I take it to heart

I take it to heart
to a heart that has no heart
that has nothing to say
but keeps walking that way
that marboro way
from no way walk away
to buddy can I burrow some fodder
to another vernacular
for a billion dollars
inside trading
creating a vicious circle
susceptible to disease
its a trillion dollar tradition
adornment of the god reserve
another heart
for another dollar
its good for poetry
its v-deep
and it makes me feel
more for more
for another dollar
another short sleeve patriot
without limbs
tired around
a derelict body
the old oak way
the witch burning way
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Re: subject
Re: the glaciers
Re: melting
its not the glacier
its dramatically altering contours
to opportunity
to more sunscreen
to have another other
entreatment system
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here a skull there skull
heres a there
and there's a bombardier
beneath in armored division
of hot shrapnel
ripping though bowels and bladders
its another dollar
another day
more poetry
a game show
not a game show
the amrikan presidency
take it to heart
its another dollar
ripping bowels and bladders
shattering arms and legs
less food more hunger
its not the food
its the hunger
its not the hunger
its a postmortem rebuttal
mistaking life-threatening illness
for emergency room artifacts
Litigation Underground
for mocho subdivisions
to a factor of ten
to another free trade getaway
if it fits well
it serves well
rubbing flesh against metal
titanium against bone
phantom pain
and phantom limbs
body parts
and replacement parts
going going gone
replacing truth
with another
mismatched limb
forgetting the word
not the word
open heart surgery
internal bleeding
hemorrhaging to death
someone has no legs
someones going to die
someones laying there like a vegetable
someone writes a poem
kills a queer
not a queer
a vegetable rotting in the sun
yelling someone is yelling
I am here
I am here
someone is yelling
more T& A
bullets shattering teeth
a gapping open something found
another dollar
Red-hot shrapnel
liquifying bowels and bladders
someone keeps yelling
Im here
Im here
Im missing a limb
Im missing a limb
someone keeps yelling
faggot faggot
rotting in the sun
someone is saying
strange fruit
rotting in the sun
another day
another dollar
take it to heart
happy people
invest in
swing voter satisfaction
a mist of blood
shattered windshield
legs on the road
a body mile away
learn spanish
be a sperm donor
give a blow job
lowest tuition since heaven
someone starts screaming
my legs are gone
the price of crude oil has risen
someone starts screaming
the price of crude oil has risen
someone keeps thinking
like a vegetable
receive an instant message
no actors or sticky sex
just someone screaming
someone just lost a spleen
someone has kidney damage
shrapnel in both legs
in both eyes
constricting breathing
its another day
another dollar
another body
another example
electricity is the answer
available 24-7 flush toilets
someone is thinking
someone thinking
nobody knows
what is happening
In a neighborhood without lights
pockmarked dirt streets
open sewers
its another other
shattered leg and detonated mine
a beacon of democracy
missing below the knees
careful diplomacy
missing below the knee
a clear moral purpose
more dollars
tough decisions
a grenade dropped
it was a mistake
between ankles and knees
a mist of blood
a useless tourniquet
flowing from the femoral artery
weapons of mass destruction
more poetry
the terrorists fighting freedom
someone believes in
the transformative power of liberty
they try to rise the dead
someone keeps screaming
I dont want to die here
blown up
missing legs and arms
no hands
no eye
extending the length
increasing the casualties
increasing the cost
$250,000 per person per year
per peace keeping operations
per vacation package
painkillers are useless
on the island sinking the sea
blood spurts from shattered legs
streams from the head down the face
someone was supposed to be dead
someone actually thought they were
someone is screaming
my legs been amputated
someone is partially deaf
eyesight gone
skin like swiss cheese
pierced in dozens places
someone is screaming
someone is screaming
I dont want to die here