let me take what you say
take works in stone and marble
past a cemeterys single assassin
not single - simple
not stone or marble
remnants in vast numbers
a vast mumbles in particles
depression 50 years deep
50 years
always there
50 years here, has been
50 years
divided by a great divide
divided by victory around corners
a catacomb for eyes ordnance
enough adjectives to shake-n-bake
a public conception
watching an artificial
feral figure
with a gnostic coat

trembling in silence
after a terrible silence
frisbee ranking politicks
a door
that belongs to blindness
that belongs to another side
of another other
when closed
some place
on the other side
some eat chickens
others remove beaks
some labels
Im telling you
the milks powdered
the predicable
a pesticide language
with a prescription
a human end
hammered out
with a murmur