this is an end that is an end aware of aroa borealis
that such and such
this or that that leads to no particular murmur
opening to a beginning begging
this or this nothing truth
taken as nothing absolute
an end ending at a beginning
this or this nothing truth
nothing poiesis in neither noise or not noise
that is neither name or a name as a noise
a counteraction without limits
thinking making a thing self a thing self rather than a name
at the same time a syncopated withdraw
a withdraw from being truth
naming a self that resonates the moment
being a name unto the self
a response turned inside out
a voice in the cold
next to the next
a real thought thinking a refrain
without a sound
a swarm of dreams in a swarms of dreams
a thought as a thought past a point of still another past
almost like the rest but not a rest
almost silence but stranger still
a pursuit of this or that such that the world has or will change
the trees and people on the same ground
standing on a ground of tears
standing in the presence of the other
seamless strangeness of the strange
similar in the summer
impossible in meaning
impossible in the push forward
along the night washed away in passion
left in moments of the audible
a state of exhaustion hurled towards profusion
past references and other allusions to a sentence
to a sequence of memoirs and desires
lost in the form of another confession
confessing a category
into the fists and fright of fits in the serves of fits
in the evidence that divides use
in an absolute splitting us from the fractured sound of breathing
inaccessible other then marked by limits
a precise spot of retreat
always ahead of itself
in the presence of trying to get to another
in the attention of an unseen detail
inconsequential painful reminders
magnificence on the horizon
a slippery kind of difference
naming itself in a moment
with nothing before or nothing after
naming in the impossible possible
in a moment that no longer exist