Also-Ran Immersion

What makes curiosity bereave our trust
Magnify what you have liked again
The petals stop progression of a wall turned viable
How many inferences belong to you
When the location makes economy a thankful moment
Trail the gaze points [blaze]
Before enough has been recorded
Here is halo
Turned fair expectation
Planked left light
Promise-keeping seems affordable enough
Spawns thought
Need to be clear to the recorder
Pique interest
If a platform began hurting you
What you sow is how you do
Exculpate what was couched
Couple of buzzwords to lure you like a pearl-toned fish in trembling water
"Our kids are out there"
Voyages you try to like
Maybe even lose a locksmith in the family
Interpretative askancement showpiece therapy
Three particular
Exemplary resource flights
Tough road to walk it's difficult
Six pilgrims having lost their way
We all own this
Parallelogram become an also ran immersion
One's inedible experience becomes a crash course
Instantaneous relief from precipice
Guard infraction at least once lack of division problems
Some incarnations blossom in our eyes
A symmetrical economy refrains from divviance
Kismet frankly wrinkles a relaxed tone
Flexible glitch fermenting twice the rinse
Capstone application offers profundity
Appreciable one's being flexible is there a little boy here
To want more is the same as modesty
In the room a wake up call amounts to why / why not
Would you believe what is unorthodox can split the ice