the stiff woman said - I haven't been
able to move my arms or the diametrically opposed
legs wedded to them by some accident of linguistics
for years now and, y'know, I don't miss it
that much except this itch behind my ear is driving me
crazy, I envy the cat.

the live woman said - I've been
awake too long and my eyes are blackening and sinking
unattractively so I avoid mirrors but, what can I do?
nights are far more flattering for the complexion so I
prefer them to days and, anyway, I'm prone to sunburn.
I've been drinking a lot of cocktails in big glasses and smoking
Gitanes, it seems appropriate.

the deaf woman said - the blind get
too much fucking publicity with their supersonic
hyperbolic hearing, just goes to show, people'd
rather hear shit than open their fucking eyes. does
my vision fatten and swell into the part of my brain starving
for sound? I guess, but who cares? go ahead, ask me what crimson looks like.
I don't fucking know.