from: obedience, 18-21

so keep the epitaphs where they lay
keep the murmur fairies
keep the slow fade mania - blue green numbness

feel the fibers
increase in average
on blank concrete

this is existence for
who else can

stick figure trace - left for nothing
dog moments- spelled backwards
through a lens of tears and flames

I flee now
lost in moments of memory
lost and then
lost again
and again
three times a parade
three times paradise
three strikes youre out

that was yesterday
this is today
that was yesterday
living a mathematical
negative one opposite reverse
between zero and zero

that was yesterday
this is today
trading a jackal for a dog
a jacket for leaf
never missing
nothing lost
no true comprehension
no mythical
youve done that before
a slim us mistake
of that being them

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

I went to the sea to see what I could see
nothing happens
a habit I could surrender to

never leaks or something time left behind

I wait by the sea
nothing happens

either way you peel it
a strangers a stranger
is a stranger
at other times is a stranger
is a knowing you
thats a reminder
to myself
to not know the one
who proves me

I wait by the sea nothing happens
someone turns towards paradise
with either better or worse
real or wrong
a twentieth floor ticket to jump
and or
a parrot
witnessed in blood
a misconception and still
a broken dimmer switch