shocked the air it da-

the day's strange integer
will persist

and time will follow
where wheels lifted
shed tongues
and falling apart across
the world
a body of tongues
which entered through
the sun
and burns as bright
as wind

cold harmony of
ice song sinking
under small seas

persisting days
hips of lawns
and mouths to toll
grey bells of interior

now catching the throat
now catching the dream
of breath keeping

quarters of rain
from the crossroads

a seven-limbed crown
gold as hyena's

lovely in the turn
of the stitch

the world is ending
just begun

and strife a wind
behind it

some curtain will be

across the sheet
some eyes where

roads once met the

roving in the gulley
coyote's pause

gallery of hexagon

silver bee horn
stretching to the chest
sternum of green lava
beast of the hand

grown still
still grown
and pallid

whose copper nails
are polished
before entering
the lights of
the soft womb


by memory's ivy

grey elephantine mouth
wrinkled earth

of good holes'
soft trembling air