langue julienne

crossword puzzle's pro-
pp(pianissimo)ed against her legs
she's taking language down be
low the syll
ables accounting
for the
ir me
sh and th
us the
ir mean

I say my things in long strings not that small s
hard kind of block bit all same-sized
I would prefer to talk them into their definitive
repletion and would rather hear them plate glass their way into mintnew
private space

then and only would the germ be true to keepsake due and s
pores would wake
the watering im

I'm just this far from thinking something
when she asks the c
hip off t
he olde (ye)
langue bray to
form endeavorish kind of

subconscious science
lingers limber where I work walk wince
and waystate how and why
the wheels are normed
to what existed long a
go to which I yet remain