of hay and twenty devotional items
of the devotional times twenty
of the field
and hay
and activity
of a process of understanding
body and super soul
of the body
that is the field
is the hay
is the fluid soul
of the body
understanding devotional
entity and ceaseless
of the body
and the field
sometimes as human
sometimes birds
or worms
or a
saintly unseen
of the hay
that is matter
in another body
that sounds like
bursting in midair
of the fearless flatlander
knocking at the door
in the field
ceaseless and devotional
how could love
how could the moon
from beginning to end
touching a field of fearlessness
of the body given to fulfill the past
of the moon and the bug
of the extra limbs
and a million never endings
driven mad by conflict
beyond physical consciousness
something like
of the beginning
and the beginning of a
preponderance of matter
of the first first
and the last last
was an obvious
invitation to the field
of the bird
and the jet
over head
of the body
inside the body
inside the body
one hundred powers purified
times three
of the unconsciousness
the dust of the light and thunder
of the light of truth
breathing in the divine
in the darkness
in the presences of inertia
guilty of spirit
in the pressure
at the end of pleasure
the entry of sin
to a body
trying to get beyond
the naked horizon
gliding by
the glamor of glory
bound by longing
because mater is bound in the darkness
to the object by the quality of pressure
at our backs
ending in time