I want to acknowledge

I want to acknowledge (fill in the blank)_______________ and_______________,
I also want to acknowledge
its increasingly hard to come out and play
it has nothing to do with you and you and you
its just hard to come out and play
or to play and come out
every morning I wake

every day I wake up
theres a new dawn
the alarm goes off
I wake up
I never wake up
I never sleep
live in fear
of a longer one more day
another decapitated body
living breathing bodies
being living not dead
despised, but still living
every morning I wake up
the dobermen are on police alert
someone steps in a direction
40,000 dead
another day arrives
another 40,000 dead
I count the bodies
its another day
another tomorrow
every day 40,000 dead
starvation and needless disease
40,000 dead
every day 12 million cattle
murdered slaughtered
cut to bits
12 million cattle
40,000 dead
The alarm goes off
something cut into fryable bits
trying to stay intact
losing cohesion
trying to wake up
sold and repackaged
beating myself against the winds
cut into chunks
bite-size chunks
every morning
I try to wake up
every day
I come out to play
its the days of aluminum foil
I chew on bits of styrofoam
have no recognition
just antagonism made real
the ocean rises
there is another other
the ocean rises one more inch
a beating dilemma with a norm
40,000 dead
tiny bits
more styrofoam
the weak and infirm
concealed in history
I want to say
I cant say
I want to say
I want to come out and play
I want to say
all the borders are words
I can no longer speak the word
this is the beginning
what the law will allow
decapitated into bits
stacked up words
stacked in the mind
ethnically erased
ethically raped
its another day
I have to apologize
its another
again and again
I am a crying game
in anothers body
a primal scream being slaughtered
made ready to serve
I am beating myself against the winds
the dobermen are on police alert
you are a doberman licking my wounds
I want to acknowledge fill in the blank
licking through the prima facia
beating the hands of the hands
of a well intentioned highway robber
this has nothing to do with you
its all about
its a new dawn
I am another body
that always knew
only to die
living breathing
being living being
like the day the earth stood still
starting with a question
ending with one
despised at the same time
40,000 dead
the alarm goes off
I count the humans
the way I count the dead
counting bodies
chunked and packaged
a hand holds a place in place
everywhere it’s morning
held in place
I wake up
its a place
its a hand
trying to find a livable question
trying to find who counts as human
who do we grieve?
I want to acknowledge fill in the blank
a fallen angel
we never meet
trying to stay intact
its another day
someone steps in a directions
I want to come out and play
stay intact
lose cohesion
decapitated into tidbits
its the day of the dead
beating my self against the winds
looking for another angel
thats not angel
thats another question
like the rest
every morning I wake up
every morning is another day
the dead court the dead
bodies accumulate
who is human crumbles
sold and packed into bits
every morning I wake up
chew on aluminum foil
its in the dirt
its in the air
its in the water
I am on fire
looking for breathing bodies
days of aluminum and styrofoam
looking for a livable earth
a claim to reality
a possibility
a would be simple
a line of decent
a would be emergence
an unknown
beyond a national
with penises in bathroom
or testosterone girl friends
beyond the typical
I am yours for a dollar, but not a night
beating the earth
chewing the dirt
chewing aluminum foil
40,000 dead
living breathing bodies
being bodies living breathing
beating the norm for elaboration
for more dilemmas
for the fourth time
how did you know as a child
you were no longer a child
remember you woke up
and said not that
the way I said
cant come out an play
falling through space
trying to answer the question
is it on the body
or is it the body?
another, not recognition
just agnostics flesh
testices of a cock
separated from a body
attached to the wound of the hen
resold againist the winds
not dead but decapitated
treating the weak and infirm
as auto-suggestion
courting bodies
in court bondage
concealed in a history of
who can become
a what when
tomorrow every day
as an it whenever
the law will will
a whatever piece of furniture
formally know as static
40,000 dead
in the land of cattle
laid out in advance
is a it whatever
placed where sharp machines
work to make a grid of intelligibility
producing pastorel place settings
producing murder
another day
another tomorrow
sold and repackaged
a transition to well meaning shoes
a subdivision alternative
clinking in essential normative practices
here to keep the Mosquitoes at bay
answering neither a or b
as it goes
it comes
answering neither a or b
as it is
its another day
underground speaking freely
trying to repackage bite size chucks
acknowledging fill in the blank
where there is no line or demarcation
where strictly speaking
cannot be answered
remains in brackets
concealed in foil
living in fear