this left over disruption thing

we want the freedom to be desirable
freedom to have a thought
freedom of connotations
of the nearly possible
beyond the prescribable
being intoned
in the contours of contours

we want 1 of any 108
becoming times
16 hundred attentions to detail
either does or does not originate
on a account of absent
or not
concerning the concerning
not not but not
set forth
after to many objects
after to many objections

we want to have our cookies and milk
a combination of sentences
and the impossible
dreaming a substance
moving in fire
because its a condition
in a substance
moving in fire
or either or also
contains many reply's to doubt

if we consider the real
if not
never mind

if not
the particle is liquid
the solid is a particle
the concept pabulum
or not
or a road map
a cold manner of speech
hows the weather?
is your heaven
where you expect it
never expecting suicide
or differentiated speech
smoothing the fairies away
making them human like
sort of potato like
smaller then small
greater then great
not the fairies
the senses
senescing the senses
recording undulations
in the receiving eye
a neither or dont count on it
rejoined with either or
gold seal subject
living matter
becoming an apprentice
with perfect teeth
the rest is oblivion
a corporation
complete with a buyer markets
trains the leaders of tomorrow
based on yesterdays today
has eyes on flex time
transfers to the classified
to another scanning new
someplace looking for a sunrise
someplace thing
we call
a past future
the size of the thumb
able to rain down
hills and streams
inside the flesh
inside the wind
held in a dream