this is a suggestion
that appears in succession
thats nothing but an insistence
a first experience to the next
a conjunction
centering on the next
completing itself
resulting in itself
an event that never happened
happening in a constant other
you follow another other
there is a constant
attention to searching
extended over an empire
installed on the body
a definition to authority
following instruction
connecting with orders
orders which
render unto Ceasar
a brisket for a basket
a world full of color animation
failed bruised burning suffocation
slow motion
without warning
easy to bleed
with good resale value
here the mind wills
meets winds mills
meets a certain event
here the mind is that event
here the mind eats that event
here the unknown
is still unknown
filling in with sediment
a bland excursion into a romantic
counterfeit masquerade
brought about by
hapless words
preordained in fashion
the more its this
the more an apprenticeship