Phoenix Rain

We like to think ourselves into a leisure hypothetical as constant in the wish world of in-out-of fresh light
as canals are rinsed and other surfaces are bathed

and the service guy for warranty my neighbor Sandy paid for cannot come till Tuesday
so on Saturday I'm pressed up against my screen
elucidating what won't clear without me I am paid for this
the goal is to reduce
words thinking trespass

If only Lyv were not in fever while the reconstruction men destroy her bathroom across town, And she not far from fetal years positions herself within
a blanket facing carpet
while her mother promises to call
if upon waking Lyv says she would like to come where it is quiet and still warm
[I offer to go fetch her]

I meanwhile wear the sweater from Rochelle/Romayne one Christmas I have come to love,
and to the right of me is jasmine green from Harrods from Rochelle

Perhaps the Phoenix Open will not close this year

A day ago my brother Neil's heat went out he piled up blankets and I scolded him for not coming next door

Sandy will be here in three quarters of an hour and maybe camp here on the sofa

Bev chooses movie after movie while I polish off gunpowder green,
play hooky for a moment from my challenge,
just to reassure myself there's weather in the heart
where weather in the mind would be
aligned with weather out our squeaky door that Donnie lubricated just last Friday.