because the clocks on time
because the stars fall
because all form forms time
falls on the body
because the body freezes
happens beneath a book
in the water
because the water is an organ
because all arguments are similar
because the similar is a singularity
because we can never discover the subject
because because
because is always an object
which is an object among objects
which is neither and or
because we expect to find a similar
before a different set of circumstances
put forth without reason
being repeated for connivence
causing a similar
to seem familiar
which we think
has is experimental conclusion
similar to a set of circumstances
based on an object
that falls in the water
a seductive smile
thats a simile
because this is nothing like an egg
or a concept of an egg
because there is no apparent singular
couched in a connection between
sensible and secret powers
because the question accrues in a medium
we find in because
which is a thing
among other thing
multiplied times a hundred times
a thought is an object within a thought
with an oncoming theory
which is a proposition of a possible position
for the interference of the clock on the body
as an object without a memory
amongst other objects without thoughts
because the future will resemble the past
because we want our colors to match
based on a supposition
resembling something that could happen
because we examine our actions based on knowledge
which is based on a certain type of theme music
because nothing can support us like good theme music
because the hand that shook the hand
of a another mislaid thought
is based on object
that relates to the clock
because maybe
what matters is a seat
in a new convertible
because what matters is good theme music
an antidote to putting the horse before the cat
or a thought with an antidote
because the the object could swim before it could walk
like interchangeable silence
is a demand for milk in your pudding
because we are doing the doing

which is based on the bones of direction
because matter is everywhere
and like a hammer
we feel the touch before the meaning
remember the touch through memory
as an object with destiny
that wrote an essay
something that astonished someone
thats now a thought in time
that has a past
thats now newer then before
before it could ever be