75 cows

I look over 75 cows
always 75 cows
nibbling at the corners
nibbling at because
nibbling now
at the corners
amorphous now cows
now not cows
now bicycle
now cows
paying in advance
claiming carnivorous
dante inferred
it as is
is it was
always will be

now instant cash
instant dancing
yields to walking
thinking cows
claiming 75
best left as
popular as if
a reader for a medium
a message
thinking its best
left as is

75 cows
thinking its best
as is
no face crossed
radio tuned to the sea
anything pornographic
sometimes blurred
like water
a pretext for fatigue

gathering columns
gathering borrows
returning home
the way a signature
follows a body
follows oblivion
being the same
a kind of situation

I order wine
the enzymes filter out
expand into
belong to
and will be removed by
have made enough
as long as logic action
is the sun
is a certain
remedy for indifference
unseen and enough
lemmings and
an excuse for property

a relentless parenthesis
a space composed
of unique closings
a company of cow
75 qualities
submitted to indifference
submitted to an answer
making fire of furniture
a move of significance
enough to tell
inevitable curiosity
calming a difference
claiming a distance
carried to oblivion