Thomas the experi-
linquistically innovative lyrical poet
-sighing at the reading window
where no wolves prowl -
is beating his poetic wings
to crush and bend language
flapping in the sing song dust of chaos
that scrapes outside of lingo normal's door.

And the timbre of his doppleganger
- an oil throated story teller -
tells in speech gap narratives
how fragmentary life whispers linear
trad syntactic sound redundant,
whilst here in parliament bank
mermaid accurate pieces testify
to the sweeping ferocity
of slam multiple adornments
in car picture garlands
driving on street world sheet roads

running to roll on bronze wine ships
which hulk along white foam ribbon
under star dark pin prick skies
then roll off upon a sea outside of language.

Into the terminal herding area
of a wet crust soggy heaven
where test card olympians
stare through blue ripped yellow depths
and forge grammatically odd
sculptured poems
in smithies of disruption
which poise and swim
on rock top tables
littered with OAP infinities;

gagging to laugh and gurgle
at the filter jelly film packets
with owl panel corner cracks
sweeping colour friendly
hair clutch boxes
into needle murmers.

Smirking repeatedly
as the head's breath inhales insect windmills,
grinding into particles of moment
the dreams we rinse when unconsciousness
sleeping off the full glob of life
that's been shrewed through the sieve,
mixed and shrunk whipped
to the consistency of blurred paint
then thrown out of kilter
until the faint trace of an outline
stirs and makes identification
of word packages
dumped in the cauldron
at the warehouse of shifting contexts

or them
unofficial legislators
whose technology problem
is vision
compressed 'n driven into a nascent flash
of immensly creative capacities
radically affecting past methods


does not do it anymore

"hard fun"

is the future
says Seymour
the mis-
chief and mysticism guru
who brought hi tech to learning
under the edict of Seamus

now stroking
his palm clamped face
with ideal fingers
designed to tame in a dazzling dance
the irrational from biting back