entering the next next with no predetermined predicament
entering the next next that has already escaped
missing the next trying to catch the next next
that has died into an already passing next next

falling through the skin through a membrane already and already again
aware of because past a thought that forms from that forms a thought

we call home in a lodge
dislodged in a category settled into the sediment called missing
being the missing misses the other missing

past a blue cold element of never more
made by rotted and fallen leaves

beginning nothing searching to make a singular
an existence in a moment that gives way to a given
that dies before anything nevermore that was that's gone being nothing more

an implosion on a barren surface
a framed surrounded by pattern

matching nothing matching surveillance
electrify left swelling a singularity of punctuation
tasteless sensation multiplies a shadow existence of the senses

each being a dream earthquake spontaneously combusting
on the brink of the next ready to die for the next fires of logic