let's have a fight and not

let's have a fight and not
call it a fight let's
call it a discussion
let's restrain ourselves
so what we say remains
unsaid let's exchange
what we have said we value
and pretend that
none of it exists
let's also pretend
we can survive as each
not both let us
reframe what we've declared
as something other than
and offer to recline
decline incline lose spine
as if were were one thing
let's fail once
and for all to be one thing
let us insist upon
our thoughts let's never
talk let us think privately
of how the world is
for the world is
this completely non-bombastic
place let's say
we live here both or each
let us continue
blocking off the senses
from our minds let us invent
new minds immune to other minds
and think recall refresh
resynch resist refine
recline rescind