on a certain occasion

the secret to immortality
the secret to be found
the secret to the end of the earth
the end of the earth
without a secret
the self without a self
divided by three
hoping for a favorite setting
getting second class
hoping for anything
settling for
tax free duty free
duty to god and country
requirements and accumulations
becoming second class
being careful
a careful cow that enforces carefulness
discarding the banner
lame and blind

lets try again

the secret to immortality
the secret secret
the liquid situation
the simulated secret
absent moral gravity

lets try again

the secret
to be second class
hoping for a prayer
to sacrifice
cattle to
forgetting what it was like
before cream corn
fell out of season
due to a shelf life

like the flames of a fire
like the end of time
like a house
as a guest on the land
that’s not there
that turns on something
that declares
this is bold
this is bolder
this is boldest
this is second class
this is the fear of fear
and this is a medication for it
and this is the medication for the medication
and this is the fire
that can burn it all away

this is the uncharted ocean
expressed in its material condition

this is a motionless intensity
stretched everywhere