for Tom Beckett: More (Southern Flying) Squirrel

Dear Muse Team,

This problem has come to my attention:

~~Memo Exchange between Muses at Yellow Squirrel Landing Strip~~

Houston, the southern flying squirrel has landed with muses in Muzak.
Our own George BubbaWubberr has arrived with two rrs (not two lls),
a six pack of Tundrabird,
and a U-Halo
on wheels.
Our CES is ready to greet
the new Texas dignitaries.


Hey, BubbaWubberr, it's best to use all the parts:
iff'n you lahhk yr electronic grey skwerl
stewed wit muzak, jus click here and ask for Yolo.


NonononononoYolo, Yolo: man, if you want to submit
yer yellow skwerl with these other'n ones, well, do so here.


ACk! No: Never do it with that one, I'm crushed
garlic, Girl!--canned mushroom & bye-bye!

Team, this is sickening. Can we talk to Dick about it?

Forever Yours,
Little BubbaWubberr George
CES, Yellow Squirrel Landing Strip