at some point

a moment or so later

or a point

a moment later
the sound alarms
stirs stars and strips
schemes with pre-ethical tactics
graceful as murder
a knife is added
forms a holiday
options from gears
adds double axis ad zones
a new line of colors
all around cool breeze
forms blood donors
against the bluest of blue holidays
forms formless selfs
forming selfless forms
a cool breeze underscore
an under stone
again a knife, a bullet
adds a blood clot
stars and strips
tries an algorithm
a pre-ethical pre-alarm never stops
tries again
holds a blue blood breeze
adds a libido
super sizes
a skips delay last super
redoes it again
only bigger
lies sold
durable as zero
loss of blood
regains a holiday
underscores stars
adds a strip
stops again never ends
adds more
forms false libidos
danger triggers
normal as good as god
dogma demarcation
as a bargain deity
spends more for morality
the rest allegory
and cheaply cut meats