I'll put my mind to it - he was in his twenties so his mum can't have been that old.
she wasn't Norman Bates' frail old sweet mother, she didn't smell like lavender and she didn't wear cardigans.
she had no walking stick and she didn't wear tan stockings gone baggy at the ankle.
I've seen mothers like her - they wear tracksuits and their hair is short and sometimes they dye it.
She had him young and she's worked hard and yelled at him in shopping centres, making his name hard and pointed maybe his name was something like
"Jay-sun!" or
"Day-ved!" or
there were lines around her eyes and she was starting to roll at the belly and her tits were saggy but that happened years ago when she put them into the mouths of her babies, she put the milk of her body into the mouths of her babies, and her eyes weren't lined then and she might have smiled a little but felt sad, sad, sad while she put the milk of her body into her son's mouth, the mouth of her baby

(part of a much longer, very hastily written, very dark piece. I would really appreciate some feedback on this one, if anyone has time)