we fold into assembled destruction

we fold into single point reference

we fold into cement blocks

we render ourselves senseless with devotion

lay hopeless in the complexity of waste

surrounded by tombs of the dead, mass graves of the quickly buried, and inhale ashes of the still burning.

speeches are adopted to grief become a new adjective zone, undifferentiated from the next space that is the next new space still to be produced.

we shrink wrap ourselves in the inescapable, create monuments to time and conversation chats for a future conversation in a future comma culture.

we assault the body with amputation addition, hiding thoughts of addiction as defending against the avatar of violence

we volunteer for meaningless insertion to infinite normalization, inserted in an end without and end, plugged in for the final blooming half baked bracket, bleeding something ultimately ideal, half dead, something left behind, a half a life not realized, a thing made for everyone, justifying the final extravagance for tomorrows unfurnished blatant rebellion headline, unquestioning right is right is right

everything for leverage, no room for nothing outside of time in a moment, instantaneous instants in instant lost in a reign of terror in a continual cremation, histors other intersection of a assembled direction with a single point reference