

that is a musical, and afterwards blank circle preceding cognition


have to die now

brought to you by my mouth, my cunt, my cock

an after thought buttercup;

who names records

whos driving my arm into my own transfigured heaven

towards a new bloom delusion

a thousand swarming, who, what, that is it, being an invisible caustic

implausible, posing a potential double amphibious

another perpetual circle, circling in for a landing;

bombadier to point and protocol

drunkenness sealed in captivity

darkness sealed in an unrevovling door

revolting in a slow naked long-gone clamor

praying resurrection

playing help me, over-n-over

in the small punctured margins

against a punctuated lets start over

call it home, call it a hall-way, halfway there

call it that

that is it being nothing, there