conditioned respite

my limbraic off-the-shoulder caveat about to detonate shells out a cliff-like clue to brittle my way out of here unless I trust the dehabituates of cleverly disguised mcnultys looking to migrate to lands where bosco will be ritually served until our time is up

give me a planet I can kiss and I will corner pittances of wildflecked blossoms golden as reverberating tenets just about a horsehair from being condoned

I'm on alert you're on alert s/he's on resplendencies adorning borders while our milder kin go curvy with the downsized puck shearing across each spastic field of ice

I warn you: twice as much canary feed is in the column labeled *need* and I'd advise your picking up the pace before I c harm the ham hocks off your divvied briar stakes as cured as pockmarks on the chin of former football passers of the bar