Excerpt from "The Great Game"

The metal itself, not what it's worth.

Or wanting the cold, hard cash
to pay a premium but how then
spend the hourly fluctuations.

As buyers and sellers line up to outkid
each other, chomping at the Ask and
the Bid.

But what's the pps (price for sharing)
at the Close, or even at midday,
if not paraphrase.

When the mm's are out to lunch
and the specialists won't pay for it.
Besides, they're on another exchange.
And not in the game.

No currency in that. Something taken
to the bank or withdrawn from same.

Which is not about any particular
commodity, just the risk and the
reward trading them.

The highs and the lows
off the charts.

On an altar of candlesticks all
burning at both ends.