disparate salvaged thoughts

how a benefit is not the same as an avoidance of repercussion.

how i never learned to apply eyeshadow properly.

how this all of a sudden concerns me.

how the arrangement of stone brings bodies to convergence.

how architecture accomodates sunlight.

sculpture gardens, two turntables and a stack of vinyl.

my sadistic curiosity. letting loose a flutter of moths into glass cages of venus flytraps and pitcher plants.

to swim in a lake of gold dust, a stone against a river's rush.

how facts shift with perception.

bottlecap mementos and shifts in inflection.

semblance of a face in the rust of a tin can.

face that is a crescent moon.

sleep displacing night streaming lilt flutter barrel.

to become salt, to risk dissolution.

to crawl so far into one's own subjectivity unchecked.

linkages purely associative, acquired from years of non-speech.

relevance slipping.

work. stilted. onset. recoil.

bring me. finish me.

i used to dream of a child named diwa, then i dreamt of a child with no name.



hours on a boat

drums and summer


"we are made of stars"

feels like a myth i read

once. what i should

have been. quiet. safe.

a girl with

volume control. barely

breathing. amnesiac &

struck mute. dull &

undiscerning. bruised

from so much manhandling.

accustomed to acts of insincerity.

unfinished and insensate.

quality control of uncultured pearls.

weirdly unfamiliar.